Brinksmanship Achievement

  • Brinksmanship



    Complete an Operative Primary Objective within 5 seconds of breaking disguise


    Required Class: Operative
    Required Ability: Standard Operative Kit
    Ability Unlocked: Rank 1 (automatic from start)
    To go into disguise, go to any dead enemy's body and hold . The only objective for an operative is to hack. Oddly, hacking breaks disguise and is usually fairly slow. Also, if you die, the other team will likely take off your hack box and cause you to do it all over again. The scenario the game wants was as follows: You died at 95% or so hacking. You spawn, get in disguise, and go back to the objective. You then finish the hacking. This is extremely rare and unlikely, especially against bots. So what you need to do is hack until 95%, disguise yourself with a body nearby (or create one), then finish the hack. Remember the disguise breaks when you start hacking.

    Note: As long as you are in disguise when an operative objective is complete (by someone else) you will still get the achievement. You had to have been a part of the hack at some point.

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  • A reference to Brinkmanship-the willingness to go to the brink of war to force the other side to back down. A term used in the Cold War. There is your history lesson today kids.
  • Yes, like we all REALLY needed to know that.
  • I rather enjoyed it. *slow clap*
  • I thought it was a cool fact
  • Cool story bro. (No, really)
  • I hate it when people speak on behalf of everyone, especially when there so one sided about things. Goes to show some people don't know a lot about the outside world.
  • thanks aussie, for speaking on behalf of me.
  • Thanks guys, No help.
  • I got this during versus, but it will probably be easier with bots. All I did was while I was hacking an objective, chances are someone will come try and stop you, if you kill them, continue hacking and when you're about to hack it stop and go disguise as the guy you killed, then resume hacking, and you should get the cheevo. Hope this helped someone. Also. @1, neat fact.
  • If ther is more than you hacking stop and get a disguise then at 98-99% hit the trigger to get out
  • What I did was set up a private free play game on Reactor, with one bot on the other team. I died once and was at 53% and the enemy bot got it down to 17% real quick, but once I got to 95% I scanned his body real quick, armed it for the last 5% and the achievement popped up.....
  • @11 Yeah Pretty much did the same thing. I got it to 95%, disguised myself, then finished it up
  • well thats weird cause it says breaking disguise not going into disguies
  • @13: as soon as you start the hack again, you will break the disguise you just got.
  • thanks
  • Thanks guys, tht really helps
  • 1st comment is the only 1 that talks about the achievement.
  • @11 worked perfect
  • what mission best for this
  • thanks comment 11 works great and is easy
  • create private match with 1 bot if ya wanna get it easy i done it the hard before i realised :P
  • @11 Awesome strategy! It worked perfectly!
  • Hi, I need help with the Security Campaign: Day 6: Early Launch... Message me if you need it to or will help...! GT = Clubby85 Thanks
  • #23 when you get to the part where you hack, plant the hack box then go in disguise. then start hacking and you got a good couple of minutes. you break your disguise by planting the box and it helps towards this achievement.
  • What I did was hack till 92% then go into disguise and begin hacking again. Achievement should pop

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