- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 30 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 6-7 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes - 'Revenge' and 'Hell' difficulties for Bitter Rivals (80G) and Infinite (100G)
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
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Bright Memory: Infinite is the full-fledged follow-up to Bright Memory, and the work of one man, FYQD-Studio. Playing as Supernatural Scientific Research Organization operative, Shelia, you'll investigate mysterious portals appearing in the sky, causing demonic soldiers to spill into our reality. Combat involves wielding various weapons, including a Light Blade katana, which you can use to send bullets ricocheting back at enemies. It's a fast-paced and fun first-person shooter that flies by at a slender two hours or so, and its unlockable higher difficulty levels provide some neat replay value.

Step 1 - First Playthrough:
Go through the game on 'Easy' or 'Normal' difficulty to unlock the 'Revenge' difficulty level. During this initial playthrough of the game, you'll unlock the Battle-hardened (30G), Matchless Warrior (35G), Power Balance (30G), Eagle-eye (50G), Peerless Warrior (30G), Battlefield Veteran (30G), Get Rich (30G), Get Richest (50G), Extreme Skills (40G), Auto-Tracking (8G), Flames in the Sky (7G), Fallen General (30G), Burning Bridges (30G) and Restoration (50G) (for clearing the game) achievements, without much effort.

Step 2 - Higher Difficulties:
Unlock 'Revenge' difficulty and complete the game again to access the final 'Hell' difficulty, and the Bitter Rivals (80G) achievement. Finish the game again to unlock the Infinite (100G) achievement, then you can set about using scene selection to mop up any remaining achievements you may still have to earn.

Step 3 - Mop up:
Using scene select option, you can retry the stealth-based 'Surrounded' mission if you failed it on previous attempts, alongside the short car chase segment, in which you have to destroy five vehicles. If you've yet to unlock them, you can work on the various achievements attached to attaining skills with the assault rifle, shotgun, handgun, and sniper rifle, as well as the ones connected to collecting Reliquaries. You should, by then, have unlocked the full complement of achievements. Well done!

A slender and streamlined FPS made by just one person, Bright Memory: Infinite is quite the feat – an action game that flies by at a lick, bombarding you with slick set pieces and cracking gunplay. This is a first-person shooter distilled to its raw elemental components, and it's marvellous.
[XBA would like to thank Richie82 for this Roadmap]

Bright Memory: Infinite Achievement Guide

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There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Defeat the Tian Yu Emperor

    This is the game's first boss battle, and can be surprisingly tricky, especially at the higher unlockable 'Revenge' and 'Hell' difficulties. The Tian Yu Emperor will charge at you fast, swishing his sword and hitting you with projectiles, before zipping off to the courtyard's rooftops in an effort to outflank you. When he comes for you with his sword, be ready to block and parry with , opening him up to a flurry of slashes [] and shotgun fire. You can keep him at bay with Shelia's assault rifle and whittle down his guard, before inflicting damage to chip away at his yellow health gauge (your sword is the most effective weapon here, when he's exposed). Rinse and repeat, staying on the look out for the Emperor's ground pound fire attack (you'll be able to see when he's winding it up), as it's hard to block and does a lot of damage. Be sure to use the dodge button [], and when you're low on health, back off and keep your guard up to give it a chance to replenish.
  • Kill the Tian Yu Emperor

    When you encounter the Tian Yu Emperor for the second time, you'll have a broader selection of weapons, and, if you've been dutifully collecting the jade green Reliquaries, upgrading Shelia's skills. The battle also takes place within a larger arena, so you've more room to evade attacks, and make space between you and the Emperor. Keep your distance, and you can plug the Emperor with tracker shells from the assault rifle, or fend him off with the sniper rifle. As in the first encounter, using the shotgun's shrapnel bombs (select alternate fire with ) will temporarily knock the Tian Yu Emperor over (as will deflecting one of his sword projectiles back at him), which will buy you a few seconds to retreat and regroup if you need to. This should be pretty straightforward.
  • Kill the Giant King

    The second boss encounter in the game can be a bit dicey, as the Giant King can cover a lot of ground with his massive hammer, and if you try to take cover, he'll simply smash through it. Given his immense size, he's also surprisingly fast, too, and will close any distance you attempt to make in the blink of an eye. Your best bet is to sprint away to make a gap, sliding along the floor to cover a few extra metres. As soon as you turn to face the Giant King, be ready with your guard [], as he's likely to take a swipe at you with his hammer, which has a lot of reach. Just try and keep away from the Giant King while hitting him with everything you've got, and you'll eventually chew through his health.
  • Kill the Six-armed Emperor

    Upon defeating the Tian Yu Emperor at the end of the game, he'll change forms to become the Six-armed Emperor, a formidable, colossal demon with a different item on each of his appendages. Periodically, ol' Six-arms will attempt to drop a huge bell on you, hit you with his axe, send his eagle flying at you, or deploy his snake (not a euphemism) to track you down and deal damage. The Giant King also has a huge sword that has a lot of reach, like the Giant King's hammer, and he likes to jump around a lot, so, again, the ideal strategy here is to keep your distance, block when necessary, and simply expend all of your ammunition. This is the end of the game, after all, so don't worry about conserving ammo. Use it all!
  • Clear the game

    This one's simple. Finish the game at any difficulty. This will unlock upon defeating the Six-armed Emperor, and will then grant access to the harder 'Revenge' difficulty.
  • Clear the game on "Revenge" difficulty

    See Infinite (100G) for more details.
  • Clear the game on "Hell" difficulty

    Whether you're playing at 'Revenge' or 'Hell' difficulty, the rule of thumb is effectively the same. Approach encounters with steadiness and patience, being sure keep your guard up with Shelia's Light Blade [], and when your health is getting low, retreat and let it recharge. Scoop up any ammo you find lying around [pick it up with ], and pay special attention to upgrading Shelia's key skills [hit the  button to access the upgrade menu] as soon as possible. Light Blade and Exo Arm skills will prove invaluable, and if you have any leftover Reliquaries, pour those into enhancing the damage dealt by your weapons' secondary fire. Use cover more often, make sure to dodge as much as possible, and keep an eye on your skill energy, as you'll be spamming your sword [] and EMP attacks [] a lot. Keep mixing things up and making progress at a measured, steady pace, while keeping a cool head during boss battles, and you should slowly but surely make it to the end. To unlock 'Hell' difficulty, you'll have to first complete the game on 'Revenge'.
  • Sever 50 enemy limbs using weapons or skills

    See Matchless Warrior (35G) for more details.
  • Sever 100 enemy limbs using weapons or skills

    You'll likely unlock this achievement early on, and if you're using your Light Blade liberally [], you'll be removing arms and legs from soldiers' bodies like a walking threshing machine. Bagging fifty will take no time at all, and if you use Shelia's EMP [] to suspend enemies in mid-air, you can surgically lop off limbs with ease. In all probability, you'll easily get this by the end of a single playthrough.
  • Defeat 20 enemies using flame-type weapons or skills

    Shelia's shrapnel bombs – the secondary fire for her shotgun [] – will set enemies alight, so this is a good bet for bagging this achievement. Just be certain that you defeat them using a flame round, or one of Shelia's fiery abilities. And if you're having trouble, use the Tractor Beam and EMP [] to suspend enemies in stasis, and then pick 'em apart. Do this to twenty foes, and the achievement should unlock, although you'll need to go out of your way to do this – during a full playthrough, this didn't unlock for me, so make a beeline for flame kills whenever possible.
  • Kill 15 people without being spotted by the enemy in the infiltration mission in "Surrounded"

    There's only one opportunity during a playthrough to pull this off, and you're armed with only a meat cleaver, so patience is most definitely a virtue here. During the 'Surrounded' mission, the opening features a fairly brief stealth sequence, during which time you'll only encounter about fifteen enemies, so if you're spotted by one, you'll need to reload your checkpoint. Just keep an eye on the directional proximity indicator (and the warning level) to track patrolling troops and the ships with their searchlights above, using rocks, walls, and hay bales to stay out of sight. Take each bit slowly, and avoid being caught out in the open. Observe patrol routes, finding the optimum time to go in with your cleaver for an execution []. During the final segment, take out the first soldier quickly, before he joins the other two nearby. All being well, this will unlock once you've finished the sequence.
  • Activate "Counter" 50 times

    See Invulnerable (50G) for more details.
  • Activate "Counter" 100 times

    To counter, you'll need to raise your sword with  just before an enemy melee attack is about to hit you. If you've done so correctly, the attacking foe will be staggered, opening them up to a counter attack. During a single playthrough, you'll effortlessly bag fifty of these, meaning you'll probably need at least two playthroughs to accumulate 100.
  • Use “Defend” to deflect 20 enemy bullets

    This works much the same as the counter manoeuvre, only you're timing your blocks using Shelia's sword [], to send projectiles flying back at enemies. You'll know when this has worked, because you'll see bullets ping off the edge of your blade, and in some cases, you'll send them back at baddies and damage or kill them. Doing this twenty times is simple, and timing is not always vital either, as you can often stand in front of an enemy firing at you, and bullets will be deflected.
  • Defeat 80 enemies using any skill

    See Herculean Strength (40G) for more details.
  • Defeat 150 enemies using any skill

    Shelia's skills encompass her Tractor Beam tether, which pulls enemies towards her [], and the EMP. As you collect Reliquaries, you'll be able to unlock further skills, like the Quake Punch ground pound and Whirlwind Blade Slash. Get these unlocked as soon as you can, and you'll have more options in your arsenal to start working on this. You'll likely get 80 kills for the 'Peerless Warrior' achievement during one playthrough, but 150 will almost definitely take two playthroughs.
  • Defeat 80 enemies using your rifle

    See SR Gold (30G) for more details.
  • Defeat 150 enemies using your rifle

    See SR Gold (30G) for more details.
  • Defeat 80 enemies using your shotgun

    See SR Gold (30G) for more details.
  • Defeat 150 enemies using your shotgun

    See SR Gold (30G) for more details.
  • Defeat 50 enemies using your handgun

    See SR Gold (30G) for more details.
  • Defeat 100 enemies using your handgun

    See SR Gold (30G) for more details.
  • Defeat 50 enemies using your sniper rifle

    See SR Gold (30G) for more details.
  • Defeat 100 enemies using your sniper rifle

    If you're switching between weapons on-the-fly [dpad-left.png and dpad-right.png], like the game encourages you to, by the time the credits have rolled for the first time, you'll have made a bit of progress towards earning 50 kills for each weapon, meaning by the time you're on a second run, you'll start unlocking the 'Silver' weapon milestones. For the AR, SG, HG, and SR Gold milestones, you'll need to rack up 150 kills with the assault rifle and shotgun, and 100 kills with the handgun and sniper rifle, which will take you 2-3 playthroughs. That is unless you focus on bagging kills with a single weapon. But, since you'll need to finish the game three times to earn the 1000gs.png, you may as well mix things up with your weapons, and wait for each achievement to unlock naturally as you play. Just keep plugging away, and all of these will come in time.
  • Destroy 5 enemy vehicles with missiles during the car chase

    This can be easy to miss, unless you use scene selection (available upon completing the game for the first time) to try again, or reload a checkpoint if you miss a vehicle. There are really only five opportunities to blow up the vehicles pursuing you during this sequence, so you'll need to really focus on steadying your aim and making sure your projectiles hit their targets. If by the end of the car chase this hasn't unlocked, reload the mission and start again.
  • Acquire 20 "Reliquaries"

    See Get Richer (40G) or more details.
  • Acquire 50 "Reliquaries"

    Reliquaries are little jade green sculptures, which are pretty difficult to miss, as they also have a crescent moon icon above them. Keep a look out for these skill point collectibles, and you'll easily track down fifty during a couple of run-throughs, as most of them are dotted along the critical path. They're required for upgrading skills and weapons, too, so you'll want to collect as many of these as you can.
  • Acquire 100 "Relics"

    You'll find Relics inside distinctive wooden crates with red and white labels stuck to them, which can be sliced open using Shelia's sword [], or retrieved from fallen enemies. Relics appear as glowing blue orbs, like spirit energy. For every ten Relics you gather, you'll also get a Reliquary, so they're well worth hoovering up. One playthrough is all you'll need to gather 100 Relics, assuming you go scavenging around for them.
  • Unlock “Blade Slash - Whirlwind: Lv.3”

    Hoard a bunch of Reliquaries, then just spend them all on the 'Blade Slash – Whirlwind' skill under the 'Light Blade' tab of the 'SRO Skill Enhancement System' menu [button-page.png], and tada! Go to 'Giant Blade Slash' and unlock it for three Reliquaries, then max out the 'Blade Slash -Whirlwind' skill, which will cost you a further five Reliquaries, then you'll unlock this, no fuss.
  • Unlock “Rocket Punch: Lv.3”

    Again, hold on to your Reliquaries, then from the 'SRO Skill Enhancement System' menu [button-page.png], go to the 'Exo Unit’ tab (you can navigate the menu using analog-left.png], and spend three on the 'Shock Punch', then a further five on upgrading the 'Rocket Punch ability. Done!

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