-Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 12 (200)
-Online: 0
-Approximate Amount of time to 200/200: 15-20 hours
-Minimum Number of playthroughs needed: 3
-Number of Missable achievements: None!
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheats available
-Does difficulty affect achievements: Only 1 difficulty

Bubble Bobble is definitely my favorite game of all time and if it is one of yours as well then it should come as a complete joy for you to get all of these achievements. You will need to play through the game at least 3 times to get the full 200. Once in each of the 2 game modes and a third time in super mode on either classic or arranged, your choice. Always be on the lookout for any foods that pop up and try to get everything you see while keeping track of what you have collected to make things easier later on.

Step 1: Classic Mode play through
On your first playthrough try to take your time beating the levels so that you can collect as many food items as possible. Some items will only appear once the “Hurry Up” warning appears and some will only appear once the white skull appears and starts chasing you around. Either way, all of your food items you have been patient for will appear on the level following the one you were patient on, so look out for those foods before finishing the level. Also it would be a good idea to have a second controller connected during classic mode as you need to beat classic mode with 2 players for the Happy Ending achievement, and you need 2 players to get the crowns on your food items list. On level 25 you should attempt the Sunny Side Up achievement as you can only get it on this level in classic mode.

Step 2: Arranged Mode play through
During your playthrough of arranged mode you are going to need to watch for any tears that appear because they give you big food items that are needed for Food Master and Incredible Appetite. However your main focus should be on the Skilled Explorer 2 achievement and levels 70 and 85 as there items on those levels that you have to get by cracking open the object in the middle of the level by using the specialty bubbles on the screen. Just make sure you get these items before moving on to level 100 and you should get Super Happy Ending once you finish off the boss.

Step 3: Super Classic Mode
Now you should go to classic mode but select the super classic mode option instead (or go to arranged mode if you prefer and use super arranged mode). During this playthrough you can try for Bubble Bonanza if you have not already gotten it, I would suggest level 10 of classic mode, and also Speed King if it is still needed as well.

Step 4: Clean-up of Food and Jewel Collecting
This step could take some time (depending on how much you have already collected in previous steps) and can become quite frustrating due to the way the counters in the game react to your progress. Just be sure to follow the requirements listed in the items list closely and make sure you always collect the food on the next level once it appears. Don’t forget to get all five potions in classic mode and then again in arranged mode and be sure to clear at least one entire screen of bonus items when you get a potion for the Bonus Bonanza achievement. Also if you are missing any of the 6 crowns then make sure you have a second controller connected and beat the levels as soon as possible. For any extra help needed for the Food Master achievement follow this link. Also, keep very close track of what you have done to get the Jewel Master achievement as this one can be frustrating to get the right amount of requirements. A general rule would be if you see any treasure chests make sure you get them for the big jewels, and if you see any canes make sure you get them for other big food items.

In conclusion, this game can be a little bit frustrating for anyone simply playing it for the achievements, but very fun for anyone looking for the best of both worlds, being the achievements and nostalgia. Just be sure to keep track of how many of any items you have collected for jewels and foods and you will hopefully be able to save yourself some time in the end. Above all just have fun playing the game and you will more than likely have a full 200 with little to no effort at all.

[x360a would like to thank Levex817 for this Road Map]

Bubble Bobble Neo Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Collect all foods.


    There are a total of 110 food items in the game. All of the items are not necessarily food but are still needed to unlock the achievement. Some of these items are collected by finishing the level as slow as possible. Meaning you have to wait to kill the last enemy on the level until the white skull ghost appears, then on the next level you can expect your food item to appear. There are some special food items such as the crowns which need to be done with a second player in the game. For these crowns you will need to beat the levels with incredible speed then look for your crown on the next level. There are 6 crowns in total; the hardest crown to obtain is the 2nd gold crown which I feel is best done with 2 active players on level 48 in classic mode. Some of the last food items on the list are obtained through the bonus levels you get after collecting a potion, 5 of which are in classic mode and 5 are in arrange mode. There is also a purple flamingo in the items list that will cause purple smiling blob looking items to pop up, and octopus in your items list will force remaining bubbles to turn into wooden X’s. As well there is a green mug in the items list that you will need to get the pizza to pop up for the food items list.

  • Collect all jewels.


    There are a total of 10 jewels in the game to be found, 5 small jewels and 5 big jewels.

    The small jewels will appear after doing the following:

    Pink: collect either the necklace or the blue water cross when enemies are bubbled
    Blue: collect the blue water cross while water bubbles are on the screen
    Yellow: collect the yellow lightening cross while lightening bubbles are on the screen
    Purple: collect the purple bomb
    Orange: kill enemies using the fire breath you get from the red cross

    The big jewels will appear after doing the following:

    Big Pink: collect the pinkish treasure chest which will appear after finishing the game on your next game start.
    Big Blue: collect the blue treasure chest which will appear after collecting three blue water crosses.
    Big Yellow: collect the yellow treasure chest which will appear after collecting three books.
    Big Purple: collect the grayish treasure chest which will appear after collecting three lightening yellow crosses.
    Big Orange: collect the orange treasure chest will appear after collecting three purple lanterns

  • Clear Classic Mode with the Happy Ending.


    To get this achievement you need to clear the last level of Classic mode with 2 players. You can play through the entire game with 2 players, or play through by yourself then join the second controller into the game on level 100 and defeat the final boss.

  • Clear Arrange Mode with the Happy Ending.


    To get this achievement you need to crack open the case on level 70 in arrange mode using the lightening bolt bubbles and collect the heart. Then crack the mirror on level 85 using the water bubbles and collect the item it gives you there. Then finish out the game through level 100. There are also 5 different colored tears that will only appear in arranged mode that will drop a different big food item for each color. These are all needed for the food master achievement as well.

  • Defeat 5 or more trapped enemies in one go.


    Simply trap at least five enemies and get them piled up into one tight area, then bust all of them at once.

  • Grab all the bonus food in the Bonus Round.


    After getting any potion you need to collect all of the food items that appear before the time runs out. There are five different colored potions and ten different food types that will pop up. Five of the food types are in classic mode and five are in arrange mode.

  • Find all 3 secret rooms in Classic Mode.

    You need to make it to levels 20, 30, and 40 in classic mode without dying for the doors to the secret rooms to appear, and then go through the doors. Easiest way to make it to these levels without dying is to play the game as you normally would and if you are about to die then immediately exit and save your game before the game takes one of your lives away from the bottom of the screen. Then re-load your game and continue until you’ve reached the specific levels.

  • Find all 7 secret rooms in Arrange Mode.

    You need to make it to levels 17, 23, 28, 36, 46, and 52 in arranged mode without dying for the doors to the secret rooms to appear, and then go through the doors. Easiest way to do this is the same strategy used for Skilled Explorer 1.

  • Eat up a total 20 big food items.

    To get the Big Food items to pop up you need to collect either a candy can or treasure chest. Once you clear all the enemies on that level a big food item will fall to the bottom of the screen. There are 11 different Big Food items.

  • Clear the first 10 rounds of Classic Mode in under 3 minutes.


    This will definitely be easier if you have a friend to play with you, but it can be done by yourself. After a few attempts you will learn the pattern the enemies take on the screen and be able to set yourself up for the quickest possible way to kill them.

  • Clear Classic or Arrange Mode in Super difficulty.


    Once you have beaten the game on classic mode, super classic mode will unlock and same can be said for arranged mode. Beating the game on super classic mode or super arranged mode is the same as beating the game on classic mode or arranged mode respectively. The only differences between the difficulties are the types of enemies you will see in each level, so it is really not any harder.

  • Defeat 5 enemies on top of a frying pan with Fire Bubbles.


    This achievement can only be obtained on level 25 in classic mode. The level will have 6 enemies beginning on a yellow, somewhat frying pan looking platform. You need to kill 5 of them using the flame bubbles that are floating around the level.

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