Documentarian Achievement

  • Documentarian



    Watch all of Lizbert's video diaries.

    There are 6 video diaries but only diaries 1-5 are needed for the achievement.
    • DIary 1 - inside Lizbert's hut. Next to the projector.
    • Diary 2 - inside wooden cabinets in Lizbert's hut. Requires key from Beffica
    • Diary 3 - inside chest in bedroom of Lizbert's house. Requires key from Chandlo.
    • Diary 4 - found next to a backpack on the far right side of Sugerpine Woods. Map to location is given by Wiggle.
    • Diary 5 - in a box inside Shelda's house. Requires key from Floofty.
    Diary 0 is given to you by Eggabell once you find her, but you will already have the achievement.

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