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  • That Reminds Me of A Puzzle



    Solve the secret of the lava cave or the secret of the dunes.

    The lava cave is in Boiling Bay. The secret of the dunes is in Sizzlin' Sands. You only need one but I will describe both puzzles.

    Boiling Bay Lava Cave
    In the back of the cave there are four statues. They each have a different set of horns from 1 to 4. You have to activate each statue in order.

    Sizzlin' Sands dunes
    There are four bombino statues all looking in different directions. You have to active them in the order they are looking at each other. The first one is looking at the second one. The second one is looking at the third one. The third one is looking at the fourth one. The fourth one is looking at the pyramid.

    Once you complete one of the puzzles a secret door in between Boiling Bay and Sizzlin'' Sands opens up.

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