- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10 [hugely skill dependent] [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 27 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 10-20 hours [hugely skill dependent] [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Technically 1 of each level, but plan on 2+ of each level
- Missable achievements: None [all levels can be replayed]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes - must beat 10 levels on the hardest difficulty, Turbo, for The Professional (30G). Higher difficulties are also required to unlock all paddles for Bling-Bling (50G) 
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None

Welcome to Boom Ball 3 for Kinect, the third in a series of Kinect games where you use your hands as paddles in a BrickBreaker/Arkanoid-type game in order to destroy all of the blocks on screen. As far as Kinect games go, this one is pretty simple but pretty engaging. However, simple does not mean easy. Depending on your skill, this could be quite a tough completion, as there are 50 levels and you need to get gold medals on all of them. This can lead to a lot of frustration when trying to make precision shots with your hands via the Kinect, so expect to put a decent amount of time and effort into this completion. Let's get started.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
This completion is relatively straightforward, and can essentially be broken down into the following three tasks:
  1. Get a gold medal on all 50 levels
  2. Complete all 50 levels without losing a ball
  3. Complete all levels on at least Fast difficulty (this is necessary to unlock all paddles), with 10 levels being on Turbo difficulty
Easier said than done though, as this game can be insanely frustrating and luck based. Here is my recommendation on how to approach this completion.

For the first ten levels:
  1. Start by playing each one on Normal difficulty first, and attempt to complete it without losing a ball.
  2. Immediately replay each level on Turbo difficulty to beat it on that setting. Don't worry if you lose a ball or anything else, just try to beat the levels
  3. Most likely, beating a level on Turbo difficulty will unavoidably be fast enough to get a gold medal simply because the ball moves so fast. If you beat it on Turbo and don't get a gold medal, replay it on Fast difficulty. This will feel much more manageable after Turbo difficulty, but will still be fast enough to be able to get a gold medal
For levels 11 through 50:
  1. Start by playing them on Fast difficulty. After the first ten levels on Turbo, Fast shouldn't feel bad at all. Try to complete the level quickly, aiming for a gold medal. Replay the level on Fast until you get a gold medal
  2. If you lost a ball during your playthrough(s) above for a gold medal, replay the level on Normal difficulty, focusing only on ensuring you don't lose your ball. Time doesn't matter at all here. This should feel very easy on Normal after playing on higher difficulties
So that's it for all of the levels and, in my opinion, the most efficient way to approach them so you don't feel (too) overwhelmed. Like I've mentioned many times, this will not be easy. You will get very frustrated, and possibly hate this game (I know I certainly did). But persist, because some levels are just so frustrating and luck based that there's nothing else you can do except try again and hope you get some better bounces to hit the moving cubes.

You will very likely unlock all miscellaneous achievements naturally along the way aside from Power of Two (50G). If you're missing any others, refer to their solutions in the guide below to see where best to unlock them. As for Power of Two (50G), while it does imply you need a second person, it actually does not require it. The solution has more information, but if you can find a second person to help, it'll be much easier than trying to do it yourself. Once you wrap up the miscellaneous achievements, that should wrap up this completion.

After playing many Kinect games, I can confidently say that Boom Ball 3 is one of the most frustrating I've ever played. So many glaring issues with hit detection that make this game more aggravating than fun. The entire thing feels like a slog from start to finish through every level. Hopefully you get more enjoyment out of this game than I did (since I got almost zero), but preferably don't even bother buying it, as it's primarily an exercise in frustation and patience more than an enjoyable Kinect game.
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]

Boom Ball 3 For Kinect Achievement Guide

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There are 27 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Clear all levels without losing any balls (multiballs don’t count).

    This achievement requires you to get the "No balls lost" medal on all 50 levels in the game. As the description says, losing a multiball ball doesn't count; you just can't ever lose a ball such that you need to reach up to grab a new ball.

    While this achievement sounds a bit intimidating, realize that it can be done on any difficulty. You can therefore play each level on Normal difficulty to work on this achievement. While some levels may be more challenging than others, in general, the ball in Normal difficulty moves quite slow, and you should have plenty of time to react and keep it in play.

    Since this is a Kinect game, there aren't really any other tips to give here other than you should be playing each level in a horse stance (legs spread just past your shoulders and knees bent) to give yourself the largest possible coverage of the screen, significantly reducing or even eliminating the possibility of not being able to reach the ball if it's off to one side. Focus entirely on hitting the ball rather than trying to aim it, unless it's an easy hit. Levels may take a little while but all that matters for this achievement is that you don't lose a ball, regardless of how long it takes.
  • Hit 15,000 cubes (fireballs don’t count).

    Refer to Cubonator (60G) for more information.
  • Hit 5,000 cubes (fireballs don’t count).

    Refer to Cubonator (60G) for more information.
  • Hit 30,000 cubes (fireballs don’t count).

    This achievement is cumulative across all levels attempts, whether you fail (lose all balls) or succeed. As the description says, cubes that you destroy with fireballs (the ones you automatically get at the end of each grouping to finish off the last bunch of cubes) don't count towards this achievement.

    Fortunately, what does count towards this achievement are cubes destroyed with explosives (either explosive cubes or an explosive ball). Before you even worry about potentially grinding for this achievement, first finish all other achievements. Specifically, get a gold time on all 50 levels, beat all 50 levels without losing a ball, and beat 10 levels on Turbo difficulty. Depending on your skill level, you may even unlock this achievement by the time you finish all of that. It will be extremely dependent on skill though, because if you cruise through each level first or second try, you won't be making much progress towards this achievement, whereas if you struggle more and take multiple attempts per level (this is more likely), you'll make a lot of progress towards this achievement.

    My experience, being a decently skilled gamer but not feeling particularly good at this game, was that I unlocked this achievement well before finishing everything else. In fact, I unlocked it before the halfway point. If you find yourself done with everything else and need to grind this out, the best level to do so is one of the first couple, where you can just hit the explosive cubes to break a lot at once, then either fail or beat the level and replay it. 
  • Reach gold time in 10 levels.

    Refer to Swimming in Gold (100G) for more information.
  • Reach gold time in 25 levels.

    Refer to Swimming in Gold (100G) for more information.
  • Reach gold time in 5 levels.

    Refer to Swimming in Gold (100G) for more information.
  • Break at least 30 cubes with a single heavy ball (explosion chain reactions don’t count).

    Heavy balls are the purple ball powerup that you'll first be introduced to in Level 4. Getting this powerup makes your ball crash right through all cubes instead of bouncing off of them. As the description says, you need to destroy at least 30 cubes with a single heavy ball powerup active.

    The powerup lasts around 10 seconds, so you have time, but it's really going to come down to two important things:
    • Getting the powerup right away in a level so there are still plenty of cubes left to destroy, and
    • Being able to aim your hits well enough such that you can destroy enough cubes before the powerup runs out
    The first level this is possible is Level 4, where the heavy ball powerup is introduced. This is where I unlocked this achievement, as there are plenty of cubes to do so. If you can, on your very first hit, immediately aim for the '?' cube to get the heavy ball powerup, as that is ideal (doesn't need to be the first cube you hit, but it should be your first target). This gives you plenty of cubes left to destroy with it, with a good spread in the level, meaning you don't need amazing aim to destroy cubes. You should be able to get 15-20 cubes with relative ease if you get the heavy ball early, but you will definitely need to be deliberate with your aim to get the remaining cubes (or just get lucky), since they'll be more spaced out after you break through them a couple times. It may take a couple tries, but this is the strategy you should be using to try to get a gold medal on this level anyway.
  • Hit at least 6 different balls without losing any balls in between.

    This achievement requires you to get a multiball powerup twice in a row (each multiball gives you three balls, so you'll need two to have six balls), and then hit all six balls at least once to keep them all in play without losing any balls in between.

    While this may sound intimidating or almost impossible with a single person, it's actually pretty simple on Normal difficulty where the balls are moving slow. This is first possible on level 2, but there are many levels with multiball powerups, so this will likely come naturally as you play. If not, you can always replay level 2 and get it there once you have more experience and skill with this game.
  • In two player mode, keep at least 3 balls in play 15 seconds.

    This is potentially one of the most difficult achievements in the game, for one, because you either need a second person as skilled at the game as you or need to get lucky playing solo (see below), and for two, because you need to make sure you don't accidentally complete the level before enough time has elapsed to unlock this achievement.

    As the description says, in two player mode, you need to collect a multiball powerup so that three balls are in play, and then you need to keep all three in play for at least 15 seconds. To clarify though, two player mode doesn't require two people to play. It just splits the screen in half, and if you're playing solo you'll only be able to interact with your half of the screen. This means it is possible to do this solo, just a little more difficult and luck based.

    With two people playing on Normal difficulty, the balls should be moving slow enough that keeping three in play with four hands should be manageable without much effort. The bigger challenge will be ensuring that you don't accidentally destroy enough cubes to trigger the fireballs that end each level, thereby ending your multiball prematurely. If playing solo, you're going to need to rely on some luck that all three balls come to your side of the screen, then be good enough to aim them so they stay there.

    The best strategy to keep the level going long enough is to try to keep most of your remaining cubes in the center of the screen or one side of the screen, if possible. That way, each player can do their best to hit their ball(s) straight back against the back wall over and over, preventing the balls from hitting any of the cubes in the center. It will likely take a bit of practice and a few tries, but overall it's not too difficult as long as you can hold steady for 15 seconds and keep decent control over the balls. If playing solo, same strategy but you need to hope that when you get the multiball powerup, all three balls stay on your side so you can actually hit them.

    Whether playing with two people or one, level 19 is, in my opinion, probably the best level to do this. It starts off with two tacos, one on each side of the screen. Blow up one, and that should eliminate the entire taco on one side of the screen. Now, get the multiball powerup, and just keep all three balls on the other side of the screen from the intact taco. Blowing up the first is handy because now no cubes are left to accidentally hit your ball into the other side of the screen, and this gives you plenty of room to keep balls in play opposite the remaining taco.

    Having done this solo, I can say that it's not nearly as tricky as it sounds. I stayed on the right side, on Normal difficulty, and hit the ball at the right taco until it exploded. If the ball bounces off to the left, don't worry about it. You have five balls until you lose. Once I blew up the right taco, I tried to hit the multiball powerup either straight on or with my ball going slightly right. This kept all three balls on the right side of the screen. Then, I just held my hands up and let the balls bounce off them, making sure to not make any sudden or drastic movements. 

    This achievement will unlock in the middle of the level as soon as the time requirement is hit, so keep at it until the achievement unlocks.
  • Blow up 5,000 other cubes by using explosive cubes.

    This is cumulative across all level plays, whether successful or not. Explosive cubes are the glowing red ones that, when it, explode and destroy many nearby cubes.

    Even if you're a pro at this game and cruise through all the levels, you'll still easily unlock this achievement through natural progression. I unlocked it before even finishing the first area of the game. 
  • Reach silver time in all levels.

    Refer to Swimming in Gold (100G) for more information.
  • Reach silver time in 25 levels.

    Refer to Swimming in Gold (100G) for more information.
  • Reach silver time in 10 levels.

    Refer to Swimming in Gold (100G) for more information.
  • Reach gold time in all levels.

    WARNING: Sometimes a level just randomly won't count (i.e. won't track on the achievement tracker), and for no apparent reason. I've been well under gold time and it hasn't tracked, and right on gold time and it has tracked. I highly, highly recommend pinning this achievement and Ball Conservationist (100G) to ensure the trackers go up every time you successful get a gold medal in a level. Otherwise, you may be forced to replay all of the levels to find one (or more) that didn't count. I thankfully caught it when I was less than halfway through the levels, but I already had three levels not count by that time (and another one while tracking it). Be very careful with this.

    There are 50 levels in the game, and to achieve a gold time in them you need to finish them in under the gold time limit. Difficulty doesn't matter (not directly, anyway) and it doesn't matter how many balls you lose. 

    You'll likely find that on Normal, the ball moves so slow that you'll have a tough time reaching gold times on many levels, unless you have really good aim. You'll likely also find that Turbo difficulty is extremely fast and frustrating. You should therefore play on Fast difficulty, as it's fast paced enough to get the gold time on each level, but also still very manageable to react and keep the ball in play. 

    Some levels will unavoidably take more tries and luck than others, as sometimes explosive cubes can make short work of a level, and sometimes you can end up with a bunch of spaced out cubes left and struggle to aim properly to hit any of them. Thankfully, in general, the gold times are pretty reasonable. There aren't any levels where anything near perfection is required. What is required, for the most part, is making the most efficient use of powerups and explosive cubes. For example, powerups should be gotten immediately and made the most of. There are some levels where there are a ton of cubes/stones and no explosives. This could take forever to destroy them all with a single normal ball. In these levels, you need to get the multiball or heavy ball powerup immediately and then clear as many cubes as possible while the powerup is active. That's the only way you'll be able to get a gold medal. So always start level by aiming for the question mark cubes, making them your primary targets, and then let loose once one is active.

    One other tip to keep in mind is that it doesn't matter how many balls you lose. This means you can use it to your advantage: if cubes are in a difficult spot to hit, you can purposely lose your ball so that you can grab a new one and hit it fresh, aiming it exactly where you want it to go, rather than trying to aim a ball that's already bouncing area the play area.. 
  • Clear all levels in the Farm area.

    Refer to Invader (30G) for more information. 
  • Clear all levels in the Desert area.

    Refer to Invader (30G) for more information. 
  • Clear all levels in the Atlantis area.

    Refer to Invader (30G) for more information. 
  • Clear all levels in the Jungle area.

    Refer to Invader (30G) for more information. 
  • Clear all levels in the Alien Planets area.

    There are a total of 50 levels in the game, spanning all five areas. To unlock the achievements for clearing the levels, you can play on any difficulty, lose as many balls as you want, and take as long as you want. However, to be as efficient as possible, refer to the approach in the roadmap. This will minimize the number of times you need to replay each level to unlock all other achievements.
  • Swag



    Unlock your first paddle.

    Refer to Bling-Bling (50G) ​​​​​​ for more information. 
  • Unlock all Paddles.

    Paddles are unlocked by earning cumulative amounts of stars. Stars are earned by completing levels on varying levels of difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the more stars you earn:
    • Normal mode - 1 star
    • Fast mode - 2 stars
    • Turbo mode - 3 stars
    To unlock all paddles, you'll need 105 stars. There are 50 levels in the game. This means you'll need to complete every level on Fast mode (which you'll be doing anyway to get Gold medals for Swimming in Gold (100G)). That'll get you 100 stars. Then, you'll also need to complete ten different levels on Turbo difficulty for The Professional (30G). That will give you an extra 10 stars. So you'll end up unlocking all paddles just before finishing the final levels, assuming you proceed by completing the first ten levels on Turbo and then all the rest on Fast difficulty to get gold medals. 
  • Use Explosive balls to destroy 20 Unbreakable cubes.

    This achievement is actually cumulative, surprisingly.

    Explosive balls aren't introduced until the third area, Atlantis, at level 24. From here on, you'll be able to make progress towards this achievement (if need be). I actually unlocked this achievement on level 24 while replaying it a few times to get a gold medal and no lost balls.
  • Complete 10 levels on Fast difficulty.

    Refer to The Professional (30G) for more information. 
  • Complete a level on Turbo difficulty.

    Refer to The Professional (30G) for more information. 
  • Complete 10 levels on Turbo difficulty.

    This is one of the most challenging achievements in the game, as Turbo difficulty can be extremely hectic and frustrating with how quickly the ball moves. Thankfully, of the 50 levels in the game, you only need to complete any 10 on Turbo difficulty, not all of them.

    In general, the first ten levels of the game are easier. Definitely the first five. If you find yourself struggling with any levels between level 5 and level 10, feel free to skip it and try a later one that felt easier.
  • Customize your paddle, take a photo, and complete a level with it.

    From the level select screen, choose the upper right button to customize your paddle. On the popup, choose the right option to take a picture of yourself with the Kinect. Follow the prompts to do so and make a paddle with your picture. It should automatically equip it when done. Now play any level, noting that you need to successfully complete it to unlock this achievement.

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