Arctic Explorer Achievement in Borderlands 2

  • Arctic Explorer



    Discovered all named locations in Three Horns, Tundra Express, and Frostburn Canyon


    How to unlock Arctic Explorer

    In total, you'll need to find 26 locations across all 3 of these areas. You'll also need to uncover the whole map of black areas as well. For a full list of all the locations, please see below..

    Three Horns Divide

    • Fishguts Outpost
    • Windbreak Camp
    • Marrowfield
    • The Drydocks
    • Thirty Below
    • Snowbound Crossroads

    Three Horns Valley

    • The Frontsprings
    • Split Skull Bay
    • Shock Fossil Cavern
    • Happy Pig Motel
    • Bloodshot Slums

    Tundra Express

    • Varkid Ranch
    • Skittering Mound
    • Varkid Ranch Observatory
    • Buzzard Academy
    • Tiny Tina's Workshop
    • Ripoff Station
    • Meltwater Crossing
    • Mount Molehill Mine
      Old Man Johnson's Farm

    Frostburn Canyon

    • Frozen Ant Lake
    • Blacktoe Cavern
    • Ashworth Camp
    • Blisterpus Camp
    • Incinerator Camp
    • Firehawk Lair

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  • When I go to the firehawk lair, the path leading to it stays partially faded out.. so I can't claim the achievo.
  • This won't unlock for me. Made sure to check all named locations in each area pictured in the guide book and still no achievement.
  • Hmm I just did that too and nothing. I manually checked all these places. there must be one that isn't listed yet. Three Horns Divide x Fishguts Outpost x Windbreak Camp x Marrowfield x The Drydocks x Thirty Below x Snowbound Crossroads Three Horns Valley x The Frontsprings x Split Skull Bay x Shock Fossil Cavern x Happy Pig Motel x Bloodshot Slums Tundra Express x Varkid Ranch x Skittering Mound x Varkid Ranch Observatory x Buzzard Academy x Tiny Tina's Workshop x Ripoff Station x Meltwater Crossing x Mount Molehill Mine x Old Man Johnson's Farm Frostburn Canyon x Frozen Ant Lake x Blacktoe Cavern x Ashworth Camp x Blisterpus Camp x Incinerato
  • Got it! I was sure it was glitched only to find I missed an unnamed minuscule cliff in Three Horns Divide, adjacent (above) to the bandit port you had your first mail delivery job at.. as soon as it 'mapped' the achievement popped
  • That should be Three Horns Valley, oops. (not Divide) Basically just visiting the named locations inst enough, you have to fill in the map.
  • That was the same exact area I had left for mine to pop, ty for the find Laz.
  • Where abouts is minuscule cliff man I need help please someone!!!
  • If you head down to the bottom of the map and follow it round to the right, you'll stumble across it and also get attacked by rakks. -_- On the map, it's to the right of a bandit port (Split Skull Bay).
  • Great walkthrough for the artic explorer achievement. Hope it helps
  • @9 Thanks for the video. I totally missed the cliff in the Three Horns Divide. Doesn't seem very fair since it's not technically a 'named' location, but w/e. I go the achievement thanks to that.
  • No problem buddy we've just set up a youtube page so glad it helped. @10
  • I'm having problems with this, for you guys who finally got it, was there any part on your map greyed out? Because all 3 of my maps are filled out and I cannot figure out where I "missed" or is mine glitched?
  • ok I got it, was in Three horns valley, down at the bottom by the rack hive. At a glance the map looked filled out but that tiny little section I noticed was ever so slightly not complete.
  • Wow...definitely the same spot that plagued me...thanks. :)
  • Thank you Lazarus Knight...same spot for me!
  • Three Horns Valley SE of Split Skull Bay. Up the mountain near the shack with the vault symbol at the edge of the map. There are 2 circular huts, a turned over boat and a campfire. No name to the place. Just fill in the map. I was missing the same area . I never thought to even go up there and I was level 35 at the time. Thanks.
  • Thanks, #4. This is what I was missing, as well.
  • If you haven't had luck with this, just run around the map until it gets unlocked in your menu. This really isn't that hard, in fact you'll probably just get it naturally playing through the game.
  • i got it! thanks for the tip about that fucking cliff
  • Just got it. Hadn't got the cliff -_- cheers guys.
  • I wish there was a map. But youtube vid works too.
  • Thanks for that, was the cliff in the valley.
  • soooooo my maps are completely filled out, I found that small rakk hive in three horns, yet no achievement, is there another tricky spot somewhere I could be missing?
  • lmao i knew all i had to do was ask and id find it out shortly after, turns out I didn't discover the drydocks, and where my map cut off made it look like there was nothing there....sigh
  • Same spot for me thanks
  • Yeah, that cliff in Three Horns- Valley got me too. I went up there and I still didn't get it though. I then went to Tundra Express and there was a spot by the Varkid Ranch that was blank on my map, I just didn't notice. -_- lol.
  • Also, I quickly figured out that it is in fact true that you don't only have to discover every location, but fill in the whole map. Thank you for whoever posted that first.
  • Thank you for the video #9
  • all locations are filled but still don't unlock
  • My last 3 were Varkid Ranch Observatory and Ripoff Station in Tundra Express, and The Drydocks in Three Horns Divide. Hope this helps.
  • Should of put this up sooner but if you need a map made one here: Enjoy. Sorry don't have a capture card yet.
  • Three Horns - Valley. Popped out when entered to area in south-west which have some Rakks flying on it.

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