All Plasmids Achievement

  • All Plasmids



    Find or purchase all 11 basic Plasmid types.

    It's fairly hard to miss a Plasmid bottle because they are brightly coloured. You will either be given them as a gift or have to buy them from a Gatherer's Garden. You only need to own one level for each Plasmid, buying all three levels of a single Plasmid will not count for this achievement.

    These are the earliest known locations to find each Plasmid. You can buy or find them in later levels also.

    • Cyclone Trap (Bought, Pauper's Drop)
    • Decoy (Bought, Pauper's Drop)
    • Electro Bolt (Gift, Adonis Luxury Resort)
    • Hypnotize (Gift, Pauper's Drop)
    • Incinerate! (Bought, Ryan Amusements)
    • Insect Swarm (Bought, Siren Alley)
    • Scout (Bought, Siren Alley)
    • Security Command (Gift, Siren Alley)
    • Summon Eleanor (Gift, Persephone)
    • Telekinesis (Gift, Atlantic Express Depot)
    • Winter Blast (Bought, Pauper's Drop)

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