My Brother is an Italian Plumber Achievement in Borderlands

  • My Brother is an Italian Plumber



    Kill an enemy by stomping on its head

  • How to unlock My Brother is an Italian Plumber

    This is available at the beginning of the game. Simply weaken an enemy and then jump on its head to finish it off. Be aware that midgets may commit suicide and explode when close to death.

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  • Is it just me or is it hard to land on their heads? You jump so high that a lot of the time they've moved out of the way before I can land on them.
  • You have to weaken an enemy (probably a skag). Then keep trying to jump on it...
  • this was a pain in the neck to get. easiest way to get it is buy weakening a skag and jumping on it
  • You don't have to aim for their heads, they can be jumped on anywhere.
  • Haha, this was so hilarious. Does anybody else noticed the title as a reference to Super Mario ?
  • Um... My recommendation for getting this achievement is going to the first playthrough in Fyrestone, and weakening a skag outside the gates, then jumping on it's head
  • What I wound up doing to make it easier to aim, was in co op i went to Skag gully and used the other players view to see what i was doing until i scored the achievement.
  • That takes two controlers though. So i guess just try to get lucky.
  • A buddy and I knocked this out using the Ned Add-On. A lot easier when playing with a friend. We weakened zombies and just kept hopping on them. Weaken as much as possible without killing them and it won't take too long.
  • I did this on a Skag just outside the town gates in Fyrestone. It took a little while, but it wasn't too hard.
  • i got lucky on this one just go to frystone n jump on the level 2 scags took awhile for me though
  • It's me Luigi
  • All i did was weaken it's life with Berserker, then jump on its head. It's best to do it when you are low leveled. If you do it when your high leveled you will kil them to easy.
  • This was the first achievement I unlocked and by far the easiest. As soon as you can exit Fyrestone and enter the Badlands you will have to kill 5 skags for as part of a mission. Luckily enough there just happen to be 5 skags just outside the town. Kill all but one of the skags. Now chip away at the remaining skags health until it is nearly dead. Hit A button to jump and aim the best you can for its head. I got it first try.
  • I just did this at lvl 37 on a lvl 2 skag pup lol. I had to completely kill him by jumping on him multiple times. Not too bad :3
  • LOL! I got mine completely by accident.
  • i just weakened one of the first guys you fight when you start the game, and jumped on his head and it took like one try lol
  • really easy and funny achievement :D should'nt cause much trouble
  • got it pretty easily. just weakend 2 of them had 3 around me and just jumped towards them til i got it.. took about 4 or 5 jumps to land it.
  • i had no idea what this meant till this site i got so annoyed when my friend somehow managed to get it in splitscreen
  • Do it early on in the game to a skag. I just did it at lvl 32 and i couldn't weaken it enough, so i had to stomp him like 30 times.
  • dang, so the earlier the better I guess. do you recommend weakening the scags first? is it the only enemy you can do it for? Thanks
  • ok just got it!
  • if ur a high level then go buy a small power gun in fryestone
  • Anyone ever get this with a person kill?
  • this took me forever.. I did not try this till I was higher level so all my guns were killing skags in 1 shot... had to shoot skag with vehicle machine gun once THEN jump jump on it
  • I thought this one was a rather fun one to get. I waited till I was like level 1o and got bored so I spent 15min jumping on a lvl 2 skag's head.
  • I got this one by accident and was wondering how I managed to get it. Until now, and I am still laughing about it.
  • Managed to get this one on Zombie Island DLC. Just hopped around with the Corpse Eaters and obtained it. :D
  • Took me almost 1 hour of jumping and runing and shooting around, but finally got it !!
  • Just wound a skag and jump on it's head in the very first mission. Easy breezy.
  • I'm having a lot of trouble with this one. :/
  • didn't know this was an achievement till my second play through, took nearly half an hour to knock so sense into them -.-
  • This was fun :P jumping on skags!
  • Do this one straight away as the longer you wait the harder it gets
  • As soon as u start the game and the gate out of fyrestone opens head straight and ull notice skags kill all of them till there's one left. Knife him once than keep jump in on him till he dies. Takes a while but very easy
  • @5 You would have to be a complete recluse+retard not to notice that reference.
  • People seriously had trouble with this achievement? Got it done first try, took a total of 10 seconds to complete. No setting up second controllers or any of that bullshit. Just looked down while I jumped on a weakened level 4 skag and was done. -_-
  • right out side of firestone, find a pup scag
  • This one was kinda hard, but i figured it out
  • The hardest part was getting something close enough to death that a jump would kill it
  • this one was hard until i trapped a bandit in a corner and got repeated jumps on his head
  • Once you figure out what to do this is an extremely easy achievement!
  • this was an entertaining one, easiest done on the first bunch of level 2 skags in Fyrestone but really not difficult on most enemies
  • So easy, and fun o.O
  • Easiest way jumping on crawling corpses in Zombie Island of Dr Ned
  • Quite possibly one of my favourite in joke achievements
  • This achievement was annoying at first. I was attempting it during playthrough 2 in firestone. I read some of the comments here and tried it on playthrough 1 , and it was super easy. I just killed all the skags in the group except for 1 poor skag pup and then jumped on him over and over again lol , he cant hurt you so just jump away until you get it . good luck!
  • Love the reference to this in borderlands 2 (killing donkey mong)
  • This was pretty annoying. I kept trying to hop on a Skag's head and kept missing. Come to find out if you aim for their back it works.
  • did this one without realising
  • It's best to get this achievement at the beginning of the game on playthrough 1, outside Fyrestone. Simply put a few bullets into a skag - when it's weak enough, jump on its head to unlock this achievement. Good luck!
  • Nawk is right, the best way of getting this achievements is jumping into a skag. Got it just 5 min. ago
  • Got that completely by accident: One of those "cave crabs" came after me and I was running backwards shooting it and that stupid thing wouldn't drop. I ran out of ammo, ran against a wall and tried to jump over it to escape. Instead I jumped ON it - CHEEVO!!! *grin*

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