- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 15 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 1-2 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 through all ten races in Adventure Mode, 9 races in Quick Race, and one splitscreen race
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No - all races can be played on Easy difficulty without impacting achievements
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: A total of four controllers for All together (80G)
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Welcome to Blaze and the Monster Machines: Axle City Racers, a racing game for kids modeled after the TV show. The game comes with three modes: quick races against the AI, a splitscreen mode to race locally against friends, and an adventure mode to win races and ultimately win the championships. As you may expect from a kids' game, this game is very easy and very short as well. One playthrough of Adventure mode on Easy will net you most of the achievements. You'll then need to play a single 4-player splitsceen race, and then nine very short Quick Races to unlock all of the STEM images. Average gamers will be able to get this completion in around an hour. Let's get started.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Note that this game defines "winning" a race as finishing in the top three. This applies to every race and achievement in the game except for the final race in Adventure Mode because you only have one opponent (and therefore actually need to beat that one opponent).

As noted above, there are three game types for achievements:

Adventure Mode - simply play through all ten races in this mode, using whichever truck you want, and playing on Easy difficulty. This will win all of the championships and unlock multiple other achievements. During your time in this mode, hit all of the ramps you can (you need to use 30 cumulatively for Blaaazing speed! (80G)) and use your special ability every time you build up 10 wrenches to work towards A skill for everyone (80G), which requires 10 cumulative uses of your special ability. That's all there is to this mode. Just be aware that you need to do each set of three races consecutively. You can't choose each one separately for each championship. Lastly, I recommend doing this step first, as the final race track you unlock in Adventure Mode is the shortest, making the next two modes as fast as possible.

Quick Races - this is where you can unlock the STEM images for Good to know! (40G) and Like a scientist (80G). You unlock one simply by finishing in the top three of any race. The fastest way to win them all is to create a custom race with one lap and just play it nine times (there are nine STEM images to unlock) on Easy difficulty to finish up this mode.

Play With Friends - this is spliscreen mode, and you'll need four controllers to unlock one of the achievements. You'll need to win a race in this mode, and just play a four player race (hence needing four controllers). Since this is local only, simply let "yourself" win a four player race and you'll be done with this mode.

And that's all there is to this completion. If you skipped the tutorial in the beginning, you can play it quick to unlock Just the beginning (40G).

A very simple, fast, and easy completion, as one might expect from a game geared toward kids. The price point of $40 is a bit ridiculous for such a small amount of content, so I highly recommend waiting for a sale unless you're desperate for this game for some reason. Congrats on a very fast and easy completion.
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]

Blaze and the Monster Machines: Axle City Racers Achievement Guide

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There are 15 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Win the First 10 Races

    The description here is poorly worded. You must win a cumulative total of 10 races to unlock this achievement. Note that, in this game, "winning" a race is defined as finishing in the top three. This will be required to complete Adventure Mode, so this achievement will unlock naturally during the final race in Adventure Mode.
  • First Race Win

    Refer to The fastest of all (40G) for more information.
  • Unlock the first STEM image

    Refer to Like a scientist (80G) for more information.
  • Unlock all the STEM images

    There are a total of nine STEM images to unlock for this achievement. The only way to unlock a STEM image is to win (i.e. finish in the top three) a race in Quick Races mode. The fastest way to grind out this achievement is to first finish Adventure Mode, then choose Quick Races, Custom Race,  and choose the final Overdrive Event as your race track, since it's the shortest. Set the laps to one, and difficulty to Easy. Pick Blaze so you can use his speed boost ability to make it even quicker. You should have no problem finishing in the top three in one lap. That will unlock one STEM image. Choose to restart the race and repeat eight more times to unlock all STEM images and this achievement. Each race will only take a minute or two to finish.
  • Win a race in split screen

    To unlock this achievement, you'll need at least one extra controller (two total). Choose 'Play With Friends' from the main menu, and you'll need your second controller to sign in with at least a guest account. The shortest track is the final Overdrive Event from Adventure Mode, and you can set it to one lap to make it even shorter. Choose any racer you want. Note that you will also have a few AI opponents in split screen. You simply need to finish in the top three to unlock this achievement, which should be very easy to do on Easy.
  • Play a 4 player split screen race

    To unlock this achievement, you'll need at least three extra controllers (four total). Choose 'Play With Friends' from the main menu, and you'll need your other three controllers to sign in with at least guest accounts. The shortest track is the final Overdrive Event from Adventure Mode, and you can set it to one lap to make it even shorter. For this achievement, all you need to do is finish the race; it doesn't matter if you win or not. Once the race is over, you'll unlock this achievement.
  • Step on a boost pad 30 times

    The terminology is a bit misleading, as there are no boost pads in the game. The achievement is refering to the ramps in the game. When you drive off of them, you'll land and get a boost. You need to use ramps a cumulative total of 30 times across all game modes. This will assuredly unlock naturally during Adventure Mode since you'll be using many ramps to gain the lead and stay in the lead.
  • Use a Special Skill for the first time

    Refer to A skill for everyone (80G) for more information.
  • Finish The Tutorial

    As the description says, simply play through the tutorial for the first time. If you don't opt to do it when you launch the game, you can choose it from the main menu to play it whenever you want. It takes around five minutes to complete the simple controls and mechanics of the game.
  • Use special skill 10 times

    Every time you build up 10 wrenches, which are scattered around the race tracks, you can press lb.png to use your racer's special ability. You need to do this a cumulative total of 10 times across all game modes to unlock this achievement. This will assuredly come naturally, especially if you play Adventure Mode and Quick Races as a character with a speed boost ability, such as Blaze, Zeg, or Watts.
  • Win The first Championship

    Refer to Axle City champion (100G) for more information.
  • Win The second Championship

    Refer to Axle City champion (100G) for more information.
  • Win The third Championship

    Refer to Axle City champion (100G) for more information.
  • Finish the Adventure

    Adventure Mode consists of three locations, each with a set of three races (which make up the three championships). To win a championship, you must finish in the top three in all three races of that location. Note that these races must be played consecutively (choosing 'Next Track' after each race); you can't choose each of the three races individually. You can play them all on Easy though. As for racers, I prefer Watts as she's fast and her special ability does double duty: it gives you a speed boost while also disabling any racers near you. Blaze and Zeg also have boost abilities too, making them good choices.

    After you finish the first set of the three races, you'll unlock an achievement and the next set of three races. Once you've completed all three locations, you'll unlock the Final Adventure, which is a single race on a short track, five laps, against a single opponent. Again, this should be no problem. As soon as you start this final race, you'll unlock Awesome Adventure (100G), and when you win (you actually need to beat the other racer in this final race), you'll unlock this achievement.
  • Participate in Final Adventure

    Refer to Axle City champion (100G) for more information.

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