100% Brain Usage Achievement

  • 100% Brain Usage



    Reach 100% Brain Usage!

    This is received through completing your daily training, though it doesn't really have to be daily, you can do the testing as many times a day as you have the ambition for.

    After you complete your daily training, you will receive a percentage grade on how well you did, as well as a bar graph showing how you performed in each category. The ones that are lower are the categories you need to improve on.

    You start out at zero. As you do well in your daily training, your overall brain usage goes up. If you do well, maybe up 2%, if you do extremely well, maybe 3%. If you do poorly, your score goes down a % based on how badly you did. As your score keeps getting higher, the questions become more difficult, therefore making it harder to do well and improve your grade.

    As you progress up the ranks towards 100%, you will receive rank upgrades, as well as unlocking more puzzles to practice on.

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