Stage 1 Cleared. Achievement

  • Stage 1 Cleared.



    Unlock by beating stage 1 in any difficulty mode.

    The first stage will be your best friend. It is where you’ll train to quickly access your magic powers. It’s where you’ll gain the achievements for playing for 15 hours, and all power ups. So your first time through play on normal difficulty and take it slow and memorize where each enemy giest is located.

    There are three as you start, two as you turn the corner, three at the apex of the hill, four in the houses (two on the left, two on the right) two behind the truck at the bottom of the hill, one on the street shooting people, four in the cemetery, two along the street to your left as you pass the cemetery, three in the area with the Walnut Head (one on the right by a explosive barrel and two beneath the Walnut). After killing the Walnut Head turn around and walk straight towards the building in front of you. If you look down to your left you’ll see a yellow barrier, remember this location. Now go to your right and take a left down the first alleyway in between the two buildings. As you exit the alley on your right will be a giest by the stop sign (he’ll be shooting humans), and on your left one will be on the second floor balcony shoot him then shoot the Walnut Head in front of you.

    Now go back into the alley to shoot another waiting giest then back down the next alleyway on your right where there is another giest waiting. Once you exit you’ll see two giests below a Walnut Head. Shoot the one with the rocket launcher first (the one on the left) then take out the second and then the Walnut Head.

    Now DO NOT proceed down the street to face the Tank instead go back into the alley area where you faced the first Walnut Head and go straight where you saw the yellow barrier before. You’ll come out behind the Tank. It’s much easier to use your Lightening attack from this position. In the future you’ll have the Rifle Gun Rod and you’ll want to come here where you cannot be shot by the Tank and light it up from here, but for now quickly use your Lightening attack then kill the two giests by the Tank. Then exit the alley and look to your left, blow up the truck to take out the four guards behind it. Be sure they are all dead.

    Up ahead will be two more giest behind cops cars. Shoot the cars to blow them up killing the giests and make sure they're dead. If you're new to this game and aren’t that good you want to make sure you kill them from afar. This is a checkpoint and you do not want to restart right here with them alive. This is an important lesson to learn now for later on in the game. Especially when playing on harder difficulties.

    After killing these two turn to your left and go halfway down the street to kill the two giests with grenade launchers. Do this from afar do not get to close. Afterwards look straight ahead and you’ll see four more standing by an oil tanker, blow it up to kill them, walking over to make sure they are dead. Now look to your upper left and kill the giest on the balcony, then look to your far right back to the street, there are two more giests one with a grenade launcher kill them both.

    At this time you’ll want to aim for and blow up the car underneath the gas station. Do so and quickly jump back. Later in the game when you have your best friend the Sniper Rifle with you, you can do this (blow up the gas station) and kill all of these enemies mentioned from the cop cars. Just stand atop the ambulance, equip the Sniper Rifle and take them all out. Even on Hell their friends won’t move or run towards you as the giests next to them drops like flies. When doing this (sniping from the ambulance) be sure to take out the two with the rocket launchers first. They are closest to you and will fire at you once in range.

    After destroying the gas station be sure to take out any surviving giests. Now go to the right side of the gas station. There are other enemies and another Tank if you go down the left side of the gas station but you can avoid them for now. You’ll want to go down this path on your next play through to ensure S Rank and maximum points but not now. What awaits you down there is one giest at the end of the road, one on a balcony to your right, three on your left along side another Tank. As I said avoid this needless fighting for now. Instead head to the right side of the gas station making sure all four of the giests that were underneath the gas station are dead. Then jumping along the rubble head to the right. There is a giest with a rocket launcher just around the corner. It’s a lot harder for him to shoot you atop the high rumble so take advantage. There is another guy at the end of the block so quickly kill him then turn your fire onto the yellow Walnut Head. After he is dead you can make your way up the bridge.

    Kill the two guards that are coming down as you approach (much easier once you have the Sniper Rifle). Slowly approach the apex of the road leading to the top of the bridge. Trying to kill as many of the six giests as you can, while staying out of range of the two Tanks. Later when you have your Raven’s Panic you can just unleash them to distract the guards and then rush to the top and quickly use Lightening on the Tank to the left, this will destroy both of them. For now take it slow and once they are dead quickly use Lightening on the Tank on the left. After the Tanks and giests are dead a purple Walnut Head will appear. This is your first of many meetings with car throwing Walnuts. So before you approach make sure your clip is full, take aim and unload. If done quickly enough you’ll kill be before he even gets the cars ready to toss. Once he’s dead the level is over, but three additional giests will come running up the hill. You can ignore them and just run down the bridge and end this level.


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