Man About Town Achievement

  • Man About Town



    Play at least one non-private match on each multiplayer map.

    This must be done in a Ranked Match.

    The multiplayer levels are sections of Rapture taken from the first Bioschock game. Play at least one Ranked match on each of the follow levels and the achievement will unlock:

    • Arcadia
    • Farmer's Market
    • Fort Frolic
    • Hephaestus
    • Home for the Poor
    • Kashmir Restaurant
    • Medical Pavilion
    • Mercury Suites
    • Neptune's Bounty
    • Point Prometheus

    The levels are randomly selected so it may take a little while for you to play on each level. If you are working towards Choose the Impossible you should have played on each level at least once by the time you get to level 40.

    Note: If the host disconnects or you quit out, you won't be credited for completing the map.



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