- Estimated achievement difficulty:7/10
- Offline: 12 [200]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 4-6 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3+ [Each difficulty + miscellaneous]
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: Optional

Boom Boom Rocket, a rhythm game, is where you will be exploding plenty of fireworks in conjunction with classically-influenced techno, ska, and funk music. The game can be bought from XBLA for 800MSP ($10), and it can be found on the XBOX Live Arcade Compilation Disc. If you clear your hard drive's cache (even if you're using the compilation disc) the requirements for "A" ratings is made easier, so you can play offline without downloading the patch for some of the harder achievements. Furthermore, on the medium and easy difficulties you can press all 4 buttons at the same time without losing accuracy or hit ratio percentages. I recommend taping a quarter (or any large coin currency) in the center of your ABXY buttons, so you can focus solely on your timing. Furthermore, keep in mind that your multiplier has no effect on your rating.

If you have prior experience or skill in other rhythm games, such as Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and DDR, then some of it could come to help you in this game, as well as haunt you. If you own an XBOX guitar or dance mat (or even a drum set) you can use it on this game. While the familiarity may be an asset, only the guitar and XBOX controller are useful enough to bother using. However, plastic musicians, BEWARE! Some of the mechanics in this game are complete opposites of what you've learned to love in Guitar Hero: varying depth, almost-random placement of notes (fireworks), and an accuracy system.

While DLC is available for the game, it is perfectly reasonable to get the 200 with the existing songs. In order to get 100%, you will be looking at a playthrough of the 10 songs on each of three difficulties. After this, it becomes a matter of going back and picking up "A" ratings and endurance run achievements.

Also, it is also recommended to listen to the game's soundtrack on YouTube to familiarize yourself with all the songs to become familiar with the structure.

Easy Playthrough: (6 Achievements for 55)
First and foremost, play all ten songs on their lowest difficulty, making sure to focus on picking up all the firework types (by successfully hitting the firework with the squiggly tail) and getting at least a "C" rank on all the songs ("The "C" Student" & "Johnny 3 Fingers"). If you miss a squiggly-tail firework or don't get at least a "C" rating, just replay the song. After playing all the songs on easy ("Curtain Call"), go back to your best song and get an "A" rank ("The Easy 'A'") on that song. While you're there, you can also trigger a bonus run with your right trigger or guitar's tilt for another achievement ("Bonus, Schmonus"). Finally, if you haven't already, go get 100% notes hit on any song on easy ("Pyro").

Medium Playthrough: (1 Achievement for 15)
Same deal this time. Go though all the songs, making sure you get all the squiggly-tail fireworks. Once this is done, go back and get an "A" ranking on your best song ("Honor Roll"). This one may trip you up for a bit, but just remember that 90% accuracy and 100% notes hit should be enough to get an "A" rating.

Hard Playthrough: (2 Achievements for 45)
You know the drill: get all the squiggly-tail fireworks ("Johnny No Fingers"). Then go back and get another "A" rating on any song of your choice ("Suma Cum Laude"), keeping in mind that your score and multiplier don't affect your ranking.

Clean-up and Misc: (3 Achievements for 85)
Now that you're well-versed in the game and its hardest difficulty, drop down to Medium and get an "A" rating on each and every song ("Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Award"). This is where the soundtrack-listening will come in handy, as well as the several hours of gameplay you've already invested. Finally, head to the Endurance Mode, pick your best song, put the difficulty on medium, and reach at least lap #4 ("Speeding Ticket"). This shouldn't be too hard considering your skill level by now.

Your final achievement is a doozy. You must replicate what you just did on Endurance Mode, but this time it must be on Hard and you must reach lap #6 ("Sore Thumb Award"). The difficult thing is that one cannot practice the speedy portions of the song, and so you must adapt to the rising tempo. Smooth Operetta seems to be the favorite here, due to its slow starting tempo, but you should play your must familiar and comfortable song.

Depending on your rhythmic sensibilities and your existing rhythm gaming skill, this game could either be a fun and enjoyable Arcade game or a frustrating monstrosity that will enrage you. The key is familiarity. Learn every songs' ups and downs. Make the notes becomes second nature to you. Only this way can you get the 200.

[XBA would like to thank powerm3tal for this roadmap]

Boom Boom Rocket Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Get a C rating or above on 10 songs on any difficulty.

    Obviously easiest done with easy difficulty. Shouldn't be a problem at all.

  • Get an "A" rating for any song on Medium.

    A lot of people find the first song on the list, Smooth Operreta, the easiest for this. Both hit ratio and accuracy influence the grade. Leave the multiplier alone.

  • Pyro



    Achieve 100% Hit ratio on any song.

    Easiest done on...easy. Smooth Operetta is quite slow. If you fail, try and try again. Getting used to the song helps.

  • Activate the bonus run for the first time

    You can get this as soon as the meter at the top left corner of the screen is full. Just keep hitting the buttons in time. When it is full pull either or . Or both, if you really want to.

  • Get an "A" rating for any song on Easy.

    Another easy achievement. Smooth Operetta again. Shouldn't take too long, and if you struggle, just keep trying.

  • Get an "A" rating for any song on Hard.

    This one is tricky. Again, persistence will eventually pay off. Smooth Operetta is a favorite, however you should by now know which song is your favourite or you are better at. Practice makes perfect. Generally the buttons have more responsiveness than the D-pad.

  • Successfully complete 3 laps on an endurance Game on Medium.

    See "Sore Thumb Award".

  • Unlock your first firework type.

    See "Johnny No Fingers".

  • Complete 10 songs with any rating.

    Just make it through on all ten songs on easy.

  • Unlock all firework types.

    The different fireworks are shown by a squiggly trail as the firework games up. They appear after a certain amount of notes are hit. There are 30 in total. One on each difficulty for each song.

  • Successfully complete 5 laps in an endurance game on Hard.

    Possibly one of the hardest achievements. Smooth Operetta (surprisingly) is the favourite here. It has a slow tempo, so it won't be as hard. Patience is another factor here. Remain focused and, if you are really struggling, play through the song normally and learn the notes. Never use the multiplier, otherwise it will distract you.

  • Get an A rating on 10 songs on Medium.

    Another hard'n. Try downloading the songs somewhere and listen to them at any time possible to get a feel for them. Try one song at a time so you can focus on what the song sounds like and then practice to get the notes just right. Remember, leave the multiplier well alone.

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