Made in New Haven Achievement in Borderlands

  • Made in New Haven



    Complete all missions in the Rust Commons

  • How to unlock Made in New Haven

    Simply complete all missions given from NPCs/Bounty-Board within the second area. Clap-trap quests also count towards this achievement. Here is a list of every mission in the Rust Commons, thanks to KFZ Scrubs.

    1.Scooter's Used Car Parts
    2.Claptrap Rescue: New Haven
    3.Claptrap Rescue: Tetanus Warren
    4.Corrosive Crystal Harvest
    5.King Tossing
    6.Is T.K. O.K.?
    7. Hidden Journal: Rust Commons West
    8. Scavenger: Submachine Gun
    9. Firepower: All Sales Are Final
    10. Firepower: Market Correction
    11. Firepower: Plight Of The Middleman
    12. Jack's Other Eye
    13. Like A Moth To Flame
    14. Two Wrongs Make A Right
    15. Middle Of Nowhere No More: Investigate
    16. Middle Of Nowhere No More: Fuses? Really?
    17. Middle Of Nowhere No More: Small Favor
    18. Middle Of Nowhere No More: Scoot On Back
    19. Power To The People
    20. Another Piece Of The Puzzle
    21. Not Without My Claptrap
    22. Up To Our Ears
    23. Claptrap Rescue: Krom's Canyon
    24. Earl Needs Food Badly
    25. Missing Persons
    26. Scavenger: Shotgun
    27. Altar Ego: Burning Heresy
    28. Today's Lesson: High Explosives
    29. Hair Of The Dog
    30. Hidden Journal: Rust Commons East
    31. The Next Piece
    32. Altar Ego: The New Religion
    33. Altar Ego: Godless Monsters
    34. A Bug Problem
    35. Relight The Beacons
    36. Green Thumb
    37. Jaynistown: Unintended Consequences
    38. Jaynistown: Cleaning Up Your Mess
    39. Bait And Switch
    40. Claptrap Rescue: Trash Coast
    41. Claptrap Rescue: Old Haven
    42. Bandit Treasure: Three Corpses. Three Keys.
    43. Bandit Treasure: X Marks The Spot
    44. Jaynistown: Spread The Word
    45. Jaynistown: Getting What's Coming To You
    46. Circle Of Slaughter: Meat And Greet
    47. Circle Of Slaughter: Round 1
    48. Circle Of Slaughter: Round 2
    49. Circle Of Slaughter: Final Round
    50. Seek Out Tannis
    51. Meet "Crazy" Earl
    52. Claptrap Rescue: Scrapyard
    53. Get Off My Lawn!
    54. I've Got A Sinking Feeling
    55. Wanted: Fresh Fish
    56. Earl's Best Friend
    57. House Hunting
    58. Smoke Signals: Investigate Old Haven
    59. Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down

    For a complete Scavenger Quest guide, look HERE. Thanks to KFZ Scrubs for the guide.

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