- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 25/30 (340)
- Online: 5/30 (60)
- Approximate amount of time to 400: 6 - 8 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (& Mission Select for cleanup)
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: Yes (Hail to the King Baby and possibly Leader of the Pack)
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Step 1: Bloodforge! (Story Mode)
A majority (3/4) of the achievement points will come from the Story Mode, and even more if you have friends who have played the game already, allowing you to turn on Blood Duel mode. During the campaign there are a number of weapon upgrades, health/mana upgrades, and other stuff to look out for. It's also important to focus on getting as much blood (points, basically) as possible, in order to purchase all of the rune attacks. Once the campaign is complete you can go back over every mission through chapter select to pick up stuff you missed.

Step 2: Challenges
Create or take part in challenges set by you or your friends. Setting up a challenge allows you to set a score using settings designated by you (you can alter melee damage, berserk time, enemy damage, etc.). You need to finish, and decimate, 10 of you friend's challenges, while also playing at least one challenge in each arena/map. You will be using your Story Mode character, so all of your stats and weapons will be available (or unavailable if you don't have any), for you use in the arena.

[x360a would like to thank Shiftie for this roadmap]

Bloodforge Achievement Guide

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There are 30 achievements with a total of 400 points

  • Collect all health and mana upgrades

    There are several upgrades to your health and mana pools awaiting you on your path to the bloodforge. 


    • The first one is story related 
    • The second can be found just after you find Pestilence (Claws 2) in the marsh, continue out of the cave and you will see the health upgrade floating above an altar directly in front of you.
    • The third is found in the second platform section of the Forsaken Lands. After having a cutscene about Fate and what not, head left and you'll see the Health upgrade as you come around the large slab keeping it from your view.


    • The first mana upgrade can be found in the same area as the Tainted Hammer, in the marshes. Just after Crom finishes having his vision (and after killing all the guys), go left from where you entered the area and you will come to a damaged wall/fence that you can kick down. After kicking it down, you will see the Mana upgrade floating above an altar straight ahead of you.
    • The second one is a good portion of the way through the floating platforms area in the Forsaken Lands (the yellow zone). Once you reach the fight against the two fat shield guys, head left and hug the left wall/abyss. Once you reach another fight with a few of the weaker guys, look to your left and you'll see the upgrade floating over it's pedestal.
    • The third and final upgrade can be found during the sequence where you're following the Raven lady back through the Forsaken Lands. Once get back to the first platform area (well, 2nd one this time since it's in reverse), head straight ahead until you reach a group of solid blocks/walls and then look left to see the pedestal sandwiched between two large blocks.
  • Collect all weapon upgrades

    Although technically missable, this achievement requires you to find all of the weapons in the game, as well as all of their upgraded versions. You will find the first of each weapon planted in a corpse atop an altar pretty much right in the middle of your path. The upgraded versions are somewhat missable, just be sure to go through all of the branching paths that you come across, but they are also found on similar altars with corpses (except the crossbows, which are just sitting on an altar all alone.)

    • The Hammer (Bonecrusher) is unlock about halfway through the first zone. 
    • The Boneclaws are unlocked shortly after the first boss. 
    • The Plaguebringer (Sword 2) and the Marsh Stalker (Crossbow 2) are both found very early on in the marshes. 
    • The Tainted Hammer (Hammer 2) is found a little bit later in the marshes, in the area just after Crom falls to his knees and has a vision, look to your right after the cutscene and you'll see the white hammer smashed into a corpse (enemies will spawn, so fight them off first). 
    • Pestilence (Claws 2) will be right in front of you after going through the door in the marshes that required you to kick down two glowing pillars (required to progress).
    • Forsaken Blade (Sword 3) can be found immediately after your first fight in the Forsaken Lands. You'll walk right by it leaving the large area to continue onward, just look to your right. 
    • Abyss Hammer (Hammer 3) can be found after the second fight in the area, when leaving after the fight, head straight toward the wall (you should see the hammer) instead of going down the path to your right. 
    • The Void Hunter (Crossbow 3) can be found at the beginning of the floating platform area. Once you reach this area, take a left and you will soon come to it before the path turns back to the right. 
    • Demon's Gauntlet (Claws 3, and the achievement) is found near the end of this same platform area, once you reach a fork with two fat shielded enemies, go all the way right and you'll find these babies ( you can see it from where you fight the fat guys), while you're here, note that going left instead of right leads to a mana upgrade.
  • Collect all Rune Attacks

    In order to collect all 9 Rune Attacks, you need to collect the necessary amount of blood, and then find one of the large stone runes/pillars with large skulls on either side of the base, scattered throughout the game to purchase the attacks. The Skills are divided into three groups, each made of three skills that require a total of 85,000 blood (5,000 - 60,000 - 20,000) to purchase that group. A total of 255,000 blood, which will come in due time if you are smart about switching up your attacks and remember to stop at every blood pool that you pass to get some free points. The skills in each category also must be purchased in a counterclockwise fashion, starting at the top left skill.

  • Complete all challenge arenas

    "Complete" an arena by going through the first 5 waves in a challenge you make, and the sending that challenge to a friend, who must then lose the game, granting you a victory.

    • Complete an arena in each of the 6 Challenge Maps
    • Spoils of War
    • Land of the Dead
    • The Mire
    • Forsaken Lands
    • The Chase
    • Fate's Arena
  • Destroy 10 friend's challenges

    Same deal as Ah Yeah! Beat a friend's challenge and bounce it back to them, then rinse and repeat 9 more times. You can have the same friend send you wave 1 arena challenges to finish up the 9 Victories you need, or perhaps keep beating eachother's challenges in the same game until you both get the achievement.

  • Decimate a friend's challenge

    Have a friend create a match and then die on the first wave and send the game to you as a challenge. Once you receive the challenge, play the game until it says "Victorious!" (which should be there wave +5 waves). Alternatively, you can just dashboard and start the game back up after making it more than one wave beyond that of your challenger to save time. Doing so should bounce the challenge back to your friend, allowing them to beat it if they need this or Who's Your Daddy?

  • Challenge a friend

    Create a challenge in the arena and finish it up to wave 5, then challenge a friend to do better.

  • Defeat a challenge of the gods

    Defeat a challenge sent to you by a friend.

  • Perform a 75-hit combination attack

    Very easy with the last upgrade for the crossbow (three bolts repeating fire).

    A good place to attempt this is right after you defeat Balor for the first time. About half way through the second phase, go into berserker mode to increase the hit counter. Just watch out for the beams so it doesn't interrupt the hit counter.

    Also, It's easy to get a 110 hit combo on the final boss after shattering the device in the center of the room. Using the claws and dodging after each each combo basically allowed me to move around all the attacks thrown at me.

  • Kill 10 enemies while they are bound with Crystals

    The Nilhelm Rune Attacks all bind a set number of enemies around you in giant red crystals. Once you have the first (or any later) Nilhelm attack purchased, bind it to your  button (hold  and go through the radial menu) then get a group of enemies around you and tap  to unleash the attack. Note that you need 5 Magic slots to use the attack (magic slots are the lines that look like a fence below the blood bar). Once the enemy or enemies are bound in the crystals, hack away at them and try to kill them before they break free from their prison. As far as I could tell, the Serpent consuming the enemy also counts toward the achievement (as opposed to them just dropping dead from your attacks).

  • Use the crossbow to link two attack chains together

    Attack your targets normally using combos of  and, and stop briefly, then tap  to shoot your crossbow at your target, and then continue to unleash combos with your primary weapon. 

  • Perform a perfect Rage Kill

    Become completely enrage by filling up the rage bar with blood and then enter rage mode by pressing +. Immediately after entering rage mode, press + again to initiate the rage kill sequence. Press the button prompt that comes up on the screen to maximize your Rage kill. There will be a tutorial for this and Tear it up shortly after being introduced to Balor, the Cyclops. So it's pretty straightforward.

  • Use 5 different attack moves during an enemy encounter

    Each weapon has an attack set (ie  , ,) and using 5 of those moves will give you this achievement. To make it a bit easier, you can also change weapons to do the attack moves of other weapons, and the crossbow also counts as a move.

  • Gruesomely kill an enemy while completey enraged

    Fill the red bar on the screen all the way up (vary your combos to make it go up faster) and then press  and together to enrage.

    Also: See Ripping a New One

  • Ingest 25 runes of power

    Runes of power are all of the items that go into your  radial inventory. This includes healing items, items that increase berserker duration, restore mana in combat, etc. You can find these most often in skull piles at the bottom of totems, but also in other interactable areas such as behind tomb doors that require you to press A to kick them down. After assigning one of the runes to your  button just tap  again to use the item (or use it directly from the radial menu). Rinse and repeat 24 more times with any combination of the items.

  • Discover the power of magic

    Purchase and use one spell/rune attack from each of the three categories. Open the radial menu by holding  to switch between spells.

  • Kill 5 enemies while completely enraged

    Wait until your rage bar is full and then unleash it with  +  and swing away! I did this in the group of 5 shortly after grabbing the hammer (which makes it VERY simple if you just spam  ).

  • Tear 25 enemies to pieces

    As you unleash your   combos on enemies this will come naturally. What you're looking for is the green swirly lines that appear above an enemies head when they're stunned, which is your queue to hit them with a  attack and finish them off. Most of these brutal finishes involve dismembering the enemy in one way or another. Rinse and repeat 24 more times, which should come very shortly after starting the game.

  • Destroyed 10 deadly warriors of the gods

    Kill 10 of the game's regular enemies...you'll get this after a few minutes of combat.

  • Take control of Fate

    Phase 1 -  She's a ninja Twi'lek. She'll rely primarily on hand-to-hand combat (all I saw at least, quick fight...). Keep attacking her, but watch for her dash and meteor attack. She'll pull back before either way, but both are pretty quick so pay attention. Once she is down, go to the middle of the room and attack the sewing machine rune. Repeat that two more times, and be wary of her spell that she will cast at some point during or after the second fight with her, and she also becomes more aggressive with each fight.

    Phase 2 - You'll start to fight what I assume is the fateweaver. Their attacks consist of a lightning attack, which you'll see them charging up. They also have a minor knockback, and an AoE, both of which can be seen and dodged if you move when they start shaking their heads. On top of that, they also have a sort of stasis spell that will cause you to float toward them for a free hit on you.

    Phase 3 - Back to fighting the crazy chick, this time around she has a lot more HP, but doesn't seem to want to attack you very much anymore, so just unleash hell on her and she'll eventually submit to your awesome power.
    Game over. Job Well done, time for Bloodforge 2 

  • Kill the messenger

    This fight, if you want to call it that, consists of several very distinct phases, separated by a bit of chasing.

    Phase 1 - You'll encounter her spider form shortly after leaving the last boss area. She is very weak in this form and has a couple of minor forward facing attacks, including a pincer attack and a venom spit. Don't be surprised if you don't get hit at all this phase, though.
    ( See: Inventarium Maximum for the last Mana upgrade, which can be found at this point)

    Phase 2 - Once you make it back to the first platform area you crossed originally, you'll reach the Raven again and this time she'll turn into a demon. Her attacks this time around consist of a combo of forward cleaving strikes that deal reasonable damage (compared to her spider form >.>), a forward dash attack that is easily dodged (she pulls back before launching), and a meteor attack that is also easily dodged if you roll away from her when she flies up into the air.

    Phase 3 - She'll spawn as two spiders and a demon, although they seem to be slightly weaker than their predecessors. Same deal as before. It would have been smarter if she turned into something actually dangerous....like a dinosaur. or a battleship. 

  • Make the prophecy come true

    Each phase is basically the same, perhaps with some abilities being use more than others in a particular phase, but as the fight progress, the space you have to fight him in will become smaller, making it more difficult to dodge his AoE. His main attacks consist of a flurry of rather powerful sword attacks, you can roll out of the way but don't be surprised if he still tags you once or twice. He also has an area spell, which he quickly charges by pulling in energy, when you see him do that just roll away twice and you're good to go. Another ability he has is a sort of crystal/stone spell that freezes you in place and let's him have his way with you, although he seems to generally use a weaker AoE spell instead of whacking you in the face with his sword.

  • Break Cailleach's heart

    Phase 1 - ROLL! Roll, roll, roll. Back and forth while she shoulder bashes the platform you're on and shoots area of effect spells at you. Keep on rolling (you can hold the roll button) until she plops her fat hand on the platform and then proceed to cut off her tendrils/fingers. Repeat the process for the remainder of her fingers and she'll enter phase 2.

    Phase 2 - ROLL! A bit less this time around, but same deal. Now instead of smacking her hand down she'll swipe with her class, and her put her pretty face up to the platform to give you a smooch. When her face is within range, start whacking the red lump on her face, and when she pulls back roll once to either direction to avoid her acid spit. Rinse and repeat (she still shoulder bashes and does the AoE, but not as much w/ the claw attack now).

    Phase 3 - Roll!...if you want. At this point all that's left is her heart and some..arteries I guess? Just roll on up to the heart and whack away. It takes a bit for the tentacles to respond, but once they do roll back out and wait for them to go back to their resting position before moving back in. Rinse and repeat, easy mode.

  • Splatter Wodan's skull across the altar

    The fight, again, consists of basically 2 phases. 

    Phase 1 - Wodan will do two three strike attacks, one with his swords, and one with his ghost arms that does area damage. To avoid most of the damage (generally you'll only get hit by the area attack SOMETIMES >.>) make sure to roll toward him as soon as you see him pull back his blades or one of his ghost arms pulls back. He will always perform three attacks, and if you're out of range for the third one he will make sure he's in range before attacking you, so don't let your guard down. During this part I preferred to use the sword as it's a good balance between power and speed.

    Phase 2 - he will spawn a group of regular enemies to attack you (4-6 depending on how many times you've done this phase), and now it's time to switch to your hammer for some crowd control. Once you've swept the floor with them, Wodan will reappear in the middle of the area, so switch back to the sword and roll over to him.

    That is the general formula, and will be repeated 3 times before Wodan dies. Note that he does have one random trick where he spawned in the center after phase 2 and he started throwing explosive orbs at me with his hands. He only threw 4 and I believe it only happened because he was at 50%~ health. 

    Although he requires you to pay attention much more the Balor did, once you get the rhythm down he's not all that hard.

  • Be the last thing Balor ever sees

    Story Related.

    Balor is the first boss in the game and very, very easy -.-. In the first phase (first health bar) you can basically dodge all of his attacks if you want, and wait until he puts his hand down, allowing you to press A to run up to his eye for a button mashing sequence. You can also shoot him with your crossbow if you want to speed things up a bit (not really necessary). Run up his hand 2-3 times and he'll move to phase 2. 

    In Phase 2 he's on the ground and you need to attack his hand (although anywhere works, hands are just "safer") as he crawls along the ground. After hitting him for a bit he'll begin to shoot at you with his eye laser, which is your queue to walk up to it and smack the crap out of it with your hammer. That part only needs to be repeated once and he'll die.


Secret achievements

  • Resurrect Aerten 10 times.

    In the last fight (Fate) when you have to attack the weaver machine, don't. Instead, knock Fate down 10 times without attacking the machine. If you mess up the first time around, you can start from the entrance to the arena after beating the game.

  • Allow Balor to kill 15 of his own troops

    During the fight with Balor he will start throwing guys on the platform you're on to fight you. During this time he will continue to attack you with his laser eye, arrow volley, hammer and fist so just roll around and try to have the guys following you get hit by his attacks. The hardest part of this achievement, at least for me, was not killing Balor before he killed 15 guys. I managed to kill him without even having 15 guys spawn the first time, so it may be best if you don't hurt him too bad until the achievement pops. He'll throw more guys down after every button mashing sequence in phase 1 of the fight (no guys spawn in phase 2)

  • Hold the top rank amongst all friends on 3 battles

    Turn on Blood Duel in the main menu prior to starting up a game. Once that is on, you will see a bar on the screen showing your current "score" and your highest ranked friends "score" as you progress through the level of your choosing. Stack up massive combos to raise your blood score quickly, and hopefully outscore your opponent. You can see the designated scores for the levels on the pillars in the area where you start out after selecting a mission to replay.

  • Obtain 3 consecutive perfect battle ranks

    Receive an "S" rank on a battle 3 times in a row. 

    To accomplish this, start up the second to last level, The Chase, and play passed the first few fights(against the messenger and then against the baby alien things). Head left once the path forks to fight a group with one of the witch ladies. The key to get an S rating almost every/every time (every time for me, but you never know) is to finish off a majority of the enemies with the  finishing move, the most important of which is the last enemy. You also need to get hit as little as possible, or not at all, depending on how many  executes you managed the two work together to give you some leeway in whichever is the weak link, so getting hit once or twice but executing all enemies should give you an S ranking. Anyway, once you have finished the witch group, stop progressing in that direction (the group in the far left corner of the area has one of the fat dudes, much harder to S a fight with them), instead go back to where the road split and head right now. You'll hit another group of baby aliens at some point, those fights don't count, and then you'll move through two more groups, one with a witch and another with relatively weak enemies. For all of these groups, make sure to avoid attacking the cage-head guys that berserk, because attacking them does not stun them and thus vastly increases your chances of getting hit. Also, watch out for the skull helmet guys as they can grab you, by now you should know what their wind up for that looks like. Avoiding all hazards in all three fights, and executing everyone/most everyone successfully, should net you the achievement. If not, either restart or continue through the mission as there are more 3 battle sets that are about as simple as these 3. 

    Shiftie Credits: Omnis Maleficus for pointing me toward the Chase and the importance of executing everyone*

  • Defeat a Risen Fomoiri Tank without being hit.

    These are the big dudes with the pointy heads that always try to come in close for a hug. If you don't have this by the time you reach the Forsaken Lands, grab yourself the Void Hunter Crossbow and just shoot the next Tank you see from range. Otherwise, using fast attacks with your Claws or Sword are recommended for mobility.

    An easy alternative is the use of the Lightning Rune (the group on the right in the magic radial menu), however using a perfect rage kill does not work.

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