Dapper Capper Achievement

  • Dapper Capper



    Collect 10 hats.

    Once you start transforming Grumpuses you will find that when you transform their head their hat falls off. For me the first one I did was Wambus and then I found his hat in the wild. Once you find the first hat, Gramble will tell you about the Hat Board. It shows a picture of one of the zones. If you go to that zone one of the Bugsnax will be wearing a hat. Unfortuantely it does not tell you which Bugsnax has the hat so you have to look around. Once you catch the Bugsnax with the hat, the hat is unlocked.

    Travel back to Snaxburg to get a new location. There are more than 10 hats but the achievement unlocks with the tenth one.

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