Got to Catch Them All Achievement

  • Got to Catch Them All



    Catch 100 unique species of Bugsnax.

    There are exactly 100 types of Bugsnax in the main story. Then there are 11 on Brokentooth Island and 1 secret hidden snax. I got this by collecting all of the main bugsnax before I went and did the extra stuff.

    Flavor Falls:
    1. Strabby
    2. Pinkle (requires snackgrappler)
    3. Rootle
    4. White Rootle
    5. Green Lollive (requires lunchpad)
    6. Inchwrap
    7. Sandopede (requires trip shot)
    8. Sub Sandopede (requires trip shot)
    9. Ruby Peelbug (requires buggy ball)
    10. Caramel Poptick
    11. Twisty Snakpod
    12. Wee Mewon (legendary)
    13. Mama Mewon (legendary)
    Garden Grove:
    1. Bunger (requires trip wire or to get a other bunger to run into it)
    2. Fryder
    3. Shishkabug
    4. Sweetiefly (requires lunchpad)
    5. White Strabby
    6. Dr. Sodie
    7. Weenyworm
    8. Cobhopper (requires trip wire)
    9. Crispy Snakpod
    Simmering Springs:
    1. Kweeble
    2. Crapple
    3. Pineantula (requires chocolate and a crapple)
    4. Orange Peelbug (requires buggy ball)
    5. Razzby
    6. Green Grapeskeeto
    7. Snaquiri (requires lunchpad)
    8. Tropicabug
    9. Lovely Sweetiefly (requires lunchpad)
    10. Baja Tacroach
    11. Waffstackarak (requires chocolate and a crapple)
    12. Grumpy Snakpod
    Boiling Bay:
    1. Green Crapple
    2. Grapeskeeto
    3. Golden Kweeble
    4. Greater Cocomite (requires snackgrappler)
    5. Lesser Cocomite (must have aggressive bugsnax run into Cocomite)
    6. La Sodieux
    7. Noodler (requires cold bugsnax to run into it)
    8. Paletoss (requires trip wire and for Paletoss Grande to explode)
    9. Paletoss Grande (requires fire to heat up and trip wire)
    10. Red Banopper (requires trip wire)
    11. Flamin' Cheepoof (requires lunchpad and ice bugsnax)
    12. Sherbie (requires fire)
    13. Fruity Snakpod
    14. Minimaki (legendary)
    15. Megamaki (legendary)
    Scorched Gorge:
    1. BBQ Bunger (requires trip wire)
    2. Sweet Fryder
    3. Ribblepede
    4. Poptick (requires flame to pop)
    5. Spuddy (requires trip wire)
    6. Scorpenyo (need cheese to lure into water)
    7. Shy Weenyworm
    8. Cheepoof (requires lunchpad)
    9. White Cheepoof (requires lunchpad)
    10. Crystal Sweetiefly (requires lunchpad)
    11. Green Peelbug (requires buggy ball)
    12. Puffy Snakpod
    Sizzlin' Sands:
    1. Loaded Spuddy (requires trip wire)
    2. Tacroach (requires Preying Picantis to explode)
    3. Preying Picantis (requires water to cool down and trip wire)
    4. Black Lollive (requires lunchpad)
    5. Buffalocust (requires water to cool down)
    6. Eggler
    7. Flapjackarak (requires trip wire)
    8. Scorpepper (requires water to cool down)
    9. Incherrito
    10. Black Razzby
    11. Sodie D
    12. Cheezer (requires trip wire)
    13. Meaty Snakpod
    14. Bombino (legendary)
    15. Mothza Supreme (legendary)
    Sugerpine Woods:
    1. Kwookie (requires trip wire)
    2. Charmallow (need ice to cool off)
    3. Cinnasnail (requires lunchpad)
    4. Hunnabee
    5. Sprinklepede (requires lunchpad)
    6. Yellow Peelbug (requires buggy ball)
    7. Bopsicle (requires fire to warm up and for Big Bopsicle to explode)
    8. Big Bopsicle (requires fire to warm up and trip wire)
    9. Rainbow Sweetiefly (requires lunchpad)
    10. Nutty Snakpod
    Frosted Peak:
    1. Chippie (requires trip wire)
    2. Chillynilly (requires fire to warm up)
    3. Flutterjam
    4. Mt Sodie
    5. Stewdler (requires ice to cool down)
    6. Aggroll (requires snackgrappler)
    7. Banopper (requires trip wire and Scoopy Banoopy to explode)
    8. Scoopy (require fire to cool down and Scoopy Banoopy to explode)
    9. Cheery (requires Scoopy Banoopy to explode)
    10. Scoopy Banoopy (requires fire to warm up and trip wire)
    11. Instabug
    12. Melty Snakpod
    13. Baby Cakelegs (legendary)
    14. Daddy Cakelegs (legendary)
    Broken Tooth:
    1. Bunger Royale (requires trip wire)
    2. Cheddorb (requires trip wire)
    3. Millimochi (requires fire to warm up)
    4. Spaghider (requires lunchpad)
    5. Clawbsteroni
    6. Tikkada Masala (requires ice to cool down)
    7. Pielobite (requires snackgrappler)
    8. Chocolant
    9. Cellystix
    10. Deviled Eggler (requires ice to cool down)
    11. Cheddaboardle Rex
    The Triplicate Space:
    1. Cappucceetle (require another bugsnax to run into it)

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