Not so sneaky now, are you? Achievement

  • Not so sneaky now, are you?



    Reveal an enemy in disguise


    Required Class: Operative (or any other if you shoot them out of disguise)
    Required Ability: Homing Beacon
    Ability Unlocked: Rank 2

    To get this achievement, the opposing team must have Operatives that are actively disguising themselves. You must then focus your aim on them (holding ) and reveal them. The game will not do it automatically. If you find another person with your gamertag, then you know they are a fake. If you see someone not shooting the opposing team, or doing any objectives, you can also figure they may be a fake. Is the other team ignoring them completely and shooting you? Suspicious team mates hanging around enemies without being attacked? You come into a zone plagued with enemies and one of your team mates, camping together. That is who you will want to focus your aimer on.

    Note: You can also pick any class and just shoot them out of disguise. This achievement may unlock without you even being aware you were doing it.

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  • So will you find out once they are dead?
  • Yes u will.
  • If anyone is up for trading this my gt is Scarmigiione.
  • I was playing the campaign alone and when i was trying to complete a mission I saw my self standing in a corner. so I Shot my self and got the achievement. I just thought that was funny and felt like sharing.
  • Boosting is for failures.
  • Set up a match in freeplay with zero computer guys and 2 players on your team...With a friend, switch both your classes to Operative and pause the game once it starts. Have one guy change teams so one is Security and one is Resistance. Kill your friend, then disguise yourself as him, and when he respawns he can come back and kill you for the achievement. Rinse and repeat and you both get it.
  • i need this achievement,im on now Gt NickyBoyFloyd69
  • Can someone give me a hand with this on private match plz
  • Anyone also needing this achievement message me on xboxlive or on here. Gamer-tag: Good Speed471
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  • I'm down Cav723 is my new gamertag
  • I need help with this anyone on now who wants to get this with me? GT: Schultzie2497
  • Schultzie2497. I need help with this as well. If you are still on GT: Ender6988
  • Anyone needing this achievement and That mine you found Disarmed achievement send me a message on xboxlive and i will try to put together a private match for you. Gamer-tag: Good Speed471
  • Do you need to be an operative to get this one or can you do it with any class?
  • @16 No. It will work with any class if you shoot the operative in disguise. If anyone is up for boosting this and the achievement for disarming a mine send me a message. I am happy to help for this week :D
  • affraid i am unable to help anyone else as my disc is scratched and will no longer work. If you have sent me a message or friend request i am sorry i didn't reply.
  • Hey I need this achievement in addition to 'That mine you found? Disarmed!' My GT is Manic Panda 767, give us an add and we will try to get these two out of the way. :)
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  • Message me if you are interested in trading this or/and the "That mine you found, Dissarmed. GT Jaison033
  • Hey I'm going for this as well as That mine you found, Disarmed. GT: Heavens FuryX
  • i got this when i was sniping and i noticed a guy on my team with a bunch of bad guys and shot him
  • I could use some help with this one. And with resistance chapter 8 either on hard our online versus. Gamertag frostedwing
  • If someone could help me with this achievement and that mine you found? Disarmed! I would help with any achievement for any game.
  • yo i need help with this achievement as well as "that mine you found? disarmed!" Also, if anyone wants to play some challenges hit me up. GT: wraith 47
  • Looking for help with this and "that mine you found..." achievement, will be on this weekend and maybe a little longer GT: LostOrLimp
  • I've got the achievement now. Thanks to everyone who helped. :)
  • So just shoot the operative? You don't have to kill him?
  • anyone up for some 1 on 1 for this one (both operator so i can get the achievement and you can get it too for a private match (add me as friend) on gamertag: Daylightzombiee
  • plz someone help me :3 i can do all the other achievements i just need help for this one :(
  • got the achievmenet now.. i will still be able to help ya guys if you set up a match im willing to join and boost ya if i aint busy
  • got the achievmenet now.. i will still be able to help ya guys if you set up a match im willing to join and boost ya if i aint busy
  • I could use some help getting this one. It is one of 3 remaining Achievements I have yet to get.
  • Anyone want to boost for this and that mine you found? Disarmed! Send me a message, on all day. GT: Duskofcrows
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  • Most of the time*
  • only missing this and that mine achievements message me and lets get this done gt gfmbhsmo666
  • Today I bought this game. I glanced at the achievements list out of curiosity before playing and noticed the many comments on this particular one. After reading it, I said to myself, "Crud. This might take awhile to get." Later I popped it in my Xbox and started playing. After two, maybe two and a half hours, as I neared the end of yet another level, I found a room full of the enemy, five or six at least in a very small room. I started shooting their brains out. Boingk. Achievement unlocked. Suck it :D
  • Willing to boost this and any other achievements for another week or so.
  • Need this and That mine you found? Disarmed! add me.. 9/3-9/5 only XBL: SudnDeath187
  • I need this and the mine achievement still. GT: IHateMrDollop
  • I just need this achievement, I have been trying for days to get it both solo and online. If anyone wants to boost this with me please let me know, I would also be happy to help out with the mine achievement, but I do have that one already. GT is McNish23
  • need the achievement
  • Trying for this and the mine achievement, if anyone out there still plays and needs those two please feel free to add me. GT: ArkhamInmate666 (Lazy I know)
  • Hi, I need help with the Security Campaign: Day 6: Early Launch... Message me if you need it to or will help...! GT = Clubby85 Thanks
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  • I as well need this achievement if anyone still needs it also so just msg me if interested and whens best available for both parties! Thanks
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  • SYPHILI S vfr
  • this one is pissing me off. no one seems to be disguising themselves. :/
  • If anyone is still getting cheevos let me know. GT: Iffy Precision
  • Looking for someone to boost Brink achievements, if anyone is still playing this God forsaken game.
  • Theres a video on you tube which can be very useful. I will try it tonight. Are there still people playing this game?
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  • Need help with this one as well as the mine my GT:Omega Shepard

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