Highlands Explorer Achievement

  • Highlands Explorer



    Discovered all named locations in The Highlands, Thousand Cuts, and Wildlife Exploitation Preserve


    In total, you'll need to find 23 locations across all 3 of these areas. You'll also need to uncover the whole map of black areas as well. For a full list of all the locations, please see below.

    The Highlands

    • Mercury Induction Station
    • Isotope Reclaimation Center
    • Lake Shining Horizons
    • Frothing Creek Mill
    • Aggregate Acquisition
    • Whispering Riverbed
    • Blake Bridge
    • Hunter's Bane
    • Overlook
    • Old Cranky's Pond

    The Highlands Outwash

    • Hyperion Extraction Plant
    • Orbital Receiving & Processing

    Thousand Cuts

    • Central Core Supply Dock
    • Control Core Loading Dock
    • Competitor Deferrence Field
    • No Man's Land
    • Bloody Knuckle Point
    • Slab Town
    • Broke Face Bridge
    • Buzzard Factory

    Wildlife Exploitation Preserve

    • Casa De Mordecai
    • Preserve Dockyard
    • Observation Wing
    • Specimen Maintenance
    • Bloodwing's Enclosure

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  • For anyone curious where the Creature Slaughter Dome (from the Gamestop pre-order add-on) can be found, it's located within the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. If you can survive all enemy waves, you get Moxxi's rocket launcher.
  • Thanks ^
  • i'm stuck on this achievement. i've beaten the game 1st run, and ive explored everywhere i could find on the maps between the 3 Highlands maps, Thousand Cuts, and Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. Visually all the maps look complete, as in nothing is fading to the background making it look incomplete. Is there a hidden area that i haven't found yet? I know it will be kind of hard to answer this, but any help is appreciated :)
  • @ #3 not sure if this will help but if you havent been to the creature slaughter dome within the wildlife preserve or if you have not been to terramorphous's lair in a thousand cuts (can only be accessed once the story missions are finished) these might be the reasons why you havent got the achievement yet
  • Ive been trying to get this achievement for a while now, Ive just been going through each of the three areas and Ive covered every inch of the three areas I have even go to terramorphous's lair and the creature slaughter dome. Has anyone else had the same problem with this? Some help would be awesome.
  • It must be Terramorphous' lair then cuz i swear i have everything unlocked as well but i cant get the achievement to pop, but i haven't beaten the game yet either.
  • this mite help with the achievement, it helped me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dw6Jq3vB-YI
  • anyone wanna go exploring with me? GT: toandadestroyer
  • I missed Casa de Mordecai in the Wildlife Preserve. Right as you enter from The Highlands/Fast Travel, look on your map. Its directly below where you are, where there's a little circle on your map. For me, the area was lit up, you just have to climb the mountain up to his place and you'll reveal the location.
  • Thank you #9. That was the one!!!
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSEBQ1UH2aw Hey Guys this walkrthrough will help you out :)
  • Thanks a lot #9, I stopped playing Borderlands 2 for a while cause this achievement was annoying me so much, thanks for the help. :)
  • How do you miss Casa de Mordecai? It's part of the story!
  • @13 I misses casa de modecai as well and beat the game... glad someone pointed it out here. I'm sure i missed it because i play co-op split screen and my friend did that part of the mission while I killed shit. He always runs ahead while I kill stuff for xp. So its easy to miss in multi-player.
  • @11 great walkthrough video...i was missing a chunk of the map in the highlands ...even tho i got the name of the place
  • Casa de Mordecai was the last one I needed too...good call #9! Thx
  • @9 Thx for the tip. That did the trick.
  • @9 Thank you so much! I play frequently with my friends and they usually advance while I'm fighting. That was the last one I needed for this and world explorer :)
  • i think my game is glitched or something, i completed the game already and have no unlocked one single achievement about discovering places. All the maps are clear with no empty spots, anyone how to fix it?? :/
  • can anyone tell me if the Creature dome is part of this? i dont have it as i didnt pre order it from anywhere that did it. surely its a bit unfair if you cant get the chievo without it. thanks
  • You can get the achievement through 1st walkthrough. You don't need terramorphous lair or dome. If you have filled in all the dark/hazy spaces and haven't gotten it, return to each named place listed.
  • When you do this achievement make sure you check the casa de mordcai cause thats all i had left and i was searching for days until this post reminded me of it.
  • thanks for "casa de mordecai". it was just that one

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