Veteran Capturer Achievement

  • Veteran Capturer



    Unlocked after completing 20 capture games (minimum four players per game)


    The Novice and Veteran Capturer are very buggy. My Novice hasn't unlocked yet and neither has my Veteran Capturer. It has been reported that you have to host for the Achievement but the guys I boosted with got the Achievement when they weren't hosting the match. So This is basically on luck. But it is worth 0 so it isn't really a necessary achievement since it will not ruin your gamerscore completion.

    You may choose Any Map, Any Time Limit (preferably the lowest), and Set the the capture points needed as 5. Now when you are in the lobby have everyone change there profile preferences from Yes to No on the Tank option. You will be able to choose a bazooka when you start the matcn, choose it and when you start just blow yourself up since you do not have to win the game you just need to have played 20 games.

  • So, after some research, it's clear that this achievement is glitched. It appears that the number, 20, is not valid, in fact, many people got this achievement after hosting over 90 matches. It's also - more or less - confirmed that the player has to HOST a game, which makes this achievement even more annoying since almost nobody plays this game online anymore. If you're trying to get this achievement, be aware that you have to 1) host the game and 2) play many, many matches...

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