Stage 5 Cleared. Achievement

  • Stage 5 Cleared.



    Unlock by beating stage 5 in any difficulty mode.

    This mission is where you’d better have perfected the Raven’s Panic and running technique. As the mission starts you’ll see your human friends fighting about six giests. The enemies are on the right beside the Helicopter, kill them from afar to fill your magic meter. Now to the far left atop the hill there is a sniper underneath the tree take him out using your Sniper Rifle. Once atop the hill off to your right, but still on the hill are two additional snipers Use Raven’s Panic to distract them and then rush in for the kill.

    Now once atop the hill look off to your left and jump off the hill. You’ll see to your right center a small bridge, using Raven’s Panic run towards that area and cross the bridge. Then continue down the next hill where you’ll see a Tank and soldiers behind a barricade. Using the Raven’s Panic, run, jump and flip your way past them all. Do not stop for a second, unless it’s to use Raven’s Panic again. After you cross the barricade be sure to use Raven’s Panic again if it has run out. Three of the really quick giests will be on you soon and you want to get into the house up ahead and climb the steps. You do not want to die here. Once you climb the steps you’ll be in a cemetery. Again use Raven’s Panic and run to the right past the two giests and then up the incline and straight into the Church. Once in the Church quickly equip your Main Gun with fire. All of the humans in the Church will be turned and you must kill them all.

    Once done exit the Church using the door to your right. Once you exit back into the woods haul ass DO NOT STOP. You do not need to use Raven’s Panic, you can save it for the seven barricades up ahead. It is important that as you exit the Church you run and stay to your far left hugging the tree line. The thick fog and trees hide soul-spitting giests and those huge armored chest giests but you can avoid them all by running along the left side of this area. As far left as you can go.

    Eventually off to your left you’ll see your first barricade with about eight giests. Quickly use Raven’s Panic and start running and flipping over each barricade this is very easy to do especially if your Raven’s Panic is maxed. You’ll eventually reach the end and the cut scene will start to end this level.


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