Endless mode: 20 level Achievement

  • Endless mode: 20 level



    You have completed level 20 endless mode

    Endless mode is exactly what is sounds like: wave after wave (called levels, even though the mode takes place in one continuous fashion) of enemies comes at your from the top of the screen and you need to survive as long as possible. It plays essentially the same way as Campaign mode, so if you've already completed the campaign you should have no problems progressing far enough into Endless Mode to reach level 20. Always grab the powerups as they make the game so much easier, but try to focus fire on the bigger enemies and bosses to get rid of them as fast as possible to finish the level, rather than waste time on the smaller enemies.

    If you prefer a video reference for whatever reason, the video guide in Level 8-3 (50G) shows an abbreviated run of Endless Mode (after Campaign mode) to show what to expect and how easy it is to progress far enough for this achievement.

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