Stage 4 Cleared. Achievement

  • Stage 4 Cleared.



    Unlock by beating stage 4 in any difficulty mode.

    This is a pretty straight forward stage and you can use Raven’s Panic and just run through the entire stage. As you start the stage slowing approach the top of the hill and with your Main Gun take out the four guys at the top. This will fill your magic meter. Once done you’ll see several enemies behind the fallen tree. You can use Willpower and toss the tree killing them (Hard and Chaos Mode Only, will not kill them on Hell). Once you approach the tree a Helicopter will appear behind you and this is when you should use Raven’s Panic and start running. Continue running and flipping until you reach a tunnel that leads out to a bridge and cut scene. After this you can see three giests off in the distance. There are five groups of three along this bridge again you can equip your Sniper Rifle and take them out one group at a time or use Raven’s Panic and just run.

    After killing the last group one of the huge giests will appear behind you, this time however he has a metal plate covering his heart. You need to shoot the metal plate then his heart to kill him. Or you can just run to the end of the bridge and jump down to your left to a landing below the bridge and shoot the barrels on the bridges supports destroying it and stopping the monsters advance. I prefer to wait until he is in the middle and then blow it up. If you choose to do this be sure to use Raven’s Panic as there are five or six guards in this area. Once the huge giest is dead another cut scene with a helicopter landing will pop up. Again you can use your Sniper Rifle and blow up the barrels on the bridge and take out the eight giests below, making sure you take out the sniper located on the left side of the oil tanker behind a crate. He will be difficult to see if you blow up the tanker and the explosion won’t kill him. Also be sure to take out the two guards in the barns on your left and the two to your far right underneath the tower. They both have grenade launchers.

    Now off to your right you’ll see a path up the mountains again stay and fight if you’d like using your Main Gun with the fire Element Shot or just run. Once to the top you’ll enter a cave. Once you are here quickly use Willpower to fling the giant boulders at the super soldiers that will be charging you. Although you can just run through this cave I find it easier (and fun) to just fling the boulders. The benefit of this approach is you toss the boulders right outside the cave and can use them in the next phase of this stage.

    Once you exit the cave you’ll be rushed by about six giests. Use the boulders to crush them or now that you are outside use Raven’s Panic and run. You’ll eventually make your way to an opening in a steel gate that leads to the boss battle with the Helicopters. The object of this battle is to kill all the giests in the area. Seven helicopters will appear and drop off six to eight soldiers all of whom you must kill. If done quickly you can destroy all the Helicopters before they have a chance to drop off any soldiers. The first Helicopter appears above the rightside of the fenced in area. Be sure to kill the three giests on the left and right sides of the area outside the fenced in area first. The three giests already inside the fenced in area can’t shoot you through the fence so don’t worry about them. Just kill the ones outside the fenced area then focus on the Helicopter.

    You will get your second Great Magic at this point the Tornado. It’s basically useless as on Hard and Chaos the Helicopters don’t seem to be affected much by the winds and all it will do is blow up debris that may land on and kill you. So use the Rifle instead and try and take out the Helicopters. If you are unable to do so quickly switch to your Gatling with electricity and be sure you Main Gun is equipped with fire. Then use Raven’s Panic once the guards reach the ground. This will keep them in a tight grouping. Now use the Gatling and shoot for the enemies on the edges of the grouping. This will electrify and stun all of them but kill the ones on the edges. Once out of bullets quickly switch to the Main Gun which is still equipped with fire and concentrate on the center and fry the bastards. Now exit the fenced in area, and as you do look to your left. This is where the next Helicopter will appear. Using the same technique kill them all again. Now quickly move to the opposite side as another Helicopter is already arrived kill them and quickly return to the opening of the gated area another will appear right above this opening. Once done here another will appear in the same place as the second Helicopter. After dispatching that one quickly make your way back to the opening of the gated area. Now standing at the opening you’ll see two Helicopters approaching. You can try and use your Tornado while standing in the opening and if timed right you’ll blow one Helicopter into the next and end this stage. If not you’ll need to kill the eight or so troops Helicopter one drops off in the gated area and then the other eight that the second Helicopter drops off outside the area and this mission is over.


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