Blight Explorer Achievement

  • Blight Explorer



    Discovered all named locations in Eridium Blight, Arid Nexus, and Sawtooth Cauldron


    In total, you'll need to find 26 locations across all 3 of these areas. You'll also need to uncover the whole map of black areas as well. For a full list of all the locations, please see below.

    Eridium Blight

    • Human Dwelling Place
    • Bruiseboulder Quarry
    • Eridium Extraction Plant
    • Infused Grotto
    • The Slag Scar
    • Grandma's House
    • Stagma Vapour Extraction
    • Slagma Refinery
    • Mount Hellsfront
    • Lover's Leap

    Arid Nexus Bonyard

    • Eridium Pump Station 1, 2 & 3
    • Hyperion Truth Network
    • Loader Maintenance Depot
    • Transmix Regulator Station

    Arid Nexus Badlands

    • T.K. Baha's House
    • Hyperion Info Stockyard
    • Fyrestone

    Sawtooth Cauldron

    • Main Street Reservoir
    • Avie's Camp
    • Cramfist's Foundry
    • The Buzzard Nest
    • Scalding Remnants
    • Sawtooth Stilts
    • Smoking Guano Grotto

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  • I discovered all the locations in eridium blight, arid nexus and sawtooth cauldron and i didnt get the achievement any1 else has this happen to them?
  • @1 There's 2 different Arid Nexus areas. Did you check both of those? Also, does anyone where to go to get passed the electric fence near the spawn to Eridium Blight?
  • Never mind, I figured it out concerning the fence.
  • One more thing, concerning the Sawtooth Cauldron, there's a small location called Avie's Nest that you can only get to by jumping off of the Buzzard's Nest. It took me a while but once I found this, the achievement unlocked for me, as it was the last thing I needed.
  • ya i did both Arid Nexus areas. i probably have to play with a new character to get it maybe.
  • @Zedymieon, how did you get passed the fence in Eridium Blight?
  • @6 Follow the cable, the box should be right behind the first gate that opens. Very top of it, directly the opposite side of the turret.
  • I'm having trouble I unlocked everything. On my map. Are there any other secret places like T.K Baha's place?
  • @NakedSnakeFB , i see the box but how do i actually get up to it?
  • You just need to shoot it
  • Listen to @4, that was the last place i needed too.
  • I found it already every place is clear no smudges, couled it just be bugged for me?
  • I'm with #12 here.. i've cleaned up everything in all these places, and no achievement. And my friend who was doing it with me, got his.
  • @13 I am having the exact same problem was doing it with my friend and he got it and I didn't. I went back and searched around on my own and can't find anything I've missed.
  • Disregard my last comment I just got the achievement and maybe this will help someone. In the arid nexus- boneyard there is a catch-a-ride station on the right middle side of the map. It has an elevator behind it which will take you down into eridium pump station 2. That was the place I was missing my friend must've gone in without me and I stupidly overlooked it anyways hope it helps.
  • @15. Thank you thank you thank you! Just read this, went straight there and BAM! Achievo :D
  • BIG question, I have already found the nest that you can only get to by jumping off of Buzzard's Nest, I also have the underground area at pump 2 in Arid-Nexus - Boneyard. There is absolutely no blurred out places on the four maps (Eridium Blight, both Arid-Nexus maps, and Sawtooth Cauldron) Do I have to maybe enter the secondary areas? Like the Hero's Pass in Eridium Blight or Ore Chasm in Eridium Blight? Or is this achievement glitched for me?
  • THANK YOU @15 Rachealove got the achievement
  • My achievement popped when I went back to Eridium Blight. If you look at the very top left of the map you can see a little faded out bit. It's the volcano just take that path and you'll have a little adventure jumping over the lava. This path leads to a gun chest and a Badass challenge. Hope this helps.
  • @15 You saved me alot of time and more frustration, I looked for pump station 2 for over an hour. Thanks!!!
  • you're welcome cool people! @17 I believe those places don't matter for this achievement. I think it's just finding every named place/ having the map 100% for Arid Nexus, Eridium Blight and Sawtooth Cauldron. I would just double check all the maps again making sure to check high and low.
  • The place i was missing for the blight explorer achievement was called avie's camp. you get there by jumping off from the tower where the buzzard's nest is (it's a quest i beleive to go there) it's in sawtooth cauldron. get to the underground, use elevator to the top of tower where the nest is, kill all the go up where the buzzard came out and look down (need a good zoom), you'll see a camp fire and the back of a car which is a chest. jump down there and voila avie's camp!. hope this help.
  • Thank you for ALL of the help on this one guys! There are three to four VERY easy to miss areas. Two of them are due to the fact that the blur in the map does not affect the map at all. In Arid Nexus - Badlands the map might appear to be completely checked off, but there is an area called 'T.K. Baha's House' that I missed entirely. The second area that the map does not blur is in Arid Nexus - Boneyard, and this one is only tricky if you played Co-op and didn't venture to this point. It is right inside the Mid-Eastern Catch-a-ride. There is an elevator here that leads to 'Eridium Pump Station 2.' The other two are just tricky to get to and very easy to miss. In Eridium Blight on the most North-Western part of the map there, it is a Volcano and unfortunately I don't know the name for referen
  • Reference and the last is Avie's Camp which is mentioned a bunch in this forum. *
  • Thank you so much @15
  • Can someone help me so I can enter these areas I found a few of them already
  • I've been to Avie's camp, the volcano area and Pump station 2 yet no achievement has popped. All areas are coloured in. I think it may be glitched for some of us.
  • i've been to every area named so far and havn't had any luck getting the achievement, i don't think its glitched, just that theres an overlap somewhere on one of the maps which i missed, probly sawtooth cauldron, any ideas besides the ones already named?
  • and i have cleared the maps in each of the areas named for the achievement
  • #15, THANK YOU SO MUCH LOL, I had every single area, I even went and explored every area one more time and still no achievement, than I saw your comment, and it fucking worked! AWESOME haha!
  • @19 Thank you so much dude :) How did I miss it? haha
  • Hey guy another guide here to show all the locations hope it helps :)
  • @15 thank you, Rachelove! this was exactly what happened to me and your tip cleared it up for me
  • Yay! Thanks comments! :)
  • Thanks, #15. That is what I was missing, as well.
  • #4 Is right, this was what I was missing, totally didnt see that part.
  • @15... Thank you so much!!!
  • I'm still missing something between the highlands, thousand cuts and wildlife elpreserve, any ideas what it is I could be overlooking. Thanks in advance
  • It finally popped for me. I was missing the “Infested Grotto” in the Eridium Blight. There is a fuse box you need to shoot from a vehicle. It is located on the backside of the Turret tower just East of the Quick Travel. So get a vehicle, go through the big door, then turn around and shoot missiles almost at the top of the tower where the auto cannon would have been (meaning when you entered the door there is an auto cannon on the tower but there isn’t one passed the door). If you look really close you can see the little GREEN button of the fuse box. Once you actually hit it, it will turn RED. Go back out the big door… but instead of going right and following the road, go straight a little and follow the DIRT road to the right. Almost right away you will see an entrance to a cave to
  • the right… get out of the vehicle… drop down the ladder… aaannddd… POP when my achievement. This was driving me crazy and I finally figured it out as I went to all the know “easy to miss” locations. Good luck.
  • Just got it, last place was at geary.
  • #15 very good, once i went down i got it!! well done!!
  • #15 THANK YOU!! That was exactly what I was missing! The second I got there, it unlocked both Blight Explorer and World Traveler!
  • Another tricky spot is 'TK Baha house' in Aid Nexus-Badlands. It wont show as smugged on your map. it's in the first town left of your starting point (close by)
  • thanks #4, #15 & #44!
  • Thank you #15, rachealove! I just did it and I was able to get the last location achievements! :D
  • Maps: Should of posted it sooner sorry.
  • My problem was Avie's camp. Thanks for the suggestions!
  • @39 will never see this but outstanding explanation dude. I was missing this one and it was extremely annoying to find I was circling the area for ever trying to figure out how to get in....I dont think I woulda noticed the laser area as I never even saw the enterance to it.

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