Sidetracked Achievement

  • Sidetracked



    Complete all of the side quests.

    The sidequests are the personal missions you get from the various Grumpuses that you bring into town. The sidequests are not all available at the same time because they will require you to catch things in certain zones. You can do them whenever you want but if you wait until you are at the point of no return you will have all of the areas unlocked and be able to just go through them.

    This achievement does not require anything on Broken Tooth Island.

    When all of the sidequests are finished it looks like this:

    Floofty Faces Judgement
    • Head Games!
    • Last Meal!
    • Volunteers Needed!
    Shelda Loses Faith
    • False Idol!
    • Dream of Bugsnax!
    • Box Lunch!
    Snorpy Saves The World
    • Cake Boss!
    • Get Lit!
    • Splitting Up!
    Chandlo Tests His Might
    • Throw Down!
    • Weigh In!
    • Beef Up!
    Cromdo Does Crime
    • A Slice of Heaven!
    • Inside Man!
    • Deal or no Deal!
    Triffany Makes History
    • A Peak to Forget!
    • A Peak to Remember!
    • Dead Man's Chest!
    • That's a Relief
    ​​​​​​WIggle Gets Inspired
    • Dance with the Dragon!
    • Fly me to the Moon!
    • Yellow Submarine!
    Gramble Grows His Horde
    • Love is Patient!
    • More to Love!
    • Training Day!
    • Empty Nest!
    Beffica Seeks The Truth
    • Imitation Beef Part 2!
    • Imitation Beef!
    • The Big Snoop Part 2!
    • The Big Snoop!
    • Rumor Mill Part 2!
    • Rumor Mill!
    Wambus Digs Deeper
    • Harvest Time!
    • Undergrowth!
    • Soiled!
    • Daily Fiber!
    • Soiled!
    • Roots and Fruits!

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