Stage 3 Cleared. Achievement

  • Stage 3 Cleared.



    Unlock by beating stage 3 in any difficulty mode.

    Hopefully by now you understand the flow of this game. Raven’s Panic to distract, Main Gun with fire to kill when you must, Sniper Rifle to kill enemies from afar, and throwing cars, tankers, rocks, etc at enemies when you can, use the Rifle to blow up Helicopters and Tanks and when all else fails and there is no Walnut Head blocking your way run like hell. The third stage is a great mix of both. Only you don’t have use of Raven’s Panic for 90% of the level.

    At the start of level three what you want to do is run and jump. Quickly run down the stairs, quickly run into the office, quickly run into door way. Quickly run along the train tracks, quickly run up the stairs, do not stop running until you get into a hallway with a check point and a lone human saying “that thing is spitting out souls” There will be several checkpoints along the way and none of these parts are too difficult as long as you keep running and jumping. You can take it slowly using your main gun with fire but it really is pointless sense you’ll do plenty of fighting later.

    Once you get to the checkpoint mentioned above you’ll be joined by several of the human soldiers. First thing you want to do is stand by the door you just entered from and kill anything that comes up. Enemies will come up from behind you and your human friends are no help. So kill the giests that show up and then slowly move around the corner. Once you turn to your right there will be two giests. Use the Main Gun with fire to deal with them. Now equip the Sniper Rifle to deal with the two giests off ahead in front of you. You should see several columns out in front of you. Do not leave from behind the cover of this wall just yet. To your right is a grouping of about 10-12 giests and you do not want to be spotted yet as there is also a sniper on the catwalk. So equip each of your guns and use the Element Shot on all of them. Once this is done equip the Sniper Rifle run out behind the third pillar and stay behind it. Do not do this until you have killed the giests that are on the far left side of this area. Once that is done off to your right you’ll see the grouping of 10-12 giests. They’re busy shooting humans so let them be. Hopefully your human friends are dead by now but if not they make this part difficult by following you and attacking the giests making your presence known.

    First thing to do is take care of the sniper. He is located dead center on the catwalk out in front of you. Look out and up and you’ll see him take him out quickly as if the humans are with you those 10-12 giests are going to be on you quickly. If they're on you quickly get out your Wind Element equipped Shotgun it will blow them all back off of you and knock them all down to the ground. Before they can get up get out your Gatling equipped with the Electricity element and shock them all. Hopefully your human friends had already died off and you can shoot the whole group of them with the Gatling before they rush you, or pick them off one by one with the Sniper Rifle. You can also give this a try before taking out the sniper but you must stay at the center of the pillar or the sniper will take you out.

    Once they are all dead you can move out into the open area. Get your Sniper Rifle ready and take out the three guards on the right and two on the left on the other side of the turngates. They’ll be busy shooting human and are easy pickings. Then you need to equip your Main Gun with fire. There are two soul-spitters on the far left and right of the area beyond the turngates. A full clip with the fire element will kill them quickly. Then reload again to kill the green Walnut Head that pops up. Once he is dead equip each weapon and use element shot on all of them again. Then exit out onto the runway.

    Once on the runway quickly use Raven’s Panic now that you are outdoors. There are three Walnut Heads here and all throw cars and planes at you. So with Raven’s Panic distracting the 7-8 guards that are around each Walnut (in the center, left and right of this area) take out the first group of giests under the center Walnut Head (the one that you can’t attack because the other two are protecting it). Once they are dead make your way to the grouping on the right side of this area, but do so by moving directly across from the protected Walnut Head. This way you come up behind the second Walnut and its troops. Be sure to use Raven’s Panic to distract the giests and unload a full fire clip on the Walnut. Then return to the center Walnut and edge to the left side of this area, and be sure to have a full fire clip ready and a full electric Gatling. Use the fire clip to take out the left side Walnut Head then quickly take out the once protected Walnut Head with the Gatling. No need to worry about the giests underneath the left side Walnut because once you kill the once protected Walnut the stage clears and it’s time for the boss fight.

    To kill this monster you must hit it with Lightening three times. So the moment the stage starts hit him. As he reappears make sure you are at the front of the plane. There will be two or three eyeballs that you can see, quickly shoot them with your Main Gun. Do not reload on your own unless your must. You need to conserve magic here. If you can shoot the couple of eyeballs he releases early this will fill your magic halfway. Then take aim at the two eyeballs that will come straight at you trying to hit you. Once you kill those you’ll have full magic again. Now quickly jump to the end of the plane. You don’t get hit by as many eyeballs if you are moving. If you stand there you will be pelted with eyeballs and on hard/chaos you won’t last long plus it stops you from using Lightening. Now quickly hit the beast with Lightening again. Do not worry about the eyes attacking the plane. Once you hit the beast with Lightening they will all disappear. The third time is the hardest because depending on the time it took you to hit him the first two times he’ll be about to bite the ship. Now you want the Gatling out, but you don’t want to have to reload it so aim carefully. Use it to fill up your magic meter by taking out the eyeballs. Making sure to focus on the ones trying to hit you. Once your magic is full quickly use Lightening on the beast. If you can’t get a shot off with lightening use the Gatling and aim for his mouth. This will stop his destruction of the plane and you’ll be free to use Lightening and end this stage.


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