-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 31 (750)
-Online: 10 (250)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 15+ hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? N/A
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment required: None

"Welcome to the Network, your safety is our concern." This is Bodycount, the game that many fans of BLACK were expecting to be an amazing return to the style of play that they enjoyed back with BLACK on the original Xbox and PS2. However, it only delivered these expectations on a small scale.

Step One
The quickest way to earn the 1000 would be to start up a campaign on Hard right from the get-go. The game isn’t very difficult and you can easily pick up all the other achievements within the same playthough. The trackers for "do this X amount of times" do not reset when you die, so you can grind each one out at an appropriate spot. There is an Impossible setting, but it's pointless to play on that setting.

Step Two
If you missed anything in the campaign, most likely one of the "do this X amount of times" achievements, then use either Bodycount Mode to pick a mission or begin a new game.

Step Three
Time to do the pesky multiplayer, which developers continue to include. The good news is that all the achievements can be boosted in public with only two players total. Private matches do not count towards any online multiplayer achievements.

Step Four
Now it’s time for Siege mode. Grab a friend or co-op partner and tear through each of the four maps. Make sure you do these in public games as the 1000 kills do not count in private matches.

In the end this game isn’t terrible but it was short of what we were all expecting. At least the easiness of the achievements and the arcade style makes it a little more enjoyable.

[x360a would like to thank Nevander for this roadmap]

Bodycount Achievement Guide

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There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • OSB Airstrike upgraded

    This achievement is story related and cannot be missed.

    Airstrike is activated by pressing .

  • Achieved Sniper Distance Kill


    For this achievement you must kill any sniper (designated by their red lasers attempting to target you) with a grenade. The first snipers you see are located after you leave the first Target base and are back where you first began. When you get the objective to assassinate that guy there will be two on the top of the building.

  • OSB Adrenaline upgraded

    This achievement is story related and cannot be missed.

    Adrenaline is activated by pressing .

  • OSB Pulse Wave upgraded

    This achievement is story related and cannot be missed.

    Pulse Wave is activated by pressing .

  • OSB Explosive bullets upgraded

    This achievement is story related and cannot be missed.

    Explosive Bullets are activated by pressing .

  • killed 10 enemies through cover


    Whenever you see an enemy behind something try to headshot them through the cover. The easiest things to shoot through are boxes, thin walls, etc.

  • Killed 10 enemies using melee


    Simply run up to enemies and spam to kill enemies with your knife.

  • Killed 10 enemies with a headshot


    This should come naturally. Just aim for the head.

  • Scavenger Population Diminished


    Scavengers run out onto the battlefield and steal your intel. Kill 10 of them and the achievement is yours. They wear hoodies and run around quickly and grab the intel so they should be easy to spot.

  • Medic Population Diminished


    For this achievement you must kill 10 medics. Medics are in white clothing or armor and will run up to enemies and attempt to revive them. Kill 10 of them and you’ve got it.

  • Achieved all objectives in Asia

    This achievement is story related and cannot be missed.

  • Broke down the enemy's door

    This achievement is story related and cannot be missed.

  • Induction Completed

    This achievement is story related and cannot be missed.

  • Achieved all objectives in Africa

    This achievement is story related and cannot be missed.

  • Single player challenge complete on hard

    Hard difficulty is the second difficultly down from the hardest. Thankfully, you don’t need to play on Impossible. Simply start a new campaign on Hard and play all the way through without starting a new game or anything such as that.

    Here are some general tips for Hard:

    • Cover isn’t much in this game but you can still use it wisely.
    • Use lean as much as possible around corners. It can be the difference between life and death.
    • Never cook or just throw grenades, use the impact function.
    • Your best friend is the Adrenaline ability, which makes you invincible for a set period of time.
    • Near the end of the game your Pulse Wave will be upgraded to instantly kill any Target in the vicinity.
    • The best guns to use are the KALUKA and MEVDAK when inside Target bases.
    • Outside of Target bases you will want to use the KALUKA and MINIMI.
    • Always aim for the head.
    • Keep a great distance between you and the enemy.
    • The Target heavies will be a pain because they can also activate adrenaline and be invulnerable for a short period of time. They have red and black armor.
    • There are a couple places with infinite respawn, but they are not difficult to pass.

    Here's a quick run-down of the weapons and what you should and shouldn't use:

    • SUPER90 - You should avoid using the shotgun as on Hard you will want to stay as far away from people as you can.
    • MP7 - Really good SMG around the beginning but you should stop using it as you advance. It's still a good weapon though.
    • G36 - One of the best guns in the game. You'll get it in the second mission (the demo mission) and you should use it as your primary with the MP7 as your secondary.
    • P226 - The silenced pistol is good for headshots and precision kills but you will want something in this game that can rip through stuff.
    • TAVOR - This gun rocks because it is very good for long distance engagements. It's great for Hard until you get the next gun.
    • KALUKA - This gun owns. It's the Target's primary assault rifle and it shreds like a boss! Use this beast as much as you can. You first get it during the second Target base and must be equipped from a weapons cache.
    • KRISS - This gun is like the MP7 but better. I avoided it though because I mainly used TAVOR and G36.
    • CQB.45 - Avoid this crap at all costs. It's like a magnum but it sucks for Hard. It's very slow, has huge recoil, and just sucks.
    • MEVDAK - Sort of like a big-ass shotgun and grenade launcher combined. Use this thing all you can near the end of the game.
    • MINIMI - The last gun you get and easily the best "normal" weapon. It shreds with no problem and is very powerful and has high ammo capacity.

    Now here are some specific locations in the game that could give you difficulty:

    Beginning of the Ore Mine - I was stuck here for a few minutes because I kept rushing in. Take this part slow and stay back.

    First encounter with Target troopers - when the doors close behind you take either the left or right stairs down and activate adrenaline. Now go to the far back under the stairs and get behind the pillar right by the stairs and take them out from here.

    After scanning weapons crates - right after scanning them you will get ambushed by ten guys or so. To the left there is an open shipping crate type thing, so go inside it and camp behind it, take out everyone slow and steady from here.

    Defusing bombs - before each of the three defuses plant mines around everywhere and then once they begin getting near you and hitting you, activate adrenaline.

    First Boss encounter - refer to A very bad feeling

    Hallway with Target snipers - this hallway was a pain but I just slowly took them out from a distance, as well as went through the left door along the hall to flank them. There is an infinite spawn at the end of this hallway also.

    Hacking computer in first Asia level - I planted all my mines and waited beside the computer behind a beige cabinet, then ran out and hit on the computer through the wall outside.

    First locator thing in second Asia level - I hit it and then high tailed it to the end of the pier if you go out the window to the right of it.

    Ambush at end of second Asia level - after the cut-scene ends, run straight and down the stairs, shred or grenade the wall still directly in front of you, then turn left, hit the switch, wait for the door to open, and run in. You don't have to kill a single Target trooper.

    Doors to Med Bay - abuse MEVDAK and adrenaline, should be no problem.

    Data terminal room after Encryption Key - do what you did for the first encounter with Target troopers but plant mines all around the stairs, and shoot through the stairs because the majority of the enemies come from here.

    Working towards Target base in docks area - take the first part, killing all the enemies, very slowly. In the next area, after it tells you to get to the Nexus, just run through the buildings on the right and head straight to the door, then kill the enemies from behind inside the tunnel.

    Deactivating the core things - take each room slow, there are four and they go in a circle, be prepared, more enemies spawn after each one you deactivate.

    Area before entering Nexus - there are TONS of enemies here, and snipers, you just have to take it very slow and use the pulse wave/airstrike to clear them out.

    Hallway with open middle area before Datacore room - I had to use adrenaline to run to the end of the hall and enter the room that leads to the Datacore room. There are way too many enemies and they can shoot through walls like crazy here.

    Datacore room - refer to Military intelligence

    Escaping Target Nexus before detonation - simply activate adrenaline and haul some ass.

    Final boss - refer to Sleep when I'm dead

  • Highest value intel collected following multiple skillkills


    This achievement is to get a very high and quick chain of skillkills to make enemies drop the green intel, the kind you see in multiplayer. There are three levels of intel: blue, yellow, and green. The red intel is actually ammo drops.

    Each color is a higher skillkill level of intel. For example, any single kills and up to about x3 will be blue, then you see yellow, then later you see green.

    The best and easiest place for this is near the end of the game in the final Target base. It is called the Datacore room. Simply build up a skillkill combo before entering the room by headshotting the snipers or by using whatever means to kill them. Then, plant mines in each of the four corners of the room where the enemies drop out from. This will spawn-kill all four corners of enemies, netting you an instant high combo such as a x14 combo, then run around and search for the green intel, pick it up, and you’ve got it.

  • Single player challenge complete on normal


    See Warmonger

  • Single player challenge complete on easy


    See Warmonger

  • Killed 10 enemies from behind


    Whenever an enemy isn’t facing you take them down and you’ll get a backstab skillshot.

  • Survived the Pirate Bay siege

    See Don't call a doctor for more info on Siege Mode.

    For this map there isn't any one place that is good for camping, but there is a glitch that allows you to exit outside the map's playable area which allows you to complete the map without worry of failure. One of you should get outside the map and the other stays inside to kill off all the enemies. The person outside should focus on not dying.

    Here is how you get outside the map:

    First go to the underground tunnel, and along the right side there are some rocks. You must work your way up these rocks, on top of the tunnel, then to the other side outside the map.

    1 - Go along the right side of the rock, jump up into the corner, slide along the front of the rock and get onto the top.
    2 - Get on top of this rock and then walk back a bit, then sprint jump to the next rock, rock 3.
    3 - Just simply jump up to the top of this rock.
    4 - This rock is actually invisible, so you have to get onto it to where you are able to see the top of the tunnel, face the rock wall (not the tunnel wall) and move right then back to the left really fast and spam . This should land you on the top of the tunnel and then outside the map.

    The weapons that are unlocked on this map are:
    Wave 5 - CQB.45
    Wave 10 - TAVOR
    Wave 15 - MINIMI

  • Survived the Mine siege

    See Don't call a doctor for more info on Siege Mode.

    For this map you will want to go to the walkway that is below the biggest building and have one of you watch one direction towards a staircase and the other person watch the other direction. This way the enemies all funnel both of these directions.

    The weapons that are unlocked on this map are:
    Wave 5 - SUPER90
    Wave 10 - KRISS
    Wave 15 - KALUKA

  • Survived the Militarised Compound siege

    Each map consists of 20 waves, each one adding more enemies. In essence this mode is very easy but you can die easily if you aren't careful or don't know the best strategy. If you die you respawn as long as you partner doesn't also die. Each map also has a set of weapons that unlock at wave 5, 10, and 15. These weapons must be purchased using "segments" of intel, and they are placed on the map and are shown to you when they are unlocked.

    For the first map you will want to have one person camping inside the building at the top of the stairs inside and the other outside inside the shed to the left of the broken wall.

    NOTE: These pictures were taken in Bodycount Mode so some things are missing from them.

    The weapons that are unlocked on this map are:
    Wave 5 - SUPER90
    Wave 10 - G36
    Wave 15 - MINIMI

  • Achieved 50 co-op kills within a siege

    See Never say 'Die'

  • Achieved 100 co-op kills within a siege

    This achievement requires you to simply get 100 kills (by yourself) on any co-op siege map. By playing naturally both you and and your partner should get it. There are around 350 enemies on each map total. This can be done in a private match.

  • Won 10 Deathmatches of any type

    This achievement requires you to win any multiplayer mode game ten times. These games can be Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch but they cannot be private match.

    Luckily they can be boosted. Search for a game and hope that it creates a new session. If not let the game you are in begin, leave the game, then search again. This might net you a new lobby, allowing your friend to join in. Both of you need to ready up and the game will begin. Deathmatch takes 15 kills to win, Team Deathmatch takes 50 kills to win.

    A good way to continue getting 2 player games is to get one to begin with, then when that match ends, search again immediately. This will match you in a 2 player game again most of the time.

    There is a HUGE glitch going on in this game online where if you join a game and it starts, but you leave and search again, it will place you in the same lobby but you can't ready up correctly because the game is in session. The only way to fix this is to wait for that match to end. This has also caused Xbox freezes.

  • 1000 online kills

    This achievement requires you to amass 1000 kills online. They can be done in either multiplayer or co-op, but they cannot be done in private matches.

    The easiest and quickest way is to get a friend and go into co-op matchmaking and set the map to Pirate Bay. Use the guide for that map above and let one person rack up all the kills. Each game, if one person gets all the kills, will net you around 350 kills alone. That's four games if you're starting from scratch, but you will be around 500 already if you completed all four Siege maps.

    You can check how many kills you have by pressing in the multiplayer lobby to access leaderboards, changing the leaderboards option to "Kill/death ratio", then going down and changing the view mode to "Find you."

  • Won a Team Deathmatch

    See Killed 'em all

  • Survived the Street siege

    See Don't call a doctor for more info on Siege Mode.

    For this map you will want to go to the building shown in the images below. This building has one way up to the top story so you can let ALL of the enemies funnel up the stairs to you.

    The weapons that are unlocked on this map are:
    Wave 5 - CQB.45
    Wave 10 - G36
    Wave 15 - MINIMI

  • Won a Deathmatch

    See Killed 'em all

  • Killed 10 enemies while health is low


    Easily done on Hard or Impossible. This will most likely come naturally while playing through the game. Just kill enemies when your screen is red and you are about to die. Using adrenaline allows you to not die while still remaining near death allowing you to kill more enemies before you die.

  • Killed 10 enemies with the last round in your weapon


    Simply kill enemies with the last shot in your clip. A very easy way to do this is to use the shotgun, the SUPER90, and fire all but one shell. Kill an enemy with the one shell chambered, then reload one shell then switch weapons to cancel the reload, then rinse and repeat the one shot kill until you’ve got it. This counts as a skillshot, so you can repeat this 24 times for The Professional

  • Killed 10 enemies with mines


    Simply plant mines with and let the enemies walk into them.

  • Killed 10 enemies with explosives


    To obtain this the enemies must be killed by explosive barrels or objects. Shooting suicide bomber enemies (seen mainly in Siege mode) counts too.

  • Killed 10 enemies with grenades


    Very simple to do. Double tap to throw impact grenades and kill enemies with no trouble at all.

  • Skillkill x25


    This achievement simply requires you to execute any skillshots on 25 enemies in a row. This means to get kills with grenades, backstabs, headshots, etc. Keep obtaining skillshots on each kill you make. For an easy way to do this, see Bullet with their name on it.

    An alternative way to do this is to wait until you acquire the MEVDAK and keep killing enemies with it as it grants you an explosive skillkill each time.

  • Killed 5 enemies at once with a single Airstrike


    The airstrike is unlocked before the first encounter with the Nemesis. The fastest way to get this is to reach the first encounter with her and then wait for Target troopers to spawn, then wait around for them to group together. Then, once they are grouped and you have a full intel bar, let the airstrike take them all out. It seems that the achievement will only unlock if they all die at almost the EXACT same time; if you get four instantly then one more at the end it won’t unlock.

  • Skillkill x10


    See The Professional

  • 10 surprise kills executed


    A surprise kill is executed when an enemy has no clue you are there. They will be designated on your UAV as a yellow dot, not orange or red. An easy place for this is on the first level in Asia. When you find the weapon drop an enemy will be facing it allowing you to easily surprise kill him.

  • Killed 3 enemies at once with a single grenade


    Easily done anywhere in the game really, just wait for a group to form and use an impact grenade.


Secret achievements

  • Survived K-8 Nemesis Widowmaker encounter

    This achievement is story related and cannot be missed.

    This is also the first encounter with the "Nemesis" boss. Here are the steps to beat her:

    1. Empty your entire clip into her to spew out the intel. This should also make her go away.
    2. The best place to camp or hide would be upstairs or down in the morgue area.
    3. Target troopers will spawn. Ignore them.
    4. Use the full intel bar you have to call in an airstrike on each of the three satellite dishes.
    5. Repeat steps 1-4 until all three are destroyed.
    6. Leave the area.
  • Defeated K-8 Nemesis Widowmaker

    This achievement is story related and cannot be missed.

    This is the final boss fight at the very end of the game. Don’t fret as she is actually very easy to beat, even on Impossible or Hard.

    Here are the basic steps to beat her with no issues whatsoever:

    1. Use the Kaluka to farm a lot of intel off her to fill your bar enough to use Pulse Wave.
    2. Target troopers will come down, but only three at a time. Take them out.
    3. Use Pulse Wave (left on d-pad) to bring down her shield.
    4. Now run straight to the SAM launcher above you and press to fire missiles at her.
    5. Repeat steps 1-4 until you receive a checkpoint at 2/3 of her health bar.
    6. The heavy Target troopers will be dropping down now, so now's the time to use all you've got. MEVDAK, grenades, etc.
    7. This time when she comes down, you will want to run around. She has a dash attack that can kill you instantly.
    8. Continue farming intel, use Pulse Wave, then repeat step 4 and you're done!

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