Taking out the trash Achievement

  • Taking out the trash



    Defeat the rock golem guardian.

    Unlocks within BURIED PASSAGE

    To save you a LOT of frustration, here's the easiest way to do this: first and foremost, make sure that when the big rock guardian throws a rock at you, that you don't let it hit you, because more than likely you will get one 'shotted'. It has a super cheap area of effect as well when it hits the ground.

    To make this much easier, simply jump as soon as the rock is about to land near you, and it will never do damage to you. This will save you so many deaths. Secondly, take out the floating rock spawners so they stop spawning guys. Then when it's only you and the rock guardian left, just keep shooting him with the wind charm while avoiding his rock throw. Also make sure not to get too close to him for long because he stomps the ground. I found using my sword to be the best method here for the normal guys. 

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  • Slam attack is very good at taking out the spawners and since you're jumping constantly you are mostly safe from running enemies and thrown rocks.
  • I'd advise taking out the south and north east spawners first (assuming the camera is facing north when you land on the platform) because they start spewing out those annoying hogs. Don't kill the small rock throwers because then the top spawners may spawn hogs too, just run around them, kill the spawners, then them, then the big guy... 'easy' :-P

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