Feeding Frenzy Achievement

  • Feeding Frenzy



    Fully transform every Grumpus.

    It takes 14 Bugsnax to fully transform a Grumpus. Each time you feed them a Bugsnax a different bodypart transforms. The body parts are: right foot, right leg, left foot, left leg, right hand, right arm, left hand, left arm, right horn, left horn, nose, teeth, head, and finally, body. The achievement does not require you to transform Eggabell even though you do get the option to.

    The Grumpus you will need to transform are:
    • Filbo Fiddlepie
    • Wambus Troubleham
    • Beffica Winklesnoot
    • Gramble Gigglefunny
    • Wiggle Wigglebottom
    • Triffany Lottablog
    • Cromdo Face
    • Chandlo Funkbun
    • Snorpy Fizzlebean
    • Floofty Fizzlebean
    • Shelda

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