Up High, Down Low Achievement

  • Up High, Down Low



    Gave Claptrap a high five


    You'll first get a chance to high five Claptrap in Sanctuary where he's located in the north west corner of the map. He'll also offer you the mission "Claptrap's Secret Stash".

    You'll first need to complete the mission he hands over to you, which isn't very hard. Once done, turn it in and then follow him. He'll only walk around the corner to another NPC. Once he does, get close and you can then press  to give him a high five.

    Simply press  and Claptrap will then put his hand up in the air. Now aim up and press  to melee his hand for it to count as a high five. It may take a couple of goes to connect, but once you do, he'll put his hand back down and the achievement will unlock.

    If you miss it this time, there's plenty of opportunities later on where you can ask for as many high fives as you like.

  • Sweet. Claptraps are the funniest thing on Borderlands.
  • Yesss! My favorite achievement on the list.
  • what would borderlands be without good ol claptrap
  • I love ClapTrap
  • I must say, I'm loving all of these achievements so far for B2. They don't look too aggravating or too hard, the main focus is just to enjoy the game as is.
  • I would do this even if it wasnt an achievement
  • classic claptraps making the game more enjoyable.
  • claptraps make this game 789378942x better !
  • For those of you curious about the details to unlocking this achievement, OXM magazine did a feature on Borderlands 2 in this months issue (October 2012 ISSUE) and the key to unlocking this is printed very tiny at the bottom of one of the pages.
  • Hopefully this claptrap isn't the INAC in disguise.
  • @ #9 Or you know, it's shown in many of the new Sanctuary gameplay videos. And it's pretty self explanatory, to be honest. So please, no guidance woman.
  • i'll probably do this every time i see a cl4p-tp so i guess i can count this as an easy achievement.
  • @12 i will high 5 every time i see one
  • @12 & 13 there is only 1 claptrap. handsome jack killed all the other ones. They said that a bunch of times.
  • Some great wub wub
  • First achievement I'll be getting!
  • @14 He killed them...? I'm gonna cannibalize Handsome Jack now.
  • Not as easy as it seems fellas... apparently there's only two chances to get it without starting a new playthrough. I missed the first chance because I thought I had to press a button, but you have to melee his hand.
  • Did it. No achievement. Got to start a new one now
  • @18 Not true at all. Once you've gotten to a certain point in the game, you can just walk up to Claptrap and hit Y which will activate the "Gimme Five!" option. He'll put his hand up and all you have to do is melee his hand. Super easy achievement. Womp womp womp.
  • To clarify a little bit without giving away any spoilers, I did this when Claptrap was wandering around Sanctuary after he had shown me his super secret stash. I got it in the middle of one of his dubstep sessions.
  • yeah then after than point he won't do it again, tried but failed no option is there now @20/21
  • @20, yeah dude I fell into a glitch myself where he didn't even put his hand up and the 'Y' button option was gone.
  • I got the achievement after the Wildlife mission. He asked for a high five and I just meleed his hand.
  • I made a video on how to get this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Am6HC2csHLQ
  • I pressed Y to high five, but I didn't know I had to hit him back at the time. Now I can't press Y anymore. Did I miss it?
  • Yep, I missed it too. Oh well, thats why we make other characters!
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XKUePh0GHQ
  • You people cannot miss this, don't worry if you couldn't get this at first, when you go forward in the campaign, in a mission you must upgrade clappy's software, when you finish this mission you can always ask for a highfive, I did it and now I have always the option to highfive, just melee his hand and achievement unlocked.
  • I love my dubstep'n Claptrap! Come to Sanctuary and your gonna get served! lol
  • Can anyone else confirm what #29 said? I finished the "secret hiding spot" side quest and when the option for high-five came us I pressed it, and the little guy just ran away! Since he only says "sorry, I have no missions for you right now" it'd be nice to know I get another chance! Thanks!
  • Thank you #29, this is what I needed to hear!
  • Confirmed. It works
  • I can confirm what #29 said. I just did that. He stands there with his hand in the air. Just melee it.
  • @20 Thx alot lol i read a few of these replys and they said I missed it.. Oh hell no i was gona restart the game after that lol
  • Actually, you can't miss this. As #29 said, after the Wildlife Preservation mission, you return to Claptrap. After you upgrade his software, he does a little routine and then says, "Give me five!" At this point point, aim your rectile on his hand and melee. Bingo. Achievement pops.
  • hahaha i love this achievement!
  • So relieved to find out there's more than one opportunity to high five him.
  • fucking hate clap trap. he high fived my cousin on my playthrough but won'y high five me the biased little shit lol
  • Ok I can also confirm that later on in the game you can high five him anytime you want. The Y button option will always be on him after you reach a certain point in the game. So don't worry people who missed the opportunity the 2 times he offers you to high five.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0n87YErRUM&list=UU6QtcwzvD5aU7aTDu6Fp8VA&index=12&feature=plcp
  • aw these little guys crack me up
  • Ahh claptrap.
  • When I tried to get this claptrap would just go invisible and run away. :(
  • Restart Your Xbox, Might Just Be A Simple Glitch.
  • This is the best achievement on the game :3
  • easiest achievement on the game
  • I wasn't aware you could high five him at any point after completing the game and wasted about an hour saving and quitting just to high five him after a mission! LOL
  • @31, same problem! I finished his Stash mission and had the option to High Five. I hit Y and he raised his hand and started rolling away. I tried to chase him but I couldn't melee his hand while he was rolling all over town. When he finally stopped I couldn't High Five anymore :( Guess I'll wait for my next chance and hope he doesn't take off flying again. Would have been nice if the guide said he takes off like that. I thought he was going to just stand there for me and I wasn't prepared to chase him around LoL

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