Defeated Dr. Steinman Achievement

  • Defeated Dr. Steinman



    The player has defeated the crazed Dr. Steinman

    This is unlocked by progressing through the story and can not be missed.

    Tip: Kill his security bot first, then lure him down into the water that is in the lower part of the surgery center and electric bolt him. Then, shoot at him while not standing in the water; this will make this fight a lot shorter OR, if you decided to keep Incinerate!, there is an oil slick that is behind where he was standing to start; light this on fire to kill him faster. When he goes to the water to put it out, keep shooting at him in the back to kill him quickly.

  • After initiating the fight with Steinman, use Electro Bolt on him in order to keep him stunned for the whole fight. Otherwise he is quite slippery and very capable to escape from you once he is injured to one of the nearby health machines and fully recharging his health supply, costing you more ammo and raising the likelihood of becoming injured yourself.

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