- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 51 [1100]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1100: 25 - 35 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: Several [see below]
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats

As you delve into a Mad Man’s utopia, this Road Map will help you obtain all 100% one playthrough. I will do my best to reduce any spoilers.

Before you get started:
You need to do the following if you have not already done so.
1. Accept the game update.
2. Download the FREE DLC.
*The game did not recognize this update for me right away, so you may have to restart your XBOX.

Preparing for the journey:
1. Use all resources available in the Bioshock forum.
2. Save often, using all 50 save slots.
3. Explore all areas thoroughly. The map will let you know if you have not explored a certain area.
4. Plan your battles with Big Daddies before you start a fight.
5. Refrain from spending ADAM on more than a couple of HEALTH and EVE upgrades and only purchase PLASMIDS such as ENRAGE and version 2 and 3 of INCINERATE and ELECTRO-BOLT.

Missable Achievements:
Although you can return to almost all of Rapture prior to the final battle in the Proving Grounds, there are a few places that will close off permanently when you leave them.

1. Historian and collecting all 122 Diaries. There are three diaries that you will not be allowed to return to so you must collect them before leaving their area. Two of them are in the Welcome the Rapture level in the very beginning of the game labeled, Hole in the bathroom - Steve Barker and New Year’s Eve Alone - Diane McClintock. The third is much later in the story in the Control Room labeled, The Vita Chamber - Suchong. The entire list is HERE.
2. There are two secret achievements related to Cohen, so do not kill him in Fort Frolic. If you do, you will not receive the achievement for reaching his room in Olympus Heights.
3. Weapon Specialist & weapon upgrade achievements. Follow the link here and don’t kill Cohen until you reach Olympus Heights.
4. Little Sisters. We are SAVING all of them to obtain 100%. An ADAM bonus waiting at the closest Gatherer’s Garden after every three that you save.
5. The 53 TONICS are obtained from finding them, researching subjects with the camera, saving Little Sisters, inventing them at U-Invent machines, and purchasing them with ADAM at the Gatherer’s Garden. Tonics obtained in this way count towards the 53 that you need for the achievement. All of the new ones from the DLC cost one ADAM. More info here.

Start your Game:
Start a NEW game. Choose HARD as the difficulty. When the game starts and you are in the water, go to the options screen. Set the “Disable Vita-Chambers” option to ON. Quit then start a NEW game on HARD. This will ensure that you do not suddenly arise in a vita chamber.

Checklist & where Achievements should/can be obtained:
1. Welcome to Rapture: Diaries: 2, Plasmid: 1, Weapons Found (WF): Wrench & Pistol, Achievements: Toaster in the Tub, Completed Welcome
2. Medical Pavilion: Big Daddies: 1, Little Sisters: 2, Diaries: 17, Plasmids: 2, Tonics: 5, WF: Machine Gun & Shotgun, Achievements:One Successful Hack, Hacked a Security Bot, Hacked a Vending Machine, Hacked a Turret, Hacked a Security Camera, Hacked a Safe, Defeated Dr. Steinman, Bought One Slot
3. Neptune’s Bounty: Big Daddies & Little Sisters (BD/LS): 3, Diaries: 19, Power to the People: 1, Plasmids: 1, Tonics: 3, WF: Machine Grenade Launcher & Camera, Achievements:Researched a Splicer, Quality Research Photo, Skilled Hacker, Defeated Peach Wilkins, Upgraded a Weapon
4. Smuggler’s Hideout: Diaries: 3
5. Arcadia: BD/LS: 2, Diaries: 17, Power to the People: 1, Tonics: 2, WF: Chemical Thrower, Achievements: Basic Inventor, Fully Researched Gun Splicer, Fully Researched Thug Splicer, Fully Researched Houdini Splicer, Fully Researched Rosie, Max One Track, One Fully Upgraded Weapon
6. Farmer’s Market: BD/LS: 1, Diaries: 8 (the one labeled First Encounter will show up on another list when you go to view the ones you have), Power to the People: 1, Tonics: 2, Achievements: Ammo Inventor
7. Return to Arcadia Diaries: 1 (On your way to the Fort Frolic near the Bathysphere Station), Achievements: Restored the Forest
8. Fort Frolic: BD/LS: 3, Diaries: 14, Power to the People: 2, Tonics: 5, WF: Crossbow, Achievements: Fully Researched Spider Slicer,Two Fully Upgraded Weapons,Prolific Photographer, Lucky Winner, Complete Cohen’s Masterpiece
9. Hephaestus: BD/LS: 3, Diaries: 17, Power to the People: 2, Tonics: 4, Achievements: Three Fully Upgraded Weapons, Fully Researched Bouncer, Max all Tracks, Fully Researched Little Sister
10. Rapture Central Control: Diaries: 3, Achievements: Defeated Andrew Ryan
11. Olympus Heights: BD/LS: 2, Diaries: 6, Power to the People:2, Tonics: 2, Achievements: Fully Researched Nitro Splicer, Research PHD, Broke Fontaine’s Mind Control, Four Fully Upgraded Weapons, Founds Cohen’s Room, Irony
12. Apollo Square: BD/LS: 2, Diaries: 6, Power to the People: 1, Tonics: 2, Achievements: Five Fully Upgraded Weapons
13. Point Prometheus: BD/LS: 3, Diaries: 9, Power to the People: 2, Tonics: 4, Achievements: Weapons Specialist, Tonic Collector, Avid Inventor, Historian, Dealt with every Little Sister, Become a Big Daddy
14. Proving Ground: Achievements: Defeated Atlas, Little Sister Savior, Seriously Good at This, Brass Balls

Good Luck in Rapture!

[XBA would like to thank big red marino for this Roadmap]

Bioshock Achievement Guide

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There are 51 achievements with a total of 1100 points

  • Successfully complete the Welcome To Rapture Level.

    This is unlocked once you pass through the large bulkhead door at the end of the first section. Make sure you get the two Audio Diaries in this section before finishing, because you can not return here later.

  • Purchased every slot in one of the Plasmid or Tonic tracks

    See "Maxed All Tracks."

  • Purchased every slot in all four Plasmid and Tonic tracks

    Go to all of the Gatherer's Garden vending machines during the course of the game and purchase the Plasmid (100 ADAM) and Tonic (80 ADAM) slot upgrades. Make sure you don't spend too much ADAM on things like Health/Eve upgrades or extra Plasmids, or you might not have enough left to finish this achievement. You have unlimited lives in the game, so the health/eve upgrades are not that helpful anyway.

  • Purchase one slot in any Plasmid or Tonic track

    See "Maxed All Tracks."

  • Acquire at least one weapon upgrade.


    See "Weapon Specialist."

  • Fully upgrade one weapon.


    See "Weapon Specialist."

  • Fully upgrade two weapons.


    See "Weapon Specialist."

  • Fully upgrade three weapons.


    See "Weapon Specialist."

  • Fully upgrade four weapons.

    See "Weapon Specialist."

  • Fully upgrade five weapons.

    See "Weapon Specialist."

  • Acquire all upgrades for all weapons.

    You need to fully upgrade all of your weapons by finding all the "Power to the People" stations throughout the game. Make sure you do not kill Sander Cohen until you access his room in Olympus Heights or you will forfeit this achievement. Here are the locations:

    Neptunes bounty - After defeating Peach Wilkins and after getting back all your weapons, youll head down the stairs and walk right into it.

    Arcadia - If you head towards farmers market, you will enter a place called "Tree Farm" (this will pop up at the bottom of your screen) and you'll go up a small set of stairs, right below the huge green "Farmers Market" sign above these stairs and directly left of the sign is the weapon upgrade station.

    Farmers market - Go to Worley Winery, head down the first set of stairs, turn left and on your second right you'll see another set of stairs. Go down those and head straight into the water and you'll see the weapon station to your right.

    Fort Frolic - On the first floor head to the southern mall (Southern Mall will pop up at the bottom of your screen) and there is a vending machine outside of this open area. Follow this path to "Le Marquios D'epoque" store. Once inside turn right and head downstairs, make your first left at the bottom of the stairs. You'll see the weapon upgrade station inside this hallway.

    Fort Frolic - Head to Posidon Plaza, then pass through the frozen area, turn right and head staight to "Sinclair Spirits." In order to open the door inside Sinclair Spirits, hit the switch behind the bar. The switch should be right next to the cash register. Once you hit the switch, head to the door behind the water thats falling from the roof. If you still cant find it, it is to the right of the jukebox. Once inside, head downstairs and turn left for the weapon upgrade station.

    Hephaestus - This one is in front of the gatherers garden machine which is to the right of "Heat Loss Monitoring".

    Hephaestus - Head to the office of supervisor Kyburz which is downstairs in "The Workshops." This door is guarded by two turrets. Inside this room, all the way back and to your left is this weapon upgrade station.

    Olympus heights - Head towards the main apartment building called Mercury Suites and you'll see at the center are some stairs with an elevator leading up to the 2nd and 3rd floors. On the opposite side of the elevator is the Weapon Upgrade station.

    Olympus heights - Sander Cohen's apartment is to the left of the previous weapon upgrade station (if you are facing it). You should hear Sander Cohen on your radio once you enter his apartment, so long as you did not kill him earlier. He'll tell you not to disturb the two dancing houdini splicers. Kill the spilcers and you'll be able to enter his room. His room is the first door to your right when you enter the apartment. As soon as the door opens, you go up some stairs, at the top of the stairs and to the left is a weapon upgrade station.

    Apollo square - Head to Fontaine's Home for the Poor, head all the way up to the final floor and enter Atlas's Headquarters. Inside you will find stairs leading down to the weapon upgrade station

    Point Prometheus - In the main open area, there should be a fallen big daddy infront of a vita-chamber. The weapon upgrade station will be right next to the dead big daddy.

    Point Prometheus - When heading to "optimizied eugenics" for the big daddy voicebox, go inside the door labeled "eugenic analysis" you'll know you are in the right room when you get attacked by two turrets. The upgrade machine will be at the back of the room to your left

    Check this thread for maps.

  • Fully research the Thuggish Splicer.

    These are the enemies that attack you with wrenches and the like. You will need to fill the research bar four times before you are done.

  • Fully research the Leadhead Splicer.

    These are the ones that shoot at you. You will need to fill the research bar four times before you are done.

  • Fully research the Spider Splicer.

    These are the ones with hook hands that climb the walls and ceilings. You will need to fill the research bar four times before you are done.

  • Fully research the Houdini Splicer.

    These are the ones that disappear and teleport. You will need to fill the research bar four times before you are done.

  • Fully research the Nitro Splicer.

    These are the ones that throw explosives at you. You will need to fill the research bar four times before you are done.

  • Fully research the Rosie.

    Rosies are the Big Daddy types with the Bolt Guns, they are found in the later levels. You will need to fill the research bar four times before you are done.

  • Fully research the Bouncer.

    Bouncers are the Big Daddy types with the Drill Hands. You will need to fill the research bar four times before you are done.

  • Fully research the Little Sister.

    You can take pictures of them before or after you have dealth with their Big Daddy. You will need to fill the research bar four times before you are done.

  • Take at least one photo in every research group.

    You will need at least one picture of the following: Big Daddy (Rosie), Big Daddy (Bouncer), Little Sister, Thug Slicer, Leadhead Splicer, Nitro Splicer, Houdini Splicer, Spider Splicer, Turret (RPG and Gun count as the same), Security Robot and Security Camera.

  • Max out all possible research.

    Much like "Prolific Photoghrapher" except you need to max the research on all those types. Once you fill the bar four times on all of the listed things you will get this. Action shots make the bar fill faster and you are able to take multiple photos of the same subject, so just keep snapping until it tells you the quality is too low.

  • Take a Research Photo of the highest grade.

    You need an "A" rank on at least one photo. The easiest way to get this is with an action shot. If an enemy is attacking you and you can get them mostly in-frame, this should come without a problem. This is the best way to work toward "Research PhD" as well.

  • Take at least one Research Photo of a Splicer.

    You will obviously get this on your way to the other research achievements. Just take a photo of any splicer type.

  • Perform at least one successful hack.

    Hack anything for the first time, doesn't matter what. To complete a hack, you need to uncover the pieces of the puzzle, then switch around the tubing so the water can flow from the beginning to the end. There are tonics that can make this easier on you, but it is not too hard. to begin with.

  • Successfully hack a security bot.

    These are the flying robots that shoot at you. Hacking these will make them follow you and shoot your enemies. Note that you can not do research on friendly bots.

  • Successfully hack a security camera.

    These are the wall-mounted cameras that call the security bots. Hacking these will turn them friendly. Note that you can not do research on friendly cameras.

  • Successfully hack a turret.

    These can be either gun or rocket turrets, doesn't matter. Hacking these will turn them friendly and they will fire on your enemies. Shock them with your plasmid to get in close without getting killed.

  • Successfully hack a vending machine.

    This can be an item or ammo machine, doesn't matter. Hacking these opens new items and lowers the prices.

  • Successfully hack a safe.

    These are scattered throughout the game, mostly in offices. Hacking these opens them.

  • Successfully complete 50 hacks.

    Just hack everything you see until you get this. There are plenty of things to hack, so it shouldn't be a problem.

  • Successfully invent at least one item.

    Once you are able to use the "U-Invent" stations, use the items you have collected off dead enemies to invent something. Doesn't matter what, and you do not have to pick the item up once it falls out of the machine.

  • Successfully invent at least 100 items.

    Use the "U-Invent" machines to make 100 items. You do not have to pick them up. To get extra items for inventions, simply return to previous levels. The enemies will respawn and you will be able to kill them and loot them again.

  • Successfully invented all possible ammo types.

    From the "U-Invent" machines you need to make at least one of the following: Heat Seaking RPG, Trap Bolt, Electric Gel, Armor-piercing Auto Rounds, Exploding Buck, and Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds.

  • Complete the game without harvesting any Little Sisters.

    Try to save before you fight each Big Daddy in case you make a mistake. Once the Sister's Big Daddy is dead, you can either Harvest or Save them. To get this you have to save every sister on each level by pressing  when prompted with the choice. To see how many sisters are on each level, hit the start button and look for how many icons are at the bottom of the screen.

    Note that this will not unlock until after the game is over.

  • Collect or Invent 53 Tonics in the Physical, Engineering and Combat tracks.

    Some of these are received by research, some are found hidden in the levels and some are given as gifts by the Little Sisters. You need to save every Little Sister to get this achievement, seeing as they give you a tonic as a gift at the end of the game.

    Check this thread for all the locations.

  • Find every audio diary.

    There are 122 Audio Diaries in the game. You must collect them all during one save. If you save before going up the elevator to fight the final boss, you can return to almost any location in the game. In the thread linked below, Diaries marked with an asterisk (*) are ones that must be collected while you are in the area because you can not return to it later.

    Check this thread for locations and maps.

  • Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting.

    You should start the game on Hard, seeing as you have unlimited lives. When you die, you are reborn at a Vita-Chamber and the game stays exactly how you left it, meaning every enemy will have the same amount of health if you were in a battle. You can essentially run at a Big Daddy and melee it until it kills you, then get reborn and return and do the same. It is impossible to get a "Game Over" so to speak, so this difficulty is really not hard at all.

  • Either Harvest or Rescue every Little Sister in the game

    You will get this whether you save or harvest the sisters, but you need to deal with all of them. You can see how many are on each level by hitting the start button.

  • Hit the jackpot at a slot machine

    Once you have maxed your money at 500, find a slot machine. Save your game and play until you either get the jackpot (triple $$$) or run out of money. If you run out, reload your save and try again.

  • Shock an enemy in the water.

    For this you need to use your "Electric Bolt" plasmid on an enemy standing in water. The first level has such an opportunity with a small flooded area around a big globe.


Secret achievements

  • The player has defeated the crazed Dr. Steinman

    This is unlocked by progressing through the story and can not be missed.

    Tip: Kill his security bot first, then lure him down into the water that is in the lower part of the surgery center and electric bolt him, then shoot at him while not standing in the water, this will make this fight a lot shorter OR, if you decided to keep Incinerate!, there is an oil slick that is behind where he was standing to start, light this on fire to kill him faster, then when he goes to the water to put it out, keep shooting at him in the back to kill him quickly.

  • The player has defeated Peach Wilkins

    This is unlocked by progressing through the story and can not be missed.

    Tip: Use your surroundings, this fight is almost like the one against Steinman. Steal the pistol from the splicer and use that to kill him faster.

  • The player has restored the forests of Arcadia

    This is unlocked by progressing through the story and can not be missed.

    Tip: Collect the rose and all the distilled waters and everything, then put it into the vent system, you will get it after doing that.

  • The player has completed Sander Cohen's great masterpiece

    This is unlocked by progressing through the story and can not be missed.

    Tip: You will get it after putting the fourth picture in his piece that's on the stage in the Lower Atrium, not really that hard, just take the pictures after killing the person he wants killed.

  • The player has defeated Andrew Ryan

    This is unlocked by progressing through the story and can not be missed.

    Tip: You HAVE to kill him, you beat him with a golf club and it's in a cut scene, nothing to do to get this besides move on in the story.

  • The player has broken Fontaine's mind control

    This is unlocked by progressing through the story and can not be missed.

    Tip: All you have to do is find the two Lot 192 Remedies and you will get this achievement after getting the second one in Fontaine's Apartment.

  • The player has defeated Atlas

    This is unlocked by progressing through the story and can not be missed.

    Tip: Stab him with the ADAM collector that the Little Sisters use, then attack him based on what color he is: if he's red, hit him with Winter Blast, if he's blue, hit him with Incinerate!, otherwise, use your upgraded grenade launcher or shotgun.

  • The player has become a Big Daddy.

    This is unlocked by progressing through the story and can not be missed.

    Tip: Collect all of the part in the Labratory place. List of the parts are: Boots, Suit, Helmet, 3 Odor solutions and Voice Modifier.

  • Irony



    The player has taken a picture of Sander Cohen's corpse

    You can get this one of two ways. During Fort Frolic, once you finish his masterpiece, he comes down the stairs and does a speech, then just stares at the pictures. Save your game and then kill him and take his photo for the achievement, then reload your save.

    The other way is to leave him alive and leave Fort Frolic, then later in Olympus Heights when you enter his apartment, kill him and take the photo here.

  • The player has entered Sander Cohen's personal quarters.

    You must leave him be after finishing his masterpiece in Fort Frolic. Later in the game, during the Olympus Heights level, you will find his apartment. Kill the two dancing splicers inside and he will get angry and come out of his room. Simply run up the stairs and enter his room for the achievement.

DLC: Ryan Industries Plasmids and Tonics (Store Link)

There are 1 achievements with a total of 100 points


    Secret achievements

    • Complete the game on Hard difficulty without using a Vita-Chamber

      Some people think that this achievement is really hard, but the reality is that it's actually very easy. In order to obtain this achievement you must start a new file and go to the Pause Menu. Select "Options" and turn ON "Disable Vita-Chambers." If you do not do this and die you will HAVE to start the game all over again, even if you did have a previous save. Spawning in a chamber will corrupt the achievement for all saves.


      1. Save every time you accomplish a new objective or finish a fight, and before all bosses.

      2. Skip as many splicers as possible. Only kill objective-completing splicers or ones that are attacking you to make things go faster.

      3. Save as much ammo as you can and use the wrench as much as you can. Get the Wrench Jockey tonics to boost up your strength.

      4. Don't wait to use first-aid. Use it right after fights, even if you still have half-health left. Going into a battle without full health is risky as anything may happen. It's possible to die before you can regenerate your health.

      5. Check all crates, trash cans, dead splicers, etc for extra first-aid and eve items.

      6. Get this achievement on a separate run-through than the other ones. Trying to go out of your way to get all Diaries, Tonics, etc. will kill you.

      Defeating ATLAS

      This might be tough for some people who haven't beaten the game on hard beforehand, so read carefully.

      When you get to Atlas (the final boss of the game) you need:

      • Full ammo for the crossbow (Steel [regular], Fire, and Trap [the electric trip wires]).
      • Full eve
      • Full first-aid packs
      • All Blizzard Plasmids
      • Anything else is not needed for this fight, but might come in handy.

      When you first start out you need to run up to him and grab ADAM from him for the battle to start. When he comes down, he will start out as a fire element. Hit him with your Blizzard plasmid and shoot at him with your Steel bolts. Repeat this until he goes back on his restraining table.

      Go grab more ADAM from him and he will come back down as the ice element. Hit him with your inferno plasmid, if you have it, and shoot at him with your fire crossbow. Repeat this until he goes back up.

      Go grab more ADAM and he will come back down for a third and final time. He will be a multi-element so any plasmid and crossbow shots will work. This time when he is down you will also have a couple of splicers who will come down and try to attack you. Don't worry about them because the AI on these are really bad and will rarely hit you, just focus on Atlas. Keep shooting your crossbows and he will eventually go down. Achievement Unlocked.

      ***Thanks to xLCDx for the addition***

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