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    Defeat all of the Legendary Bugsnax.

    There are four legendary Bugsnax. They will be unlocked from sidequests at first, but then can be repeated and caught multiple times after that.

    Mama Mewon
    Found in Flavor Falls
    Unlocked through the sidequest Throw Down! from Chandlo.
    Strategy: Mama Mewon hates it when you capture a Wee Mewon. Place your snack trap in front of the statue. Capture a wee mewon. The Mama Mewon will attack the trap and be stunned when it hits the statue. Use the snack grappler to knock the stalagmite into the Mewon. Repeat. There is a second part to the fight where Chandlo will distract the Mewon. You have to time knocking the stalagmite into its head.

    Found in Boiling Bay
    Unlocked through the sidequest Dance with the Dragon! from Wiggle.
    Strategy: The Megamaki will follow a path in a circle occasionally throwing objects at you. You can scan the Megamaki to have the path outline appear. You have to set up the trip wire in the Megamaki's path so it runs into it. Then you have to catch as many minimaki as you can. Repeat until only the Megamaki is left.

    Mothza Supreme
    Found in Sizzlin' Sands
    Unlocked through the sidequest A Slice of Heaven! from Cromdo.
    Strategy: Place the lunchpad in the center area on top of the temple. Wait for the whirlwind to knock out some of the bombino. Pick up the bombino (can be grabbed with snackgrappler) and place them on the lunchpad. Launch them into the Mothza. Run down to where the Mothza is and use the snackgrappler on the side of the statue to damage the bugsnax. Repeat. After 2 times there will be a bunch of tornados. I found it easiest to throw the bombino into the tornado under the Mothza and hope it flies up into him.

    Daddy Cakelegs
    Found in Frosted Peak
    Unlocked through the sidequest Cake Time! from Snorpy.
    Strategy: you have to connect the trip wire to the fire caldron. Use the trip wire to light the candles on the Daddy Cakelegs. You can either shoot it at the candle directly or set up the trip wire so the Cakelegs will run into the wire and light the candle. The first round has 2 candles. After you light both it will disappear and drop a bunch of baby cakelegs. Follow them to the second location and repeat the process. It will disappear again. Follow the baby cakelegs to the third area and repeat.

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