I am still hungry! Achievement

  • I am still hungry!



    Capture 250 pieces

    Playthrough #6 through #18-20

    Options do not matter because for these last two achievements as we will be playing 2-Player games. Open a browser on your device and go to THIS LINK and select the ‘3 - Capturing Pieces Grind’ chapter in the top-left panel.

    For Get over here! (75G) and this achievement, we’re going to use our Queen to capture all 15 opposing pieces while Player 2 just keeps moving their King around. Using the wheel on your mouse (or the forward button below the panel on the right [>|]), follow the moves on the website and duplicate those moves in the game. We first need to move a couple of pawns out of the way so we can ultimately move the white Queen and black King from their starting positions. Then we’ll use the white Queen to capture pieces one-by-one while moving the black King out of its way.

    Once there is just the black King remaining, press button-menu.png then button-b.png to return to the menu and repeat. On the website, click on the fast rewind button (|<<) at the bottom of the panel on the right to reset the pieces and start your next playthrough.

    This will take approximately 12-14 playthroughs, depending on how many pieces were captured during the three difficulty achievements. Each playthrough lasts approximately 2:00-2:30 minutes, and after a few playthroughs, you probably won’t even need to use the website anymore. Unfortunately, there is no tracking showing you how many pieces you’ve captured but every move is saved immediately. Get over here! (75G) should unlock during your second or third game.

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