- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 45 [895]
- Online: 5 [105]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20-30 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Campaign and 1 Echo [14+ individual levels]
- Number of missable achievements: None [Level select]
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes [Campaign should be played on Very Hard]
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: No

  • DLC: Gun Sonata
    • Difficulty: 3/10
    • Time to 125: 1-2 hours
    • Unobtainable: No
  • DLC: Blood Symphony
    • Difficulty: 3/10
    • Time to 125: 3-4 hours
    • Unobtainable: No

Step 1 - Campaign:
Your first and easiest step is to complete the campaign on the hardest difficulty you are comfortable with. I personally recommend “Very Hard”, as this difficulty isn’t actually too bad and comparable to medium or hard in other similar games. This will allow you to gain the most achievements possible, in the shortest time. This will also allow you to get all the campaign specific skillshots (for beating bosses), while still working on other easier ones. Also remember to collect the Electroflies and Newsbots for 4 additional achievements. The complete campaign should only take you around 7-10 hours and will net you between 535 and 705, on “Very Hard”.

When playing campaign, this is the order of achievement opportunities:

  • Pointless
  • Fits Like a Glove*
  • Patched Up*
  • All Bow To Heavy Metal*
  • Straight Edge
  • Space Pirate
  • Disco Inferno
  • Size Matters*
  • Damsel in Distress*
  • Insecticide (11 of 21 Electroflies)
  • Destroyer of Worlds
  • Major Malfunction (14 of 28 Newsbots)
  • Om Nom Nom
  • Chop-Chopper
  • Weed Killer*
  • No Man Left Behind
  • Minced Meat*
  • Red Barrels
  • Grilled Meat*
  • Armed and Dangerous*
  • Pest Control (All Electroflies)
  • I Might Be Late
  • Stowaway*
  • Total Malfunction (All Newsbots)
  • One More Thing
  • Completion of game achievements*

* - Story Related (Cannot miss)

Step 2 - Echo Mode:
Echo mode is a “time trial” like mode where you will run through levels in a race against the clock, trying to earn as many points as possible. You cannot run out of time, but finishing fast will net you many extra points. You will be trying to finish the entire mode with 3 stars on the first 14 levels, with a large amount of total points, netting you almost all of the related achievements. Make sure you also get 25 unique skillshots in one level to unlock “Guerrilla Tactics”, and also get "Old School". I also recommend doing “Master of Disaster” in echo modes, as it is easiest.

This mode will net you 190 in about 3-5 hours, depending on skill.

Step 3 - Anarchy Mode:
In this mode, you and your teammates will battle a finite number of enemies that will come in waves. The idea is to get to rank 65, as this will take far longer than any of the other anarchy specific achievements. Make sure to do all the environmental skillshots, and complete 200 team challenges, on the way to level 65.

This mode will net you 105 in about 9-15 hours, depending on teamwork and skill.

Step 4 - Skillshots and Clean-up:
By this point you should have many of the achievements, and your last step is to earn all 131 skillshots and clean-up any other achievements you might not have gotten along the way. You can revisit specific chapters of the game if you missed them during your campaign playthrough. Also, remember that skillshots are game-wide and do not reset. Electroflies and Newsbots will also not reset if you play the campaign again.

When done with this step, you will have earned all 1000 in about 30 hours.

Useful Links:

[x360a would like to thank Maka for this Road Map]

Bulletstorm Achievement Guide

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Show secret achievements

There are 60 achievements with a total of 1250 points

  • Tidy up the back yard

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Act 4 Chapter 2

    You'll get this after beating the boss, which is a giant plant monster. Just shoot it until it lets you shoot the red areas. It takes a lot of bullets, so buy ammo, charges, and the Flailgun to make it a lot easier.

    Boss Fight

    There are a few things you'll need to know before you head into the battle. There are a few phases to this fight, so I'll be laying them all out so you know what is next in each one and on how to deal with it. The Atrium where you fight, allows you to use unlimited slide, so use this to dodge the H-MF's attacks and get to better positions faster.

    Around the outskirts of the Atrium are ammo boxes, so pick them up when you run low, though you can't actually run out of ammo during this fight! When you're sliding, make sure you don't get to close to H-MF as he does move around and also try and reload while sliding too!

    Use the PMC and PMC only. If you have charged shots then feel free to give them a go. If you do swap to another weapon the Screamer is the next best weapon to use. Also the H-MF health bar is in red at the top of the screen. When the H-MF goes into regenerate mode and you start to shoot the red membranes/tentacles, if you look under it's health you'll see multiple blocks. These represent how many of the membranes/tentacles you need to kill. Once you've destroyed one, a bar will fade out from the bright red!

    Phase 1:
    Pretty simply start. The H-MF main attack is to use its branches out of the ground. Just keep sliding about and these shouldn't hit you, but watch out, one hit from these on Very Hard difficulty is a one-hit kill. The H-MF starts out on ground level and has multiple green/yellow spores around its belly area. Your objective to start is to shoot these out.

    Concentrate on one until it bursts then move to the next one. When all are popped, the H-MF will thrash about then a sudden cyclone of pollen will burst throughout the Atrium. While this is happening you'll notice that on the H-MF some red membranes have popped up where the spores were. You'll need to destroy these, so either shoot or Leash them, but Leashing them is faster! When you see these membranes this is the H-MF's attempts to regenerate, so destroy them fast as once one is destroyed it can't grow back!

    Keep sliding around the Atrium destroying these but if you miss one the H-MF will regenerate the spores and you'll have to destroy them all again to get the last membranes to pop back up.

    Quick Phase 1 Kill - Do the above if you want to play fair, but there's a much quicker way to do this. Make sure you have loads of PMC charged shots and then when fighting the H-MF on the first phase, charge one up and shoot its neck/head. You'll take well over half its health off in one go, saving loads of time instead of sliding around shooting the spores.

    Phase 2:
    Once you've destroyed all the red membranes the H-MF will suspend itself from the roof of the Atrium and will now attack with its mouth. Keep sliding away so you don't get grabbed but if you do, spam the  until the bar reaches the top and you'll be set free.

    Just keep shooting the H-MF in the mouth and around the body but watch out for when it drops a big bunch of spores. Try and maneuver between them so you don't get hit. Once you've dealt enough damage again, it'll drop from the roof and start to regenerate again. This time hit the red tentacle/worm like things that are in the same place as the red membranes. You can shoot or Leash these, again Leashing is faster. Again like Phase 1, if you don't manage to kill them all the H-MF will go back up to the roof for another round.

    Phase 3:
    Once all the red tentacles are down the H-MF will once again turn to the roof and start pumping blood to its heart. You'll notice its neck turn red and this is your new target. Just keep sliding from its lunge attacks and get in shots where and when you can.

    You can also Leash the neck for some major damage but it is quite hard with it attacking you. Once its health reaches 0, you'll unlock the achievement.

  • Take out the Mall's biggest customer

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Act 5 Chapter 2

    After fighting several enemies by a crashed helicopter, a big enemy will come over the railing and attack you. Run to the helicopter blades, stand right in front of them and face the enemy. As it winds up for the swing, just move to the side and he will kill himself in the blades. You don't have to fire a single bullet.

    Also note: This achievement can be obtained on the echo mission "The Mall" as well.

  • Prepare a big meal using an improvised electric stove

    Story related, can't be missed

    Act 6 Chapter 3

    You will be fighting another of the really big enemies and there is some dangerous electrical wiring behind him. If you have a good amount of charged shots you can just keep shooting him with them and kicking him into those wires. Eventually you will be directed to press above the wires to finish it off.

  • Use your biggest weapon

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Act 2 Chapter 2

    You will get this just moments before the new act.

  • Rescue the princess

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Act 3 Chapter 2

    After finding Trishka, you will get this achievement.


  • Cause major destruction

    Act 4 Chapter 1

    At a point in the level, there will be a road block. Trishka will give you 15 seconds to figure it out before she does it herself. From this point, turn around and you will see a hanging advertising globe. Shoot it until it falls and creates a path. You can reload your checkpoint if you don't do it in time.

  • Kill all enemies without leaving the dance floor in the city outskirts

    Act 2 Chapter 1

    Inside the bar area there is a stage where you will fight a mini-boss. Afterward, you will fight more enemies (roughly 5 or so). Do not leave the stage. Stay there and fight them off. If you go too far down the steps you will have to reload your checkpoint. If the big door opens and you did not get the achievement, just reload. It's easiest to stick behind the glowing cylinder sign and use your leash to electrocute the enemies.

    Also note: This achievement can be revisited from chapter select, or earned in the echo mission "The Club". By loading "The Club" echo, you can get to this achievement opportunity within 30 seconds.

  • Kill the enemy inside the airborne helicopter in the park

    Act 4 Chapter 2

    There will be a helicopter that comes to attack you. Learn where it comes from and reload your checkpoint as needed until you get this achievement. It's best to shoot it as it's flying by the first time The enemy you need to kill is actually on the side turret. There is a Drop Kit at the start of this checkpoint, so make sure you have your sniper and a charge for it. Even if you miss, as long as the explosion knocks the enemy out of the helicopter you will get the achievement.

    Also note: This achievement can be obtained on the echo mission "The Park" instead of having to replay the whole chapter if you miss it.

  • Explode all the red barrels on the rooftop while in a helicopter

    Act 5 Chapter 3

    This will be at the very end of the act and you will be in a helicopter on a gun. There are red barrels spread around the rooftops and you will need to shoot all of them. It's best to just play this on the easiest difficulty in chapter select, focusing mostly on the barrels as much as you can. Trying on the harder difficulties may cause a lot of frustration.

  • Grow as a person, experience betrayal. Again.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Act 6 Chapter 3

    After dealing with the bomb near the end of the chapter, you will get this.


  • Catch a ride

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Act 7 Chapter 2

    Right when the chapter starts, you will get the achievement.


  • Execute at least 10 Headshots before you find the first DropKit

    During the Prologue and before accessing your first Dropkit in Act 1, Chapter 1, you'll need to kill a total of 10 enemies with a Headshot.

    The best tactic is to let the enemy run at you and stay still! Aim down your sight, aim for the head and take your shots. Another tactic is to kick/slide the enemy to slow them down, giving you more time to aim down the sight and get an easier Headshot as the target isn't moving! If the achievement hasn't unlocked by the time you have to Leash the first Dropkit outside of a closed gate then you'll need to start the Act/Chapter again.

    Headshot kills also count during the fight in the office and when you're on the ship looking for Ishi's power cell. So you have plenty of opportunities to get this!

  • Big head, big headache

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Act 1 Chapter 3

    This will be at the end in Act 1 Chapter 3 after escaping.

  • Complete the Campaign on Very Hard Difficulty

    All difficulty achievements stack, so completing the game on Very Hard will net you the achievement for Hard, Normal and Easy/Very Easy.

    Very Hard difficulty isn't actually all that hard but obviously it isn't going to be a walk in the park like Very Easy! Below are a few tips to take into consideration:

    • If you can use cover like a wall or pillar, use it. There's no point standing out in the open getting hit, when you can pop out, shoot and take cover.
    • Your health regenerates at the same normal rate as the lower difficulties, so don't be too scared if you start getting hit. Just take cover and let it recover.
    • Using quick and cheap Skillshots will come very helpful. A kick then another into spikes is a quick and easy way for a kill and saves ammo. Same for letting enemies fall to their death.
    • Upgrades cost more this time around. So coming back to the point above, if you can get Skill shots that don't mean you have to fire your weapon, then do them!
    • Don't rush in. If you don't know the level layout ahead or what's coming, then don't just go in guns blazing as you'll be more likely to die and be using up much needed ammo!
    • Quick Kills! Don't waste ammo shooting at the stomach or chest of the enemies, it'll only take longer to kill them! Shoot for the head/throat etc for a quicker kill!
    • Use those multi kill Skillshots. Why take one enemy out at a time when you can use your Thumper to get multiple kills in one.
    • Use the objects around you. If you see a Venus man-eater, don't waste ammo; kick, slide or Leash the enemy into it. The same goes for Hotdog carts or even a barrel. Don't take them out one by one when a barrel can net you 5 in one explosion!

    If by any chance you're struggling on any of the Chapters go HERE for a complete walkthrough of each Act and Chapter thanks to TheSeraphim17.


  • Destroy 50% of the Newsbots in the Single Player Campaign


    You'll need to destroy 14 Newsbots to gain this achievement. You should unlock this in Act 4, Chapter 2.

    Please refer to "Total Malfunction" for more details.


  • Destroy all Newsbots in the Single Player Campaign

    Newsbots are scattered throughout the whole Single Player Campaign and you should unlock the achievement in Act 7, Chapter 1. Simply kick or shoot them to destroy one. I suggest you kick them to save ammo. Kicking will get you hurt but your health will regenerate, so if there are enemies around leave it until last!

    You'll need to destroy a total of 28 Newsbots and for a full list of their locations please go HERE.

  • Complete the Campaign on Very Easy or Easy Difficulty

    Completing the game on Very Easy or Easy will net you this achievement. The game is a walk in the park on these difficulties, so you shouldn't have any problems!

    Refer to "Violent Melody" for more details.


  • Complete the Campaign on Normal Difficulty

    All difficulty achievements stack, so completing the game on Normal will also net you the achievement for Easy/Very Easy.

    Again, like the Easy difficulties, Normal isn't that bad. It's the standard default setting so it's there to make the game enjoyable but don't take it lightly.


  • Complete the Campaign on Hard Difficulty

    All difficulty achievements stack, so completing the game on Hard will net you the achievement for Normal and Easy/Very Easy.


  • Destroy at least 20 bottles of Nom Juice in the Single Player Campaign

    There are bottles you will find throughout the game. Shoot them and you will see how many you have destroyed. They give you 200 skill points for each bottle shot.

    See "Space Pirate" for more information.

  • Meet your new best friend

    Story related, can't be missed.

    You will get this near the end of the first chapter after obtaining the leash.


  • Receive a software update for your leash

    You will get this upon stumbling on your first drop kit and using it.


  • Destroy 50% of the Electroflies in the Single Player Campaign

    You'll need to destroy a total of 11 Electroflies to gain this achievement. You should unlock this in Act 4, Chapter 1.

    Please refer to "Pest Control" for more details.


  • Destroy all Electroflies in the Single Player Campaign

    Electroflies are scattered throughout the whole Single Player Campaign and you should unlock the achievement in Act 7, Chapter 1.

    To kill the swarm you'll need to shoot and kill all the flies. So just aim and take a shot at all of them. This can be a bit tricky as some fly around fast, but all will slow down for a second or two at some point so use that as an advantage to get a quick kill. Once all are down, the counter in the top corner will pop up telling you you've killed another swarm.

    You'll need to destroy a total of 21 swarms and for a full list on their locations please go HERE.


  • Drink at least 20 bottles of Nom Juice in the Single Player Campaign

    You will find these bottles throughout the game. Press  on them to drink them. You will get 50 skill points for doing so. See below for an easy way to get both this achievement and "Straight Edge".

    Act 2 Chapter 1 - you will come to a bar area (with disco stage). When you first enter you will see 2 bottles on your right. Drink/shoot them and keep reloading your checkpoint until you have unlocked both achievements. There are another 2 bottles on the left side on some tables if you want to do 4 at a time. You can do this at any time on any bottles. Since you get more points for shooting them, after you have obtained both achievements always pick to destroy them.

  • Finish an Echo round without executing a single Skillshot

    The easiest method is to load the echo mission "Downtown" and sprint through the map from start to finish.

    An alternate method is as follows: Load up the Echoes Mode and choose a level you feel comfortable with. Obviously there are certain ones you don't want to do as they have more hazards around.

    A few maps are good for this achievement. Use either the Desert, Downtown or Collapsed Building maps. All are simple levels and you can just run through some of them without having to kill one person. I recommend you only use 2 guns – PMC and Flailgun. With the PMC, just aim for the chest/legs and nothing else. The kills may take a little longer but you won't get any Skillshots.

    For the Flailgun, just make sure you shoot it at chest and legs of the enemy again. Anywhere on the head or neck will earn you a Skillshot which you don't want. You'll also want to make sure you don't explode it when multiply enemies are around, as again you'll earn a few Skillshots.

    Feel free to use you Leash or kick but make sure there's not spikes behind or ahead of you!

  • Get at least 15,000 points in one Echo round

    The best and easiest map, hands down, to do this on is Collapsed Building. This is mainly due to the lift part and big wave of enemies it brings. Here alone you can rack up a big score which will boost you close to the 15,000 mark.

    A couple of practice runs may be in order just to learn the map's layout and enemy spawns. Make sure you get multiple kills and Skillshots all in one. Killing a single enemy with a single Skillshot will get you nowhere fast!

    The best guns to use are the PMC for head, throat, nuts and bum shots. The Flailgun for multiple kills with an explosion and finally the Screamer as it has a good area effect charged shot!

    If you haven't reached it after the lift section swap you weapons over at the Dropkit up ahead and start on some new Skillshots. Remember to also use your Leash and kick for those General Skillshots to!

  • Get 3 Stars on 10 different Echoes

    Please refer to "Supernova" for more details.

  • Have a total of at least 75,000 points in Echoes Mode's total high score

    Please refer to "Hoarder" for more details.


  • Execute at least 25 different Skillshots in one Echo round

    Again, this can be done on many of the Echo maps. Yet some of those have more ways than one to get a Skillshot kill.

    Again, the best level to try this on is Collapsed Building. Just take it slow and mix it up and when you come to the Dropkit swap your weapons about so you can obtain different weapon Skillshots!

  • Get at least 21 stars in Echoes Mode

    Please refer to "Supernova" for more details.


  • Complete 200 team challenges in your career in Anarchy mode

    When playing Anarchy and fighting through a wave, you'll notice that some enemies that spawn will have Green Text above their head and a Blue Glow. When you see this, it means its a Team Challenge and the enemy requires a certain Skillshot death by you and your teammates.

    Each one is worth 2,000 SP, so make sure look out for them! Its best to leave said enemy until the rest of the wave is clear and your team can concentrate on him and only him to make sure the Skillshot is pulled off successfully! The last enemy in a wave is normally a Team Challenge, so look out for them near the end of a wave spawn.

    If you or your teammates don't know how to do the Team Challenge, press back to go to the Skillshot screen and have a look at the explanation or a little side message will pop up on screen with the much needed info.

    For a full list of all the Team Challenges you'll come across please go HERE.

  • Achieve level 65 in Anarchy mode

    This is the long haul achievement. Getting to level 65 in Anarchy mode will take some time but with a good team it can go a lot faster.

    Some good tactics are to get a good team together and find a map you're all good at and comfortable with. Learn the map and its routes and where enemies spawn and go to town. Hours doing this you can learn a map hands down and make the process of completing it go faster, meaning you'll be getting to that much needed rank of 65 in no time!

    Also make sure you get those multiple kills/Skillshots and as many Team Challenges as you can! These are the things that'll give you that extra boost of XP!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: There is something known as the "SP bar glitch", where your SP bar progress will begin in the negative region of the progress bar. This is a PURELY graphical glitch, and will NOT affect your leveling or Final Echo progress.

    For a full Rank Leveling-Up table please go HERE.

    Team Boosting Method

    Start up the map Junkyard. You're going to want to do this with a buddy.

    Basically, you and your friend will stand on opposite sides of the Man Crush. One guy will Leash pull (or kick or slide) an enemy, and the other will Leash pull him through the Man Crush. This will earn you bonus points for working together.

    After the first round, upgrade your Leash at least once. I usually would upgrade my Leash once, PMC power once, and defense once. After the second round, upgrade your Leash again. This will make it recharge much faster.

    Continue on this way, upgrading your personal stats, Leash, PMC, and Thumper. After about 5 or 6 rounds, you're both going to buy the Flailgun. When you fire a Flail at an enemy, they will get wrapped up and eventually explode. Basically, you'll Flail an enemy, and before he can explode your teammate will Leash pull him through the Man Crush. This will net each player an additional 100 point Sadistic bonus (trust me, every little bit helps). The Flailgun is also very effective against the Snipers who dodge your Leash and kicks.

    You are also going to want to complete as many Team Challenges as possible, as each person gets 500 points for a successfully completed team challenge. Enemies will glow blue when a Team Challenge can be performed on them as well as the text above their head. If you don't know how to do the specific challenge, you can hit the back button and an explanation will pop up. I found it helpful to clear out other enemies before attempting challenges.

    Bosses are another good opportunity for points. If you and your teammate both kill a boss by shooting it then you will get bonus points for that as well and the bonus points for a boss team kill. You can also make things much easier on yourself by using your Thumper on bosses. It comes in handy later on when the bosses are surrounded by groups of smaller enemies. If you do use the Thumper and small enemies go flying, your teammate can shoot them out of the air for bonus Trap Shooting points.

    Even with all these points, this achievement will still take quite a bit of time and it feels like a grind after a while. But this is the fastest method I have found by a long shot. Good luck!

    Team Boosting Method 2

    You will need to fully upgrade the following

    1. Leash Recharge
    2. Defense
    3. Everything PMC
    4. Flailgun Ammo Capacity & Speed
    5. Personal Speed & Thumper

    This method allows a team of two to reach 50,000 or the Anarchy Master achievement. Challenges and Double Penetration on bosses are still key.

    Normal team kills through the Tornado and Flail gun will net you - Sadist (each) Not in Kansas (each). Boss fights you will get the team - Bossed (300 each) and Double Penetration (150 each) or Whiplash (300 each).

    For the method you will receive 525 SP per person or 1050 SP for the pair per kill and will get a main four Skillshots (Yoinked, Sadist, Not in Kansas & Shocked)

    The main thing you need to do here is similar to the Junkyard method. One person needs to be at the top (Tornado level) and the other one down on the ground at the base of the Tornado. The enemies should start running to the guy on the higher ground. Now all you need to do is Flail the enemy first. Then kick or slide them in the general direction of the Tornado. Your teammate on the lower ground, should then Leash him through the Tornado picking up all the Skillshots mentioned above. Simply repeat this process until you reach the end of all the waves.

    Solo Boosting Method

    Set up a Private match & Load up Grand Central. Now play through to Wave 4 and do not complete it. While going through Waves 1-3 buy the Penetrator and upgrade its capacity once and upgrade your Personal Speed once. When you get to Wave 4 you'll be facing off against melee enemies only. You should have a total of 6 enemies in total before you start killing. Sometimes one/two maybe a gunner or one maybe a Flailgunner.

    When the round starts and all the enemies have spawned, make sure you're on the left side of the map near the rotating doors. Once all the enemies are following you run forwards toward the monorail, up the stairs and around the corner a bit. Wait until all of them are up there with you and then quickly run back past them, slide down the stairs and back into the corner you came from.

    Hopefully as the enemies chase after you, they'll line up in a nice row! Have your Penetrator ready, aim down the sight and take them all out in one hit! Keep doing this until you have one guy left and let him kill you! Once you've died, just restart the Wave - Rinse and repeat. All of the SP you gain is saved and added up and to see your score just press start and check the scoreboard.

    You should be getting at least 10,000-13,000 SP per completed Wave and remember to use Blood Symphony for extra points! Also, when killing the lined up enemies, try and get Root Canal as well as Shishkebab. You should be getting around 200,000 Sp per hour with this method!

  • Perform every Anarchy environmental Skillshot

    In each of the six Anarchy maps there are a certain amount of specific Skillshots to earn. Getting these will get you and your team an added bonus and that bit closer to the achievement.

    Here's a full list of all the Environmental Skillshots in each Anarchy map:

    Dead Rock

    • Nom Nom Nom: Use the dinosaur skull to kill an enemy – 150 SP
    • Not in Kansas: Use the tornado to kill an enemy – 150 SP

    Grand Central

    • Flattery: Use the elevators to kill an enemy – 150 SP
    • Make a Wish: Use the fountain to kill an enemy – 150 SP
    • Meatspin:Use the revolving doors to kill an enemy – 150 SP
    • Midnight Express: Use the monorail to kill an enemy – 150 SP


    • Fish Chow: Use the waterfall to kill an enemy – 150 SP
    • Man Crush: Use the crusher to kill an enemy – 150 SP

    Power Plant

    • Ground Chuck: Use the grinder to kill an enemy – 150 SP


    • Blood Bath: Use the juicer to kill an enemy – 150 SP

    Water Work

    • Blood Fountain: Use the river to kill an enemy – 150 SP
    • Royal Flush: Use the tubes to kill an enemy – 150 SP

  • Have a total of at least 150,000 points in Echoes Mode's total high score

    As you play through the Echo maps you'll be accumulating a top score for each one. It's these scores that you need to add up that'll make your overall total!

    So once you've made it through all Echo maps, look at your total scores for each, add them up and see where you're at with your total score! If it doesn't reach the target of 150,000 then go back into some of the maps and try and beat your current score.

    To view you current total point in Echo, select the "Score" option at the top of the level select screen, and allow the leaderboards to load your total score. (No adding required). Also, if you have used the online pass that comes with new copies of bulletstorm, you unlock an extra 6 maps, that count toward this achievement and make it much easier. They are labelled with a "+" before their name.

    If you aim for 3 Stars on each map you shouldn't have any problems obtaining this overall score when you get to the last map if not a little sooner!


  • Defeat a miniboss in Anarchy mode

    While playing through any of the Anarchy maps you'll come across a mini-boss or two. They'll normally spawn around the wave 5 mark and then randomly from there after! To kill a mini-boss you'll first have to remove their helmet. So just keep shooting them until they get stunned and go down to one knee.

    Once this happens their helmet and bum will be highlighted blue. When this happens simply Leash his helmet off to make him vulnerable. Once all this is done you can simply kill him via a headshot or stun him again then Leash his head off for the 'Whiplash' Skillshot! When his bum is highlighted, you can also kick him. Then start shooting his vulnerable bum for the 'Fire in the Hole' Skillshot, but this one takes a few stuns to finally kill him.

    Just make sure you deal the final blow that kills him and the achievement will unlock! If you don't deal the final shot that kills him but your teammate does, you won't get the achievement. So communicate with them as they spawn. If again you don't get the final blow, you'll just have to wait until the next one spawns which shouldn't be far away!


  • Achieve a score of at least 50,000 as a team in Anarchy mode

    This is all about getting those team Skillshots and Team Challenges. This is best done with another 3 friends who know what they're doing, so more points are coming in faster. You'll then need to work your way up to the higher waves so more enemies spawn, meaning there's more points to be earned.

    First find a map you're all comfortable with and then load it up. Make your way to at least wave 18-20 and prepare to get the best possible scores with little to no mistakes. You'll be aiming to hit 12,000 points each to at least reach near the 50,000 point mark. The main priority here is to work as a team.

    Never go off by yourself and solo a bunch of enemies. You'll get no points and waste much needed time where you could be helping others. Communicate between everyone in the party and maybe pair up in some cases. Work out what's around you and what you can achieve but don't take too long as you may miss some good opportunities.

    If you find yourself riding solo for a second or 2 and some enemies are onto you, don't be shooting their chests as you'll only get 10 points when they die! Try and get a multiple Skillshot so at least you know you added a little something to the team! Either way, work as a team and this shouldn't prove too difficult!

    Boosting Method

    You will need to fully upgrade the following:

    1. Leash Recharge
    2. Defense
    3. Everything PMC
    4. Flailgun Ammo Capacity & Speed
    5. Personal Speed & Thumper

    This method allows a team of two to reach 50,000 or the Anarchy Master achievement. Challenges and Double Penetration on bosses are still key.

    Normal team kills through the Tornado and Flail gun will net you - Sadist (each) Not in Kansas (each). Boss fights you will get the team - Bossed (300 each) and Double Penetration (150 each) or Whiplash (300 each).

    For the method you will receive 525 SP per person or 1050 SP for the pair per kill and will get a main four Skillshots (Yoinked, Sadist, Not in Kansas & Shocked)

    The main thing you need to do here is similar to the Junkyard method. One per needs to be at the top (Tornado level) and the other one down on the ground at the base of the Tornado. The enemies should start running to the guy on the higher ground. Now all you need to do is Flail the enemy first. Then kick or slide them in the general direction of the Tornado. Your teammate on the lower ground, should then Leash him through the Tornado picking up all the Skillshots mentioned above. Simply repeat this process until you reach the end of all the waves.

    If you do not reach 50,000 SP by the end of Wave 20 you can grind out the achievement with the last Team Challenge. Let the last enemy kill your partner, then when he's downed, run over to him and revive him. You get 50 SP per revive, so this may take some time but it saves doing the whole wave again.

  • Get 3 stars on each of the first 14 Echoes

    First off, not all maps are open to you straight away. Later one's require you to have a certain amount of Stars to unlock them.

    For a full list & guide on each Echo map, please go HERE.

    So, in total you'll need to gain 42 Stars. Some of the levels are pretty easy and some are a little trickier. There's a few things that you'll need to take into consideration if you're going for this:

    • Skillshots. To rack up those high scores you're going to have to chain these like mad. Skillshots equals Points. Points equals Stars!
    • Time limit. Each map has it own time limit to beat. So it's obvious that if you want the best score at the end you'll need to come under par for all of the maps if you want to reach a 3 Star rating!
    • Don't just use one gun, mix it up a bit. Using different guns for different situations can sometime prove to be the best thing and bring out the best scores! Also it means you can mix up the Skillshots.
    • Practice. Start a map up, learn its layout and where the enemies spawn from and when. Then look around you for possible Skillshots and see what happens. It's all about being flawless!
    • Don't forget about your Leash and Thumper!

    Bear in mind, certain maps only let you use certain guns, so do your best with what you're given! Either way, just keep at it and this shouldn't really prove to a major problem!

    A video for each of the 14 Echoes can be found at the bottom of this POST.


  • Feed a flytrap with a Nom parasite

    Act 4 Chapter 2

    In this chapter, you'll come to an inside area after you go up a bunch of steps. The area has a lot of plant life in it, including the flytraps. You'll see the Nom parasites as well, so get behind the first batch and press  to kick one into the flytrap nearby.

  • Perform 10 different Single Player Skillshots

    There are 131 different Single Player Skillshots. You will get this without trying, as the game forces you into certain situations which will grant you various skillshots.

  • Perform 25% of the Single Player Skillshots

    You will get this upon using 32 different skillshots.

    See "Golden Idol" achievement description for more info.

  • Kill all enemies while escaping from the collapsed building

    Act 4 Chapter 3

    At the very end of the level a timer will start to count down from 30 seconds. There are two enemies to your right as you make your way to the button you must press. Kick them and continue on. You will get the achievement upon pressing the button.

  • Kill all enemies during the sprint to the jumpship

    Act 7 Chapter 1

    There will be a timer that starts, giving you 2 minutes to get to the ship. You will have to kill all enemies in between there. There are roughly 15 or so enemies you will have to kill. Make sure you kill the enemies that are running to the jumpship at the end, you cannot let them board. If the two enemies that take off to escape get too far, they will become invincible and impossible to kill. I would suggest using the drill gun and the thumper when needed. The achievement will be awarded about halfway to the ship. If you don't have it by the time the game tells you to leash the hatch, reload your checkpoint and try again.

  • Kill all enemies before you reach the escape capsule

    Act 7 Chapter 2

    The end sequence of the game has you racing another countdown. You must kill all enemies while going through. The best thing to do is just use Thumper to kill everything (holding ). Buy them if you need them. You'll only have to use it 2-3 times if you kill a few of the start enemies. If not, 4-5 will do the trick and make this effortless.

  • Earn 2000 points or more at once

    There's loads of places you can get this and with multiple maps being used and techniques this can happen in a lot of place. I personally think the 2 below in the video by Maka are the best two and easiest spots!

  • Play three different Echoes

    This is a pretty easy achievement, so nothing too stressful! To start you only have 1 Echo map unlocked and that's The Desert. The next two you can unlock are The Hideout and The Club. Both just require 1 Star each. So simply get 1 or more Stars in The Desert and the other 2 will unlock.

    Complete The Desert and then proceed to play and complete the other two and the achievement will unlock after you finish the third one!


  • Get at least 1 star on each of the first 14 Echoes

    Please refer to "Supernova" for more details.


  • Perform 50% of the Single Player Skillshots

    You will get this upon using 66 different skillshots.

    See "Golden Idol" achievement description for more info.


  • Perform 75% of the Single Player Skillshots

    You will get this upon using 99 different skillshots.

    See "Golden Idol" achievement description for more info.


  • Perform every Single Player Skillshot in the game

    You should unlock this achievement in Act 7, Chapters 1-2. You'll need to execute a total of 131 Skillshots to unlock this. There will be new ones to unlock in each new Act and Chapter, so make sure you look out for them and also check your Skillshot Database. Also remember there's the odd secret one!

    For a full list of the Skillshots please go HERE and for a guide on what Skillshots are in what Act, please go HERE.

    To see what Skillshots you've pulled off or still need to obtain, press the  button during play and the Skillshots Database menu will pop up. To see weapon ones, you'll need to make sure you've purchased the weapon to see its allocated Skillshots, yet if you pick the weapon up during play and get some of its Skillshots and then buy the gun, those Skillshots will be checked off. If the Skillshot text and name is up but not ticked don't worry it still counts. This normally happens if you do the Skillshot, it registers but then you die before a new Checkpoint.

    Skillshots are universal throughout Bulletstorm, so if you complete the game and haven't unlock the achievement do not worry, all the one's you've gained up to that point still count! They can also be gathered in the Echo game mode but the separate list in Anarchy mode does not count toward this achievement.

DLC: Gun Sonata

There are 5 achievements with a total of 125 points

  • At the end of Guns of Stygia, kill all the enemies on the walkways before the explosions do

    First thing is I'm not sure where this achievement kicks in. So I'll start from the beginning of where I think it counts from. This map can be found on the third page of the Echoes.

    Near the end of the map you'll grab a rope and slide down. After you've killed the 2 guys that attack you, you'll kick a metal grate which will then start to make the last area explode. Jump over the wall and you'll be confronted by a one guy on the ground, a manned turret and another guy next to him on a walkway.

    Kill those 3 guys how you want but the fastest way is to kick the melee guy into the machine in front of you, then a charged Boneduster shot at the turret. Now look to your right and a metal wall will get kicked in. When the first guy is revealed, shoot the flail gun at him and then explode it. This should kill all the guys around the corner.

    Now head up to the turret and grab it. Look behind you from the turret's position and you'll see a bunch of new enemies running out. Just aim and kill them all as fast as you can but remember to give your turret a second to cool down if it starts to overheat. You may want to aim and shoot the guys on the right hand side first as that's the walkway part that explodes at the start, then head into the middle before the other guys run up the stairs. Hopefully you'll kill them all before the main explosion happens on the big walkway and the achievement should unlock!

  • Kill a Burnout using the helicopter that arrives in Crash Site

    The helicopter is right at the end of the Crash Site Echo. When you finally make it outside you'll be swarmed by a few Burnouts. The helicopter will then come into view but will actually be crash landing to the end zone behind the wall.

    When you enter outside, sprint right down to the bottom before the helicopter. When the helicopter catches up it'll be spinning around in a few circles and will pass above your head then it'll finally crash down below over the wall up ahead. So while it does this, this is where you'll want to get the kill. The Burnouts will spawn in front of you and to your left in the corner, so be prepared.

    When you reach the bottom before the chopper, wait for a few of the Burnouts to spawn then Thumper them all. At this point while they're in the air and the chopper is spinning out, one or more of them should fall prey to its spinning rotors!

  • Kill a Boss using the Hot Dog cart in the Hotel Elysium map

    Head over into Anarchy and load up the Hotel Elysium. First thing you'll need to do is locate the one and only Hotdog Cart on the map. When you spawn, work your way to the 2nd floor and the cart will be next to 2 pairs of stairs close to the lifts.

    Once located, work your way through the waves until the 5th round. This is where the first mini boss will spawn. While making your way through the waves make sure you buy the Flailgun and some defense! You'll need to kill off a few guys first before he spawns but when he does you'll get one chance at this. Where the cart is you'll notice that beside it (behind you if you're facing the lifts) there's a landing type area which then has 4 directions going away from it. This is where you'll want to get mini boss. You'll either want to lure him from either the right or left side of this area but not from the behind the cart or the stairs in front. This is because he'll be facing the cart and more likely to hit it with his bullets.

    Now when he's in the right position (mainly the center of the area) use the Flailgun to stun him. When he stunned, run over to the cart and kick it toward him. It may take two kicks to actually hit him but he'll be stunned for a bit. Once the cart hits him and explodes, thus killing him, the achievement will unlock!

    Note: If you use the leash to explode the cart and the boss dies from the explosion, the achievement will not unlock.

    An alternate way to kill him if kicking it is proving difficult is to make sure he's close enough and just shoot it!

  • Kill 5 enemies at the same time using "Dung" in the Villa map

    This map can be found in the Anarchy mode as one of the new maps. Your best bet here is to play through until wave 3/4 when you have more close range enemies. The Bell you need to Leash down and kill the enemies with is right next to you on your left as you start the first wave.

    Simply, run around and gather 5 or more guys and lead them to the bell. Make them gather around you and then look up and Leash the bell to perform the 'Dung' Skillshot. The enemies will obviously be around the bell and not under it, but its the force of it coming out that kills them.


  • In the Sewer map Kill 5 enemies in 1 wave by setting them on fire then extinguishing them

    Load up the Sewer map and head down to the bottom where the flaming pipe and small sewer alcove is opposite of it. To get the flames to really work you'll need to leash either one of the wheels on either side of it first.

    The aim of the achievement is to get the enemies to run through the flames, then you'll need to kick them or Leash them into the gap and into the sewer on the opposite side. For the kill to count as 'setting them on fire then extinguishing them' you'll need to get the two Skillshots - 'Hot Flushes' and 'Fish Food' for it to count.

    With a bit of practice you can get this on the first wave but you'll need to be fast as the enemies die quite fast when they get set alight!

DLC: Blood Symphony

There are 5 achievements with a total of 125 points

  • On Mean Street, kill all the snipers on the rooftop before the DNA bomb explodes

    This is at the very end of the echo Mean Street, play it through until there are multiple enemies on a rooftop above you. It will start counting down and it gives you enough time to kill all the enemies. I used a charged sniper to take them out since they are relatively close together but any gun would work.

  • On Monorail Factory, kill all enemies whilst riding the lift

    For the elevator one, there is four floors with enemies on it. By order (first one you encounter to the last one, there is 2-2-5-1 foes).

    First of all, I used the Flail Gun and the shotgun. Before you activate the elevator and get in, charge both of the guns so it will save you some time. For the first floor, use the charged Flail Gun, then rapidly switch to your shotgun and kill the foes on the 2nd floor. For the third one, just use your Thumper really quick, then use whatever you want to kill the last guy on the last floor.

    Thanks to Dan.Pro for this tip, it works great!

  • In the Rock Quarry map kill an enemy using a Mine Cart, Oven, Fan, Smasher and Lava Cart in one wave


    Fairly easy to be done on the first wave. The Lava Cart is right to your left once the round starts and you can leash it and kick someone into the flowing lava. The Oven is hard to miss as it's in the back of the map, but just kick someone into the huge ass flames when you find it. The fan is actually right next to the oven so give someone a kick and it's done. The Mine Cart is just to the right of the fans, so wait for someone to get in front of the cart and kick it towards them to get the railed skillshot. Last but not least, the Smasher is on the right side of the map, where you'll see two yellowish smashers. Use that and net the achievement.

  • Kill every enemy in a wave using only the Teleportation in the Ulysses map

    Easy cheevo here: there are two teleportation devices in the middle of the map, so simply just kick all the ememies into them and the achievement will pop at the end of the round. Just be careful of kicking them too far and getting the shocker or graffiti skillshots instead. You've been warned.

  • Barber



    Kill an enemy by thumping them into a helicopter in the Mini City map

    Easy enough this one. By round 3 you should have enough points to buy and equip the Thumper and a few extra thumps. Once the third round starts then, buy the Thumper and stay in place until the enemies appear. Notice there is a helicopter that circles around the middle of the map. Simply wait for an enemy to wander into place and thump them into the helicopter. Easy stuff.

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