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    Transform a Grumpus with Scoopy, Banopper, and Cheery.

    You can find Scoopy, Banopper and Cheery in Frosted Peak. They are not there normally. Instead, you must get a Scoopy Banoopy to explode into the individual Bugsnax.

    To get a Scoopy Banoopy to explode is easy. Wait for it to be near a fire source. Jump in the fire to light yourself on fire and run into it. Wait for the countdown.

    For a Cheery, just put chocolate on a snacktrap to lure it in.

    Banoppers need you to use the trip wire to catch it while it jumps between trees.

    Scoopy is a little harder. It is frosted so you have to put fire on it first. No matter where the Scoopy Banoopy is when it explodes the Scoopy will always walk over to the cave near the zone entrance. The easiest way I found to catch it is to set up a trip wire in between the two fire cauldrons. Then, lure the Scoopy over to the trip wire with chocolate. Once it hits the fire trip wire it will get knocked out and be able to be picked up.

    Go back to Snaxburg and feed all 3 to a Grumpus and get your achievement. The achievement will not unlock on Eggabell.

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