- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 14 [1000 ]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 15 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 5
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Number of glitched achievements: None
- Do cheats disable achievements: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes

Welcome to Bulletwitch, the game has a total of 14 achievements that are mostly earned for completing all stages and difficulties apart from two achievements that require game play time and maxing out your stats. All of the achievements fairly simple, but just because they are simple does not mean they are easy. Chaos and Hell mode can be quite challenging, they’re not necessarily difficult, but expect to get frustrated dying in the same spot a few times in a row. Wreckon Dracgon’s guide is very helpful and I’d suggest reading through it to have an idea what to expect before you set out to play the game.

One piece of advice I would give you is to know when to fight and when to run away, there are parts of the game which can take awhile to shoot through yet you can avoid combat by simply running around the edges and using the ravens panic spell, this is best done on stage 5 as the first part of the level is like a huge open battlefield.

Note that none of the achievements can be unlocked by playing in stage select it must be the main game.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Since none of the achievements for completing the game in a certain difficulty stack, it would make sense to just start out on easy, you will get a feel for the game and learn the layouts of each stage and unlock eight achievements along the way.

Now, before you move on to normal mode, following the method in Wreckon Dracgon’s guide below for the "Full Power-Up Completed" achievement. Keep playing the first stage to build up your guns, abilities and magic. Just finish the first level on normal, wait until the game saves and the next level starts, quit the game to the main menu, and select to start a new game and repeat the process. I used this method to max out my guns and spells. I played four stages on normal and the rest on hard it didn’t take me many plays to do.

Now, proceed to playthrough the game on normal. You should now find that by maxing out your guns enemies will go down a lot easier and since you now have all the spells, get used to how they work and when to use them. Along with the achievement for completing the game on normal you should unlock the "Full Power-Up Completed" achievement on this playthrough, if not you will on the next run.

Now you should know the game relatively well and your stats should be at max or nearly there, it’s now time to play through the game on Hard, Chaos and then finally Hell mode, you will unlock the three achievements for doing so.

During your final playthrough on Hell mode you should unlock the "Total Play Time Of 15 Hours" achievement, if not then again using Wreckon Dracgon’s guide, use the rubber band around the controller trick on the first stage.

So now you have 1000 on Bulletwitch and can add it to your 100% list, and if you haven’t already done so check out the game marketplace on Xbox live for a ton of DLC including some rather flattering costume changes for Alicia!

[XBA would like to thank xentaria for this Roadmap]


BulletWitch Achievement Guide

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There are 14 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Unlock by beating stage 1 in any difficulty mode.

    The first stage will be your best friend. It is where you’ll train to quickly access your magic powers. It’s where you’ll gain the achievements for playing for 15 hours, and all power ups. So your first time through play on normal difficulty and take it slow and memorize where each enemy giest is located.

    There are three as you start, two as you turn the corner, three at the apex of the hill, four in the houses (two on the left, two on the right) two behind the truck at the bottom of the hill, one on the street shooting people, four in the cemetery, two along the street to your left as you pass the cemetery, three in the area with the Walnut Head (one on the right by a explosive barrel and two beneath the Walnut). After killing the Walnut Head turn around and walk straight towards the building in front of you. If you look down to your left you’ll see a yellow barrier, remember this location. Now go to your right and take a left down the first alleyway in between the two buildings. As you exit the alley on your right will be a giest by the stop sign (he’ll be shooting humans), and on your left one will be on the second floor balcony shoot him then shoot the Walnut Head in front of you.

    Now go back into the alley to shoot another waiting giest then back down the next alleyway on your right where there is another giest waiting. Once you exit you’ll see two giests below a Walnut Head. Shoot the one with the rocket launcher first (the one on the left) then take out the second and then the Walnut Head.

    Now DO NOT proceed down the street to face the Tank instead go back into the alley area where you faced the first Walnut Head and go straight where you saw the yellow barrier before. You’ll come out behind the Tank. It’s much easier to use your Lightening attack from this position. In the future you’ll have the Rifle Gun Rod and you’ll want to come here where you cannot be shot by the Tank and light it up from here, but for now quickly use your Lightening attack then kill the two giests by the Tank. Then exit the alley and look to your left, blow up the truck to take out the four guards behind it. Be sure they are all dead.

    Up ahead will be two more giest behind cops cars. Shoot the cars to blow them up killing the giests and make sure they're dead. If you're new to this game and aren’t that good you want to make sure you kill them from afar. This is a checkpoint and you do not want to restart right here with them alive. This is an important lesson to learn now for later on in the game. Especially when playing on harder difficulties.

    After killing these two turn to your left and go halfway down the street to kill the two giests with grenade launchers. Do this from afar do not get to close. Afterwards look straight ahead and you’ll see four more standing by an oil tanker, blow it up to kill them, walking over to make sure they are dead. Now look to your upper left and kill the giest on the balcony, then look to your far right back to the street, there are two more giests one with a grenade launcher kill them both.

    At this time you’ll want to aim for and blow up the car underneath the gas station. Do so and quickly jump back. Later in the game when you have your best friend the Sniper Rifle with you, you can do this (blow up the gas station) and kill all of these enemies mentioned from the cop cars. Just stand atop the ambulance, equip the Sniper Rifle and take them all out. Even on Hell their friends won’t move or run towards you as the giests next to them drops like flies. When doing this (sniping from the ambulance) be sure to take out the two with the rocket launchers first. They are closest to you and will fire at you once in range.

    After destroying the gas station be sure to take out any surviving giests. Now go to the right side of the gas station. There are other enemies and another Tank if you go down the left side of the gas station but you can avoid them for now. You’ll want to go down this path on your next play through to ensure S Rank and maximum points but not now. What awaits you down there is one giest at the end of the road, one on a balcony to your right, three on your left along side another Tank. As I said avoid this needless fighting for now. Instead head to the right side of the gas station making sure all four of the giests that were underneath the gas station are dead. Then jumping along the rubble head to the right. There is a giest with a rocket launcher just around the corner. It’s a lot harder for him to shoot you atop the high rumble so take advantage. There is another guy at the end of the block so quickly kill him then turn your fire onto the yellow Walnut Head. After he is dead you can make your way up the bridge.

    Kill the two guards that are coming down as you approach (much easier once you have the Sniper Rifle). Slowly approach the apex of the road leading to the top of the bridge. Trying to kill as many of the six giests as you can, while staying out of range of the two Tanks. Later when you have your Raven’s Panic you can just unleash them to distract the guards and then rush to the top and quickly use Lightening on the Tank to the left, this will destroy both of them. For now take it slow and once they are dead quickly use Lightening on the Tank on the left. After the Tanks and giests are dead a purple Walnut Head will appear. This is your first of many meetings with car throwing Walnuts. So before you approach make sure your clip is full, take aim and unload. If done quickly enough you’ll kill be before he even gets the cars ready to toss. Once he’s dead the level is over, but three additional giests will come running up the hill. You can ignore them and just run down the bridge and end this level.

  • Unlock by beating stage 2 in any difficulty mode.

    Once your weapons are powered-up as described above it’s now time to continue playing the game. Although you should play on easy first to familiarize yourself with the enemies and their locations, what follows is for playing the game on the harder difficulties.

    First lesson you need to learn about playing on Hard and eventually Chaos and Hell modes is that there is a time to fight and a time to just run. I love this game and don’t mind taking it slow and killing everything in sight but for the sake of your sanity sometimes you need to just run. Second lesson you need to learn is know your magic and weapons like the back of your hand. From playing the game over and over on the first stage you should know how to quickly press  to use Raven’s Panic,  to equip your Rifle and give it Sniper ability via the Element Shot. You will not have time to slowly press the buttons when hordes of enemies are around you. 

    As the stage two begins and you start to walk down the bridge you’ll see several giests on your left, fighting humans who are off to your right. Take out a couple of them to fill up your magic meter. Once your magic meter is filled enough to use the Element Shot back away and equip the Rifle, then give it the sniper ability by using the Element Shot. Then use the Sniper Rifle to take out the giests. As long as you are hitting your target your magic will refill giving you unlimited use of your element shot and Sniper Rifle. For the most part this is how you’ll want to start each level. Get enough magic to use the Element Shot and then depending on the enemies either use the Fire Element Shot of the Main Gun, Electricity of the Gatling, or your best friend the Sniper Rifle. After dispatching these enemies a Walnut Head will appear so be ready, quickly equip the Main Gun with the Fire Element Shot. On this game all enemies die quicker with fire. 7-10 direct hits will cause them to catch fire killing them. However the Walnut Heads will still throw cars while on fire so be sure not to stop shooting until they are dead.

    Now once he is out of the way and following the cut scene equip the Sniper Rifle and zoom in to the lower left corner of the screen. There is a building across the street with two soldiers snipe them and proceed. Moving along the building to your left quickly move to the corner of this building, as you approach you’ll hear a Helicopter. Quickly use another helpful ability Willpower to toss the cab onto the three guards that are standing there. You want to be at this angle to take down the Helicopter before it can drop off the troops. Equip the Rifle and aim at the rear of the Helicopter just below the rear propellers. It will take 36 shots to bring it down. So you need to move quickly. If done correctly you’ll blow up the copter and kill the four guys that managed to start down the rope.

    Now turn your attention to the building directly in front of you and behind the Helicopter. Along this building as you proceed down the street there are two giests here along the ledge of the building. Kill them and approach the corner of the next street, do this slowly and kill the giest on the second floor balcony. Do this without going completely around the corner. Once this guy is dead use your Raven’s Panic to distract the seven giests here. Then equip your Main Gun with fire and take them out. Do not walk down the road instead go to the far right and walk down the road hugging that building. There is a Walnut Head up the road that will start throwing oil tankers and cars if you are spotted so avoid him for now instead kill the giest that is at the end of the building hiding on your right then quickly reload the Main Gun with fire. Quickly run straight ahead at the two giests using Willpower to kill them with the car. This also makes one less thing for the Walnut Head to pick up. Quickly turn and unload on the Walnut Head. He should be dead in 32 shots, before he can even toss the oil tanker at you.

    Now jump down into the area below and kill the three giests who are busy killing the innocents. Then take the stairs back up but before turning the corner and walking up the stairs make sure to have your Sniper Rifle ready. Use Raven’s Panic to distract the guy standing in front of you. Then move around the corner, kill him and proceed to the top of the stairs with your Sniper Rifle equipped. Now on a ledge on your left but across the street ahead, there is a sniper waiting to shoot you. So take him out first. If done quickly all the other giests will still be bothered by Raven’s so you’ll have a clean shot. Once he’s dead quickly move to the end of the block killing everything in your path. As you approach the corner of the building do so slowly as a Tank awaits. Luckily this is a checkpoint.

    Now equip your rifle but without the sniper element. To destroy Tanks with your Rifle what you want to do is aim for the rear of the tank at what looks like a circle with a hole. On Chaos 32 shots here will destroy it. Once completed make your way around the corner, killing all giests in this area. As you prepare to move around the next corner again slowly approach it to see the enemies. Be sure to have the Main Gun with fire equipped and take them out. As you look down this street use your Sniper Rifle to take out the enemies along the left side in a barricade beneath a building. Also by now you should have spotted the Walnut Head at the end of the road. Approach slowly with the Main Gun fully loaded and equipped with fire, however this isn’t for him it’s for later. Instead approach him with the rifle NOT in sniper mode as there is a Helicopter you need to take out first. As you walk the Helicopter will approach. Using the same method as before aim for the rear and take it out. Using the fire equipped Main Gun to kill any enemies that make it down. Then switch back to the rifle and take out the Walnut Head from afar. He will give you access to the courtyard area off to your left.

    Quickly use the Raven’s Panic and equip the Gatling Gun. Jump over the barricade and use the Gatling Gun to take out the four giests grouped together behind the barricade. Then ready the Sniper Rifle and walk out into the court yard area. Look over to your right where you’ll see a few other buildings and a path that leads back into the streets. Do not approach this area yet. There is a sniper on a ledge over in this area that you need to take out. If you are having trouble spotting him don’t worry you’ll see the red light of his rifle soon enough. Once he is dead head over to your left don’t worry about the others over by the sniper just yet. You want to get to a save point and not have to deal with the sniper again.

    So blow up the tanker off to your left being sure to kill all the giests. Then as you walk down the walkway beyond the destroyed oil tanker you’ll see a car and two really fast giests near the end. Use the Sniper Rifle and kill them from here. The first alcove on your left has a Walnut Head and two giests. Use Raven’s Panic before moving near the alcove and then quickly move in with a fire loaded Main Gun. Quickly kill the Walnut and then the two guys busy with the Ravens. As you move down to the end of this alley there is another Walnut Head and three giests so be prepared. Use Raven’s Panic and a full Main Gun with fire. Quickly kill the Walnut then the three guys. Once they are all dead equip your Gatling Gun with Element Shot.

    Now you need to go back the way you came but once you turn the corner there will be three giests grouped together waiting to kill you. You do not want to die here as you are moments from a checkpoint and you’d have to start all over from the courtyard entrance. So turn the corner shooting, the electricity will stun them giving you time to aim and kill them. Once dead make your way back to the courtyard and your checkpoint. Now it’s time to deal with those guys located by the sniper. As you approach that area equip your Sniper Rifle and take out the two giests walking back and forth. You’ll notice an opening below in what looks like an outside café here you’ll see a Walnut Head and two giests, don’t worry about them now. Move as far right as you can along the building and you’ll see a landing that you can jump to in order to make your way over into the area with the sniper. Once there use Raven’s Panic and your Main Gun with fire to kill the four patrolling giests. Now re-equip the Main Gun with fire and turn the corner to your left slowly to kill the purple Walnut Head.

    Now make your way back to that landing with a Sniper Rifle, and fire equipped Main Gun. Now take out the two giests with the Sniper Rifle and the Walnut Head with the fire equipped Main Gun.

    Once he is dead your way out will be opened. You’ll see four giests behind a barricade, again Raven’s Panic to distract them and the Main Gun with fire to kill them. You can also snipe them from afar as you turn the corner. As you make your way around the streets continue to use Raven’s Panic to distract the enemies, using Willpower to throw cars at them, and the Sniper Rifle from afar when possible. This is your bread and butter on this game never forget them.


    At the end of the next street you’ll face a huge giest. Here you can use Raven’s Panic to distract the roaming giests and just run, or you can stay and kill him. To kill these beasts all you need to do is aim for their exposed heart on the upper right side of their chests. Later in the game you’ll face ones with armor covering their heart and you’ll have to destroy the armor before attacking them. Always use your Main Gun with fire. The fire will burn these huge beasts and although it does no damage the fire keeps them from attacking you. So use the Main Gun with fire to burn them, then quickly switch to the Gatling and aim for the heart. Once dead you’ll run into an alley with three giests on the ground and two up above on balconies. This is a good time to learn to run. Always use your Raven’s Panic before running (expect when indoors and it’s not an option).

    Although this is an easy enough fight to just use Raven’s Panic and kill them it’s good to learn to run now. So once you’ve used your Raven’s Panic hold the LT to jump flip and use the directional stick to move in the desired direction. DO NOT stay on the ground longer then needed, so keep jumping. There is a checkpoint as you make your way around the corner. Be sure to come out jumping to your left as there are three giests waiting for you here. If your Raven’s Panic has worn off use it again. This is why it’s important to know how to quickly activate Raven’s Panic. You are invincible for a short time will activating it and your health will recharge a bit. Continue flipping past the next big giest until you finally come to the games final boss (which you won’t fight now).

    Once the cut scene ends just start shooting him with the Gatling. The voice that talks to you will tell you that you can’t defeat him now and you should run. If you aren’t attacking him this will take a minute or two to happen. But if you unload an entire Gatling Clip into him it’ll happen immediately. Once you hear this quickly run to the far left of where you entered. You’ll see an open manhole around a corner and your exit off this level.

  • Unlock by beating stage 3 in any difficulty mode.

    Hopefully by now you understand the flow of this game. Raven’s Panic to distract, Main Gun with fire to kill when you must, Sniper Rifle to kill enemies from afar, and throwing cars, tankers, rocks, etc at enemies when you can, use the Rifle to blow up Helicopters and Tanks and when all else fails and there is no Walnut Head blocking your way run like hell. The third stage is a great mix of both. Only you don’t have use of Raven’s Panic for 90% of the level.

    At the start of level three what you want to do is run and jump. Quickly run down the stairs, quickly run into the office, quickly run into door way. Quickly run along the train tracks, quickly run up the stairs, do not stop running until you get into a hallway with a check point and a lone human saying “that thing is spitting out souls” There will be several checkpoints along the way and none of these parts are too difficult as long as you keep running and jumping. You can take it slowly using your main gun with fire but it really is pointless sense you’ll do plenty of fighting later.

    Once you get to the checkpoint mentioned above you’ll be joined by several of the human soldiers. First thing you want to do is stand by the door you just entered from and kill anything that comes up. Enemies will come up from behind you and your human friends are no help. So kill the giests that show up and then slowly move around the corner. Once you turn to your right there will be two giests. Use the Main Gun with fire to deal with them. Now equip the Sniper Rifle to deal with the two giests off ahead in front of you. You should see several columns out in front of you. Do not leave from behind the cover of this wall just yet. To your right is a grouping of about 10-12 giests and you do not want to be spotted yet as there is also a sniper on the catwalk. So equip each of your guns and use the Element Shot on all of them. Once this is done equip the Sniper Rifle run out behind the third pillar and stay behind it. Do not do this until you have killed the giests that are on the far left side of this area. Once that is done off to your right you’ll see the grouping of 10-12 giests. They’re busy shooting humans so let them be. Hopefully your human friends are dead by now but if not they make this part difficult by following you and attacking the giests making your presence known.

    First thing to do is take care of the sniper. He is located dead center on the catwalk out in front of you. Look out and up and you’ll see him take him out quickly as if the humans are with you those 10-12 giests are going to be on you quickly. If they're on you quickly get out your Wind Element equipped Shotgun it will blow them all back off of you and knock them all down to the ground. Before they can get up get out your Gatling equipped with the Electricity element and shock them all. Hopefully your human friends had already died off and you can shoot the whole group of them with the Gatling before they rush you, or pick them off one by one with the Sniper Rifle. You can also give this a try before taking out the sniper but you must stay at the center of the pillar or the sniper will take you out.

    Once they are all dead you can move out into the open area. Get your Sniper Rifle ready and take out the three guards on the right and two on the left on the other side of the turngates. They’ll be busy shooting human and are easy pickings. Then you need to equip your Main Gun with fire. There are two soul-spitters on the far left and right of the area beyond the turngates. A full clip with the fire element will kill them quickly. Then reload again to kill the green Walnut Head that pops up. Once he is dead equip each weapon and use element shot on all of them again. Then exit out onto the runway.

    Once on the runway quickly use Raven’s Panic now that you are outdoors. There are three Walnut Heads here and all throw cars and planes at you. So with Raven’s Panic distracting the 7-8 guards that are around each Walnut (in the center, left and right of this area) take out the first group of giests under the center Walnut Head (the one that you can’t attack because the other two are protecting it). Once they are dead make your way to the grouping on the right side of this area, but do so by moving directly across from the protected Walnut Head. This way you come up behind the second Walnut and its troops. Be sure to use Raven’s Panic to distract the giests and unload a full fire clip on the Walnut. Then return to the center Walnut and edge to the left side of this area, and be sure to have a full fire clip ready and a full electric Gatling. Use the fire clip to take out the left side Walnut Head then quickly take out the once protected Walnut Head with the Gatling. No need to worry about the giests underneath the left side Walnut because once you kill the once protected Walnut the stage clears and it’s time for the boss fight.

    To kill this monster you must hit it with Lightening three times. So the moment the stage starts hit him. As he reappears make sure you are at the front of the plane. There will be two or three eyeballs that you can see, quickly shoot them with your Main Gun. Do not reload on your own unless your must. You need to conserve magic here. If you can shoot the couple of eyeballs he releases early this will fill your magic halfway. Then take aim at the two eyeballs that will come straight at you trying to hit you. Once you kill those you’ll have full magic again. Now quickly jump to the end of the plane. You don’t get hit by as many eyeballs if you are moving. If you stand there you will be pelted with eyeballs and on hard/chaos you won’t last long plus it stops you from using Lightening. Now quickly hit the beast with Lightening again. Do not worry about the eyes attacking the plane. Once you hit the beast with Lightening they will all disappear. The third time is the hardest because depending on the time it took you to hit him the first two times he’ll be about to bite the ship. Now you want the Gatling out, but you don’t want to have to reload it so aim carefully. Use it to fill up your magic meter by taking out the eyeballs. Making sure to focus on the ones trying to hit you. Once your magic is full quickly use Lightening on the beast. If you can’t get a shot off with lightening use the Gatling and aim for his mouth. This will stop his destruction of the plane and you’ll be free to use Lightening and end this stage.

  • Unlock by beating stage 4 in any difficulty mode.

    This is a pretty straight forward stage and you can use Raven’s Panic and just run through the entire stage. As you start the stage slowing approach the top of the hill and with your Main Gun take out the four guys at the top. This will fill your magic meter. Once done you’ll see several enemies behind the fallen tree. You can use Willpower and toss the tree killing them (Hard and Chaos Mode Only, will not kill them on Hell). Once you approach the tree a Helicopter will appear behind you and this is when you should use Raven’s Panic and start running. Continue running and flipping until you reach a tunnel that leads out to a bridge and cut scene. After this you can see three giests off in the distance. There are five groups of three along this bridge again you can equip your Sniper Rifle and take them out one group at a time or use Raven’s Panic and just run.

    After killing the last group one of the huge giests will appear behind you, this time however he has a metal plate covering his heart. You need to shoot the metal plate then his heart to kill him. Or you can just run to the end of the bridge and jump down to your left to a landing below the bridge and shoot the barrels on the bridges supports destroying it and stopping the monsters advance. I prefer to wait until he is in the middle and then blow it up. If you choose to do this be sure to use Raven’s Panic as there are five or six guards in this area. Once the huge giest is dead another cut scene with a helicopter landing will pop up. Again you can use your Sniper Rifle and blow up the barrels on the bridge and take out the eight giests below, making sure you take out the sniper located on the left side of the oil tanker behind a crate. He will be difficult to see if you blow up the tanker and the explosion won’t kill him. Also be sure to take out the two guards in the barns on your left and the two to your far right underneath the tower. They both have grenade launchers.

    Now off to your right you’ll see a path up the mountains again stay and fight if you’d like using your Main Gun with the fire Element Shot or just run. Once to the top you’ll enter a cave. Once you are here quickly use Willpower to fling the giant boulders at the super soldiers that will be charging you. Although you can just run through this cave I find it easier (and fun) to just fling the boulders. The benefit of this approach is you toss the boulders right outside the cave and can use them in the next phase of this stage.

    Once you exit the cave you’ll be rushed by about six giests. Use the boulders to crush them or now that you are outside use Raven’s Panic and run. You’ll eventually make your way to an opening in a steel gate that leads to the boss battle with the Helicopters. The object of this battle is to kill all the giests in the area. Seven helicopters will appear and drop off six to eight soldiers all of whom you must kill. If done quickly you can destroy all the Helicopters before they have a chance to drop off any soldiers. The first Helicopter appears above the rightside of the fenced in area. Be sure to kill the three giests on the left and right sides of the area outside the fenced in area first. The three giests already inside the fenced in area can’t shoot you through the fence so don’t worry about them. Just kill the ones outside the fenced area then focus on the Helicopter.

    You will get your second Great Magic at this point the Tornado. It’s basically useless as on Hard and Chaos the Helicopters don’t seem to be affected much by the winds and all it will do is blow up debris that may land on and kill you. So use the Rifle instead and try and take out the Helicopters. If you are unable to do so quickly switch to your Gatling with electricity and be sure you Main Gun is equipped with fire. Then use Raven’s Panic once the guards reach the ground. This will keep them in a tight grouping. Now use the Gatling and shoot for the enemies on the edges of the grouping. This will electrify and stun all of them but kill the ones on the edges. Once out of bullets quickly switch to the Main Gun which is still equipped with fire and concentrate on the center and fry the bastards. Now exit the fenced in area, and as you do look to your left. This is where the next Helicopter will appear. Using the same technique kill them all again. Now quickly move to the opposite side as another Helicopter is already arrived kill them and quickly return to the opening of the gated area another will appear right above this opening. Once done here another will appear in the same place as the second Helicopter. After dispatching that one quickly make your way back to the opening of the gated area. Now standing at the opening you’ll see two Helicopters approaching. You can try and use your Tornado while standing in the opening and if timed right you’ll blow one Helicopter into the next and end this stage. If not you’ll need to kill the eight or so troops Helicopter one drops off in the gated area and then the other eight that the second Helicopter drops off outside the area and this mission is over.

  • Unlock by beating stage 5 in any difficulty mode.

    This mission is where you’d better have perfected the Raven’s Panic and running technique. As the mission starts you’ll see your human friends fighting about six giests. The enemies are on the right beside the Helicopter, kill them from afar to fill your magic meter. Now to the far left atop the hill there is a sniper underneath the tree take him out using your Sniper Rifle. Once atop the hill off to your right, but still on the hill are two additional snipers Use Raven’s Panic to distract them and then rush in for the kill.

    Now once atop the hill look off to your left and jump off the hill. You’ll see to your right center a small bridge, using Raven’s Panic run towards that area and cross the bridge. Then continue down the next hill where you’ll see a Tank and soldiers behind a barricade. Using the Raven’s Panic, run, jump and flip your way past them all. Do not stop for a second, unless it’s to use Raven’s Panic again. After you cross the barricade be sure to use Raven’s Panic again if it has run out. Three of the really quick giests will be on you soon and you want to get into the house up ahead and climb the steps. You do not want to die here. Once you climb the steps you’ll be in a cemetery. Again use Raven’s Panic and run to the right past the two giests and then up the incline and straight into the Church. Once in the Church quickly equip your Main Gun with fire. All of the humans in the Church will be turned and you must kill them all.

    Once done exit the Church using the door to your right. Once you exit back into the woods haul ass DO NOT STOP. You do not need to use Raven’s Panic, you can save it for the seven barricades up ahead. It is important that as you exit the Church you run and stay to your far left hugging the tree line. The thick fog and trees hide soul-spitting giests and those huge armored chest giests but you can avoid them all by running along the left side of this area. As far left as you can go.

    Eventually off to your left you’ll see your first barricade with about eight giests. Quickly use Raven’s Panic and start running and flipping over each barricade this is very easy to do especially if your Raven’s Panic is maxed. You’ll eventually reach the end and the cut scene will start to end this level.

  • Unlock by beating stage 6 in any difficulty mode.

    This level is pretty straight forward and with the Walnut Heads blocking areas you’ll have to stand and do a bit of fighting. The layout is almost identical to the second level when you first met the boss. Only a few minor things have changed.

    At the start take out the Gatling and mow down the guys being dropped by the Helicopter if you can’t destroy the Helicopter using the Rifle. You can also stand right behind the cab and toss it at them as they land. Be sure to heal any of your fallen human troops with your Sacrifice power. Be sure to keep them all alive, especially the one with the rocket launcher. While they don’t do much killing, they do two things very will on this level. They draw enemy fire away from you and the rocket launcher guy actually kills people. So for this reason walk this level slowly and use the Raven’s Panic at all times. When you face the first huge giest with the steel plated chase use the same Main Gun with fire technique to bring him down and switch to the Gatling once his chest is exposed. Be sure to use your Sniper Rifle a lot to take out the giests behind barricades from afar. The main battles from this map should all be familiar from your play through of the second level.

    First thing you want to do is make your way to the area where you first encountered the sniper. Only this time as you approach you’ll get your final Great Magic the Meteor attack that rains down a horde of meteors. This attack is quite useless to be honest but if you’d like give it a try here. It’s a lot easier to follow the same pattern as before using the Sniper Rifle to take our your enemies from afar then rush in with the Main Gun loaded with fire. Now you want to make your way into the courtyard area where you faced the four Walnut Heads before.

    Only this time as your approach a helicopter will start to land. So after you jump over the barricade and enter this area quickly take out the three solider giests on your right and then use your Meteor attack to destroy the Helicopter. Once you use the Meteor attack you might want to run backwards/opposite direction as it will destroy and collapse buildings etc, and will easily kill you as well. Once the fireworks are done be sure to kill any remaining enemies from your current location if you can. There should be one or two remaining to refill you magic because you’ll want to get your Sniper Rifle ready to take out the two super giests way off in the distance at the edge of this area. Once you kill them run out to their location and look back the way you came. Straight ahead but off to your right you’ll see the yellow barrier and your exit. Completely to your right you’ll see the yellow Walnut Head blocking your exit. Ignore him for now and equip your Sniper Rifle to take out the sniper that is behind the rubble just below him. You’ll need to move slowly into the center of this area to get a good shot. Be sure you don’t get to close or the Walnut will start throwing cars and the sniper will take shots at you. You can kill the Walnut Head first using your rifle and then approach using Raven’s Panic to distract the sniper. If you use that approach quickly turn and look towards your exit because once the barrier drops two soldier giests will appear.

    Now it’s time to run. You have five tanks and two huge armored chest giests to fight here. If you go slowly it is doable but can be a pain on the harder modes. So I suggest you use Raven’s Panic and run and jump your way to the end. You first need to get past the six guards and two tanks, then up ahead are two more guards and a huge armored chest giest at the corner, then as you turn the corner there are 12 giests behind two barricades and a tank in the middle, then you turn right and there is another huge armored chest giest behind a barricade protected by another tank and 6-8 solider giests, then around the next corner two more tanks and about 6-8 solider giests. It’s a doable fight as long as you are patient snipe when needed, rifle the Tanks, and Raven’s Panic around each corner. The problem is if you die you must start over at the first two giests followed by the six giests and two tanks. Once you jump your way to the end it’s time for the boss battle and endgame.

    As the battle starts pull out your Main Gun and equip with fire. Unload on the monsters shield. The more damage you do to his shield the quicker it falls. He will spit out a ton of souls at you; this is one of his four attacks. The moment he starts this animation switch to your Gatling and aim for the center of the grouping of souls. Wait for them to clear his shield and unload on them. You should be able to kill them all quickly. You want to get use to killing these things you’ll be doing it a lot. Always aim for the center of the grouping and kill as many as you can. If some do escape try and take them out so you can get back to shooting the beast. If not you’ll want to jump and avoid letting them suck your head off.

    The monsters second attack is where he shoots fire up out the ground. You’ll always see the smoke before the explosion so if you are near the smoke jump away. Continue shooting the beast avoiding the eruptions of fire, and shooting the souls when need. Once the shield is down get the Gatling ready and aim for his head and unleash the entire clip. He will eventually put his shield back up and you repeat the entire process again, and again, and maybe again.

    Eventually you will break his shield and he will fly into the air. At this point only use your Gatling. Aim at the center of his head and unload. He shouldn’t have time to spit out any souls but if he does just aim at them and thank them out. In no time he’ll be down and you’ll be onto phase 3 of this battle.

    He eventually flies off unleashing a horde of souls. Don’t bother trying to shoot them because he just unleashes more. As he lands he will use his third attack, a huge fireball. It’s really easy to avoid this attack, just stand in the middle and then jump to the side to avoid the attack. Now that he has no shield he is easy pickings. You’ll want to switch back and forth between the Gatling and Main Gun. You want to mainly use the Gatling but run with Main Gun. Running with the Gatling is slow going.

    So what you want to do is run behind the monster and shoot him in the back. Only empty one clip into him and then run in front home him. He may stomp the ground if he does just time your jump to be in the air to avoid the vibration of the stomp. Although his back is his weak spot and you do more damage shooting him there, if you stay behind him too long he’ll just fly way, so you want to avoid having to chase him down. So after emptying a Gatling clip into his back run back to face the beast. Then with the Main Gun or rifle equipped aim for his face and while walking backwards away from him empty clip after clip into his face. He will eventually use attack number 4 which is the fire from the snakes. If he does this quickly run behind him and empty a Gatling Gun clip into his back. He can’t fly way while shooting fire. Eventually he will become slouched over and you’ll be told to “fry those snakes” Just keep doing what you’ve been doing avoiding his attacks and blasting his face, snake arms and back when you can and eventually all three snakes will be dead. Then you need to continue shooting him until you are told to finish him. Then you want to distance yourself from him, turn face him and use Meteor. Then turn and run away from the falling debris. You don’t want to die here from your own attack. You can also wait for him to stop moving and hit him with Lightening but don’t miss. After that game over.

  • Unlock by beating all stages in EASY mode.

    Just end all six missions on Easy difficulty, stage select does not count.

    I would suggest you start playing here. You have to do it anyway so might as well play on this level your first time through. The game is a lot more forgiving and you can learn the locations of major enemies. Plus you’ll learn how to quickly use the weapons and magic.

    Note: Difficulty achievements do not stack! 

  • Unlock by beating all stages in NORMAL mode.

    Just end all six missions on Normal difficulty, stage select does not count.

    Note: Difficulty achievements do not stack!

  • Unlock by beating all stages in HARD mode.

    Just end all six missions on Hard difficulty, stage select does not count.

    Note: Difficulty achievements do not stack! 


Secret achievements

  • All stages were beat in CHAOS mode

    Just end all six missions on Chaos difficulty, stage select does not count.

    Chaos mode unlocks after ending the game on Hard.

    Note: Difficulty achievements do not stack! 

  • All stages were beat in HELL mode.

    Just end all six missions on Hell difficulty, stage select does not count.

    Hell mode unlocks after ending the game on Chaos.

    Note: Difficulty achievements do not stack!

  • Game was played for over 15 hours

    Between playing the game over, and over, and over you should have this nailed easily. However if you want it quicker all you need to do is start a game on easy, kill the first three guys and then rubberband the controller to keep Alicia moving. I’ve found it easiest to move her to the right side of the building on the right and have her walking into the fence. Then go to sleep wake up and end the level. DO NOT DIE. The game only counts the time between checkpoints and ending the game. So if you die before you reach a checkpoint or end the game all that time will be lost. That’s why I suggest doing it this way because as you walk around the next corner you get a checkpoint. Do this a couple nights and the achievement is yours.

  • All stages were beat in some difficulty mode.

    This achievement will unlock once you’ve beaten the game on any difficulty.

    See "Stage 1-6 Cleared" for more information.

  • All in-game power-up elements were collected

    After you’ve ended the first level, you’ll be awarded points based on your performance. The higher your performance the more points you’ll receive. If memory serves me 180 for Easy, 250 for Normal and 350 for Hard. After ending the first level on normal the first time, use your points to purchase the Rifle Gun Rod form, the Raven’s Panic magic, and the Element Shot magic. If you don’t have enough points to purchase them all focus on the Rifle and Element Shot. Now proceed to start the 2nd level. Once the cut scene ends select “Retire” from the menu and return to the main menu. Be sure your game saves.

    Once back out at the main menu select to start a new game. All your stats from the previous game will still be in effect. Armed with the detailed guide above for the first level go and wipe out all enemies including the second Tank and all enemies you avoided before. Redo this level a few more times on the Normal difficulty to build up your Element Shot, Ravens Panic, Main Gun, and Rifle Form. Once you have each of those at, at least level two continue repeating this level on the hard difficulty.

    Now you’ll be getting 350 points each time you end the level. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes to complete the level. You’ll need to do this for about 5 hours to max out all weapons but that’s really not needed since you have to play the game anyway. What I’d suggest is that you purchase all Gun Forms, and Magic. Get your Magic, Health, Main Gun, Rifle, Element Shot, Ravens Panic, and Willpower to Max then head out to play the game on Easy. While playing the game on easy use the points earned to Max out your Gatling Gun, and Ancient Wall.

    This achievement will unlock once you’ve upgraded your Health, Magic, and All Gun Rods, and Magic Abilities to level 3.

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