Classic move. Achievement

  • Classic move.



    Change the pawn style to classic and win one match.

    Playthrough #1

    During this playthrough, we will be playing a 2-Player game. Open a browser on your device and go to THIS LINK and select the ‘1 - Game 1’ chapter in the top-left panel. We will capture zero (0) pieces and unlock this achievement, Happy Marriage (50G) and I do not have time for that! (100G).

    At the main menu in the game, press rb.png twice to select ‘Options’. Near the bottom of the list is ‘Pawns Style’. Here you can choose ‘Cartoon’ or ‘Classic’ pieces. Select ‘Classic’ as this is required to unlock this specific achievement. Next, press lb.png once to select ‘2 Players’ then press button-a.png to begin.

    The goal of this game is to win without losing your Queen and within 8 moves. Using the wheel on your mouse (or the forward button below the panel on the right [>|]), follow the moves on the website and duplicate those moves in the game. Within three moves, the white Queen will place the black King in checkmate, all without capturing any pieces, and three achievements will unlock.

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