This is my wild... Achievement

  • This is my wild...



    Won a match using moves activated by D button alone.

    The D button refers to the  button on the Wired controller or the L key on the keyboard. Every character has a unique Drive.

    You must win a fight by using your drive only. This can be done in Versus mode with a Wired controller. Go to the settings and set the round to one. Then simply choose any character (for example Jin Kisaragi) and only use their Drive moves. You can use any variation of Drive move, for example you can use Down +  or Right + . As long as the move utilises a character's drive it will not void the achievement. Using any other move will void the achievement if it doesn't utilise a character's drive.

    You can easily do this in Arcade mode using Jin Kisaragi. Make sure the difficulty is set to Beginner and the rounds are set to one. Once the fight starts simply use a combination of Standing +  and Down +  to constantly freeze your opponent to win.


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