Stage 6 Cleared. Achievement

  • Stage 6 Cleared.



    Unlock by beating stage 6 in any difficulty mode.

    This level is pretty straight forward and with the Walnut Heads blocking areas you’ll have to stand and do a bit of fighting. The layout is almost identical to the second level when you first met the boss. Only a few minor things have changed.

    At the start take out the Gatling and mow down the guys being dropped by the Helicopter if you can’t destroy the Helicopter using the Rifle. You can also stand right behind the cab and toss it at them as they land. Be sure to heal any of your fallen human troops with your Sacrifice power. Be sure to keep them all alive, especially the one with the rocket launcher. While they don’t do much killing, they do two things very will on this level. They draw enemy fire away from you and the rocket launcher guy actually kills people. So for this reason walk this level slowly and use the Raven’s Panic at all times. When you face the first huge giest with the steel plated chase use the same Main Gun with fire technique to bring him down and switch to the Gatling once his chest is exposed. Be sure to use your Sniper Rifle a lot to take out the giests behind barricades from afar. The main battles from this map should all be familiar from your play through of the second level.

    First thing you want to do is make your way to the area where you first encountered the sniper. Only this time as you approach you’ll get your final Great Magic the Meteor attack that rains down a horde of meteors. This attack is quite useless to be honest but if you’d like give it a try here. It’s a lot easier to follow the same pattern as before using the Sniper Rifle to take our your enemies from afar then rush in with the Main Gun loaded with fire. Now you want to make your way into the courtyard area where you faced the four Walnut Heads before.

    Only this time as your approach a helicopter will start to land. So after you jump over the barricade and enter this area quickly take out the three solider giests on your right and then use your Meteor attack to destroy the Helicopter. Once you use the Meteor attack you might want to run backwards/opposite direction as it will destroy and collapse buildings etc, and will easily kill you as well. Once the fireworks are done be sure to kill any remaining enemies from your current location if you can. There should be one or two remaining to refill you magic because you’ll want to get your Sniper Rifle ready to take out the two super giests way off in the distance at the edge of this area. Once you kill them run out to their location and look back the way you came. Straight ahead but off to your right you’ll see the yellow barrier and your exit. Completely to your right you’ll see the yellow Walnut Head blocking your exit. Ignore him for now and equip your Sniper Rifle to take out the sniper that is behind the rubble just below him. You’ll need to move slowly into the center of this area to get a good shot. Be sure you don’t get to close or the Walnut will start throwing cars and the sniper will take shots at you. You can kill the Walnut Head first using your rifle and then approach using Raven’s Panic to distract the sniper. If you use that approach quickly turn and look towards your exit because once the barrier drops two soldier giests will appear.

    Now it’s time to run. You have five tanks and two huge armored chest giests to fight here. If you go slowly it is doable but can be a pain on the harder modes. So I suggest you use Raven’s Panic and run and jump your way to the end. You first need to get past the six guards and two tanks, then up ahead are two more guards and a huge armored chest giest at the corner, then as you turn the corner there are 12 giests behind two barricades and a tank in the middle, then you turn right and there is another huge armored chest giest behind a barricade protected by another tank and 6-8 solider giests, then around the next corner two more tanks and about 6-8 solider giests. It’s a doable fight as long as you are patient snipe when needed, rifle the Tanks, and Raven’s Panic around each corner. The problem is if you die you must start over at the first two giests followed by the six giests and two tanks. Once you jump your way to the end it’s time for the boss battle and endgame.

    As the battle starts pull out your Main Gun and equip with fire. Unload on the monsters shield. The more damage you do to his shield the quicker it falls. He will spit out a ton of souls at you; this is one of his four attacks. The moment he starts this animation switch to your Gatling and aim for the center of the grouping of souls. Wait for them to clear his shield and unload on them. You should be able to kill them all quickly. You want to get use to killing these things you’ll be doing it a lot. Always aim for the center of the grouping and kill as many as you can. If some do escape try and take them out so you can get back to shooting the beast. If not you’ll want to jump and avoid letting them suck your head off.

    The monsters second attack is where he shoots fire up out the ground. You’ll always see the smoke before the explosion so if you are near the smoke jump away. Continue shooting the beast avoiding the eruptions of fire, and shooting the souls when need. Once the shield is down get the Gatling ready and aim for his head and unleash the entire clip. He will eventually put his shield back up and you repeat the entire process again, and again, and maybe again.

    Eventually you will break his shield and he will fly into the air. At this point only use your Gatling. Aim at the center of his head and unload. He shouldn’t have time to spit out any souls but if he does just aim at them and thank them out. In no time he’ll be down and you’ll be onto phase 3 of this battle.

    He eventually flies off unleashing a horde of souls. Don’t bother trying to shoot them because he just unleashes more. As he lands he will use his third attack, a huge fireball. It’s really easy to avoid this attack, just stand in the middle and then jump to the side to avoid the attack. Now that he has no shield he is easy pickings. You’ll want to switch back and forth between the Gatling and Main Gun. You want to mainly use the Gatling but run with Main Gun. Running with the Gatling is slow going.

    So what you want to do is run behind the monster and shoot him in the back. Only empty one clip into him and then run in front home him. He may stomp the ground if he does just time your jump to be in the air to avoid the vibration of the stomp. Although his back is his weak spot and you do more damage shooting him there, if you stay behind him too long he’ll just fly way, so you want to avoid having to chase him down. So after emptying a Gatling clip into his back run back to face the beast. Then with the Main Gun or rifle equipped aim for his face and while walking backwards away from him empty clip after clip into his face. He will eventually use attack number 4 which is the fire from the snakes. If he does this quickly run behind him and empty a Gatling Gun clip into his back. He can’t fly way while shooting fire. Eventually he will become slouched over and you’ll be told to “fry those snakes” Just keep doing what you’ve been doing avoiding his attacks and blasting his face, snake arms and back when you can and eventually all three snakes will be dead. Then you need to continue shooting him until you are told to finish him. Then you want to distance yourself from him, turn face him and use Meteor. Then turn and run away from the falling debris. You don’t want to die here from your own attack. You can also wait for him to stop moving and hit him with Lightening but don’t miss. After that game over.


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