HELL Difficulty Mode Cleared. Achievement

  • HELL Difficulty Mode Cleared.



    All stages were beat in HELL mode.

    Just end all six missions on Hell difficulty, stage select does not count.
    Hell mode unlocks after ending the game on Chaos.

  • Achievement seems worth it to me. 1g isn't much, but isn't the experience worth it?
  • Did it. Loved it. It seems most people stop at their 999 score on this game unfortunately.
  • That's amazing... Devs giving us the finger right there lol!!
  • ... my god
  • I did this one to.It's annoying but can be done. The last boos takes a good while to kill though.
  • I think I hard far more trouble getting to the last boss than actually beating him. He's easy to kill if you aim for the back and head only.
  • Grabbed this game at a thrift shop. Enjoyed trying to get all these achievements but might have to call it quits at 999.
  • ._.
  • I WILL GET THIS ACHIEVEMENT .... one day :'(

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