- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 38 (1000 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 20 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No!
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No, there are no difficulty options in the game.

The achievements are by no means hard in Bully, however as with most Rockstar titles, 100% completion will require some time.

To gain the full 1000 from Bully, only one playthrough is required as there are no missable achievements, you simply play through the story and then have an "Endless Summer" chapter in which you can free-roam, finishing off odds and ends you must do during the story. There are no major glitches in Bully, however, you may find that upon reaching 100% completion, your achievement will not pop-up; to amend this, simply save your game, return to your dashboard and then load the game and your save game back up. There are cheat codes in Bully which can be used and will not effect achievements, however these require a second controller;
(Note: Enter on a second controller anywhere in the game, except cutscenes.)
Full Health: +
All Weapons: +
All Hobo Moves: +
All Gym Grapple Moves: +
Infinte Ammunition: +
Massive Money Gain: +

Step 1:
Play through the main story of the game, unlocking FRESHMAN, SOPHOMORE, JUNIOR, SENIOR and GRADUATE which are all awarded for beating story chapters. Whilst playing through the story try to attend as many classes as possible (All class answers here) as this will make things easier later in when trying to beat all classes to level 5 for 100% completion. It can also be advised to go for "short achievements" whilst in town, such as egging 25 cars. Also whilst playing through the game be sure to accept and complete any errands that you're offered, this will make things less tedious later on.

Step 2:
After beating the story you will now be in chapter 6, "Endless Summer", you are now free to roam around the game and do as you please. At this point, continue attending any classes you have yet to complete, especially Geography classes as these are vital for gathering collectibles. You will now also want to go and get the shorter achievements, such as picking 50 flowers or receiving 20 kisses from the gents (See achievement guide below).

Step 3:
Hopefully by this point you will have completed Geography 5 (If not refer to steps 1 and 2). You should now have the location of all collectibles; transistors, gnomes, G+G cards and rubber bands, marked on your map. As these are marked on your map they should cause little trouble in finding, if you are stuck with a particular collectible however refer to the "Guide to everything" on the forums found here.

Step 4:
With all classes beat and all collectibles obtained and the majority of errands beat, you should now be working towards obtaining all the secrets. These are things such as "Beat up the secret pirate", or "Buy 500 sodas" - See the PERFECTIONIST achievement on the guide below for a full list.

Step 5:
Finally, with almost everything done all you are left to do is to complete the Yearbook, this can be a tedious task but personally I found the best way at the start was to run around school taking photos of everybody, by doing this I had unlocked a good three quarters of the yearbook and then just used the following guides (here and here) to hunt down the last few pupils.

With all that done your game completion percentage should now be at 100%! As stated above, if your PERFECTIONIST achievement has not yet unlocked then simply save your game, exit to the dashboard, start the game up and reload your save, the achievement should then unlock.

If you're a few percent away from a 100 and have checked the checklists for 100% completion, here are a few common things people miss;
  • Beat up the secret pirate
  • Complete all 5 Boxing challenges
  • Buy 330 items of clothing
  • Win all carnival games once and ride all rides once
x360a would like to thank [M]ike for this Road Map

Bully: Scholarship Edition Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 38 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • 門限後に学校外で5時間過ごせ

    Just make sure to be out after curfew. Curfew starts at 11 PM and you pass out at 2 AM. This is 3 hours. Repeat again the next night for the achievement.

    You will know you are past curfew because the clock in the upper left of the screen will turn blue. As you go through the course of the game, you will spend much more than 5 hours out, just completing your missions.

  • 花を50本摘め

    By the entrances of most the school buildings (i.e Girls' Dormitory or Library) there are flowered areas, just walk up and it should say pick flowers. Press to pick a flower. You can only hold ten flowers at a time so go up to a girl (or boy) and give them the flowers, then repeat until you've picked 50.

    **You can check how many flowers you have picked:**
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Objects & Items---> Flowers Found

  • 女子と25回キスをしろ

    Get in good with a girl and receive a kiss once they like you enough (requires Art 1). Give them gifts and other things that will make them like you more. Kiss them 25 times. You can kiss the same girl over and over again.

    To kiss, lock on to a girl with . When locked on, the indicator will turn into a thumb, press and pressing , it will then turn into a gift (flower, chocolate, or money). Once it's a gift press again and the gift will turn into a kiss. Hit one last time and you get a kiss! Rise and repeat until you get 25.

    Once you complete Art 5, you no longer have to give a gift in order to proceed to the kiss phase, it will go straight from heart to kiss.

    **You can check how many girls you have kissed:**
    Start---> Stats---> Social---> Romance---> Kisses Received From Ladies to initiate conversation. After Art 1, the thumb will turn into a heart. Then after holding

  • 25台の車に卵を投げつけろ

    Eggs can be found laying around town, can be picked up off the body of a downed prep who was throwing them at you, can be purchased at Yum-Yum Market, and can also eventually be found on your bedroom floor. Once you get the eggs head into town and throw the eggs at the cars. Press to get to the eggs, to throw them. It can not be the same car. A carton of eggs holds 12 eggs, so you must have at least 3 cartons.

    An easy way to hit cars is to press to go into aiming mode.

    **You can check how many cars you have egged:**
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Vandalism---> Cars Egged or

  • サッカーボールを100個蹴れ

    Find a soccer ball and kick it 100 times, that is it. To kick, press and hold near a soccer ball. You can kick the same ball over and over. Balls are found around the campus mainly by the Boys Dorm. An easy way to this is to pick up a ball and go behind the Boys' Dorm. Now just kick away at a wall and it will bounce off the wall, there's very little in space there, so it stays pretty close.

    **You can check how many soccer balls you've kicked:**
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Objects & Items---> Soccer Balls Kicked

  • ビー玉で25人転ばせろ

    When people walk by, throw marbles underneath them, if they fall that is one person. Do this 25 times. Equip with and , throw with .

    Most pickups spawn once or twice a day, a good spot to find a bag of marbles is behind the rear of the school bus located near the auto shop. Alternatively, marbles can be purchased from the comic book store.

    Go back to your dorm at night with all the marbles. Now, where the dorm room turns away from the door like a 'T', put marbles at the corners. Next, go and pull the fire alarm. Then, kids will walk out into the hallway and trip on the marbles. Keep pulling until you get the achievement.

    **You can check how many people you've tripped with marbles:**
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Pranks---> People Tripped with Marbles

  • “コン・スモー”、“ナッツ・ショット”、“モンキー・フリング”のアーケードゲームでハイスコアを獲得しろ

    **Note: All 3 of these games can be found standing next to each other in the Souvenir tent in the Carnival.

    Consumo: The high score is 1010 lbs.

    Wait until you get to 'Nerd Challenge' to do this because it is required to beat the high score. This game has a big ring in the middle, I recommend staying here. There are blowfish that move around on the map and will 'kill' you, dodge these. Also, there are sumos that will bounce you around the map if they hit you, dodge these. Then there are the apples, rice bowls, and fish, these are the food that make you 'bigger' and level up. Make sure that you are eating the "healthy" version of these foods, and not their rotten alternatives (apple=apple core, fish=skeleton, rice=green moldy rice).

    Try to stay towards the middle, dodging around and picking up food. You will level up as you eat food. With three lives, you have a high chance of beating this your first time around. Keep moving, hardly ever stop. Eat almost every food item you see. If there is a big item and a little item, go for the bigger but do not sacrifice a life for it.

    Nut Shots: The high score is 69,900.

    This game is a side-scrolling shooter. You play as a flying squirrel. Use the to move around and use either or to fire nuts at your enemies.

    You will face 3 type of enemies. First you will face a wave of Hornets. For each hornet that you shoot down you receive 250 points. Watch out because the hornets will fire their stingers at you. Once you have defeated 10 hornets, you will get to face a bat. Defeating the bat will earn you 500 points. The bat will attack using a sonic wave attack. Once you have defeated 3 bats, you will have the opportunity to fight the Eagle. Shooting down the eagle is worth 1000 points. The eagle will fire a homing salmon at you, so be careful.

    Consider each pattern Hornets to Bats to Eagle a "cycle." You will get approximately 10,000 points per cycle, so you will need to complete 7 cycles to get the high score.

    Monkey Fling: 333 is the score to beat.

    The game is playing with you controlling a little monkey, and you can move him from right to left with the , and he can fling poo upward using . Along the top of the screen are bunches of bananas. Also, falling from the ceiling are spiders. If a spider touches you, you die, and your character only has 3 lives.

    A good strategy is to start on the left side of the screen, and move to the right, constantly hitting , about every half second. With a bit of luck, this should hit every bunch of bananas and send them downward to you, as well as hitting any spiders that may have been in the path of your poop. Occasionally, you may miss one, so just go back and hit it. You don't have to worry about catching the bananas, as they will just lay on the ground until you come to collect them.

    You only have a limited amount of poop. Eating bananas will replenish it, as well it will recharge on its own, but very slowly.

    Hitting spiders is worth 2 points, and eating bunches of bananas is worth 3 points.
    **You can check what your high score is in these games:**
    Start---> Stats---> Games---> Arcade Games

  • 200人叩きのめせ

    Knock out 200 people. Use either fists or weapons, just make sure they are knocked out. Press to punch them, to use a weapon. Firecrackers make an easy one-hit knockout. If you do not have this achievement by the time you get the spud gun, that also knocks out anyone in one hit.

    **You can check how many knockouts you have:**
    Start---> Stats---> Fight---> General Fighting---> People Knocked Out

  • ソーダを100本購入しろ

    Walk up to a soda machine and buy a soda. Rinse and repeat. Press to buy the soda.

    The easiest way is to buy them at the Yum-Yum grocery store, as you get to skip the drinking scene. When purchasing them at the store, you can just keep pressing until the achievement unlocks.

    **You can check how many sodas you have drunk:**
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Objects & Items---> Sodas Drank

  • 全ゴーカートレースのうち半分をクリアしろ

    --See "Pole Position," but you only have to complete 4 out of the 8--

  • 10種類の手伝いミッションをクリアしろ

    Do 10 of the errand missions. Errand missions can be given out by kids, cops, adults, townies, most anyone can give an errand. Errands are the blue Xs that are on your map. There is a complete list of errands here.

    **You can check how many errands you have completed:**
    Start---> Stats---> Games---> Errands---> Errands Succeeded

  • 20種類の手伝いミッションをクリアしろ

    --See "Helping Hand"--

  • 3つの授業を終了しろ

    That does not mean a whole class it means one section like English 1. The complete answers are listed here.

  • 6つの授業を終了しろ

    --See "Keener"--

  • 遊園地のゲーム全4種を一度クリアしろ

    You must play Strike Out, Splish Splash, High Striker and Shooting Range, all located in the carnival. You don't have to win, just play them.

  • 全ての二輪車レースをクリアしろ

    Complete and win all 14 bike races.
    There are:
    7 in Bullworth Vale
    4 in Bullworth Town
    2 in New Coventry
    1 in Bullworth Academy. The Bullworth Academy race shows up in Chapter 5 and is a race across the entire area

    The races are easiest to win if you are riding the racing bicycle. This is the larger grey bike with the curved handlebars. This will be parked out front of the Vale Bike Shop after you have completed the bike shop's mission. Be riding the racing bike, then get off it and start the race, and you will be riding the racing bike while all your opponents are riding BMX bikes.

    **You can check how many races you have won:**
    Start---> Stats---> Activities---> Bike Races---> Bike Races Won (out of 14)

  • 全てのゴーカートレースをクリアしろ

    Complete and win all 8 Go Kart Races. There are 5 in the carnival and 3 on the streets. The final street race will not open until chapter 5, as it covers the entire area.

    **You can check how many races you have won:**
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Go Kart Races---> Carnival Games Won (out of 5)
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Go Kart Races---> Street Races Won (out of 3)

  • 全ての芝刈りミッションをクリアしろ

    All lawn mowing jobs

    There are 2 lawn mowing jobs that need to be completed. They are located in the Vale. One is a park, and the other is a home. You can find them by looking for a green $ sign. This option is unlocked after the Vale is opened to you, and you have served at least one detention where lawn mowing was your punishment. In the park, there will be 3 levels. The first level, you must complete 70% to pass. You also have the option of going for the full 100% for double your payment. Then level 2 is the same park, but now 80% is the cutoff, then level 3 is 90%. The same goes for the home job as well. After you are done with all 3 levels of a location, you may continue to complete level 3 for extra money.

    Use to accelerated the mower. Make sure to not run over the flowers or lawn ornaments (except gnomes), as it will cost you money.

    For this achievement, there is a bit of a glitch. Sometimes, you only have to complete the 3 park levels for the achievement, other times you must do both. You are required to do both however for the 100% achievement.

  • 全ての新聞配達ミッションをクリアしろ

    Complete all 5 levels of newspaper delivery. These missions are available after completing the mission "Last Minute Shopping."

    As stated, there are 5 missions in which you must deliver papers on you bike. After starting the mission at the store, you first ride to the top of the hill and run over a box to collect your papers. The route is very straightforward. On the map you will see yellow Xs where the mailboxes are, as well as seeing an arrow pointing to them as you ride past. There is no need to stop. As you near the mailbox, pull the , but do not release it. You will see a dark red aiming circle around the mailbox. As soon as the mailbox is targeted, then release the , and the paper should be thrown to its target. You start out with a set number of houses to deliver to, then as you progress through the levels, a few new houses get added on each round.

    Also, on the screen, you will see a newspaper with a ring of circles around it. These tiny circles represent how many papers you are carrying. Keep an eye on that, because if you run out of papers (due to missing the mailbox) before you run out of houses, the mission is failed.

    ***Note: In the final mission, there are 24 houses that you have to deliver to, out of 25 total houses. When looking at your map, you will notice that all of the yellow Xs are in a relatively straight line, except for one house at the top of a hill to the north of where you start. This is the house you can skip. It is out of the way, and will only waste you time.

    **You can check how many routes (out of 5) you have completed:**
    Start---> Stats---> Activities---> Jobs---> Paper Routes Completed

  • チャプター I をクリアしろ

    Finish Chapter 1 of the game, called "Making New Friends and Enemies." All missions can be found by following the gold stars on your map. The list of missions in chapter 1 are:

    Welcome To Bullworth
    This Is your School
    The Setup
    A Little Help
    Save Algie
    That Bitch
    Defend Bucky
    The Diary
    The Candidate
    The Big Prank
    Character Sheets
    Help Gary

  • チャプター II をクリアしろ

    Finish Chapter 2 of the game, called "Rich Kid Blues." All missions can be found by following the gold stars on your map. The list of missions in chapter 2 are:

    Last Minute Shopping
    Small Offenses
    Hattrick Vs Galloway
    Prep Challenge
    Movie Tickets
    Carnival Date
    The Eggs
    Panty Raid
    Race the Vale
    Beach Rumble
    Weed Killer
    Tad’s House
    Boxing Challenge

  • チャプター III をクリアしろ

    Finish Chapter 3 of the game, called "Love Makes the World Go Round." All missions can be found by following the gold stars on your map. The list of missions in chapter 3 are:

    Balls of Snow
    Miracle on Bullworth St.
    Christmas is Here
    Cook’s Crush
    Nerd Challenge
    Comic Klepto
    Cook’s date
    Rudy The Red Nosed Santa
    Jealous Johnny
    Wrong Part of Town
    Glass House
    Greasers Challenge
    Lola’s Race
    Discreet Deliveries
    The Rumble

  • チャプター IV をクリアしろ

    Finish Chapter 4 of the game, called "A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body & Other Lies." All missions can be found by following the gold stars on your map. The list of missions in chapter 4 are:

    Stronghold Assault
    Here’s to you Ms. Philips
    Jocks Challenge
    Galloway Away
    Defender of the Castle
    Discretion Reassured
    Nice Outfit
    The Big Game

  • スケートボードで計50kmを移動しろ

    You have to skate 50,000 meters on a skateboard. By helping Algie, you unlock the skateboard. Just ride and ride. You can also hold onto the back of a car. To grab onto a vehicle, come up behind it while riding the skateboard, and press .

    **You can check how far you've gone on the skate board:**
    Start---> Stats---> General---> General---> Distance Traveled on Skateboard

  • 100回挑発しろ

    To taunt, press and then . If Jimmy starts to speak with harmful words, that is 1 taunt. A taunt is symbolized by a "thumbs down" picture. You can get around seven taunts in before whoever you are taunting will start to fight you.

    **You can check how many taunts you have given:**
    Start---> Stats---> Social---> Social Interactions---> Taunts

  • スティンクボムを50回命中させろ

    As you play through the game, you will be able to equip stink bombs. These can be found laying on the ground, can be purchased at the comic book store, or can be made in your bedroom once you pass Chemistry 1. Once you have them, peg 50 people with them. To equip, hit or . to lock on a person, and to throw them.

    Pulling the alarm in the boy's dorm and letting loose also helps a lot.You do not need to hit a person for it to count. It counts the amount of people in the stink cloud. So you can throw one bomb and have it count for 6 or 7 people if aimed correctly in a crowded area.

    **You can check how many stink bombs you have thrown:**
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Pranks---> Stink Bomb Hits

  • パンツを50回引っ張りあげろ

    To wedgie, creep behind somebody and lock on with , then when the underwear shows up press . You can not wedgie a girl, you pinch them, that does not count. Do this 49 more times and you'll get the achievement.

    **You can check how many wedgies you have given:**
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Props---> Wedgies Given

  • 射的ゲームでガラス瓶を300本割れ

    Towards the back of the carnival is a shooting range. You have the option to shoot Thieves, a Sheriff's badge, a woman, and a green bottle of whiskey. All other options move side to side, the bottles are the only ones that move up and down.

    While holding the rifle, move it around with the , then fire with . Now, the targets move relatively quickly, but your bullets fly slowly, and the reticule moves around slowly, making successful shooting a challenge. To offset your slow bullets, make sure to lead your target a little. To offset the slow aiming, concentrate your efforts in a small area.

    There are far more bottle targets than anything else. A good strategy is to choose a side of the shooting range. It does not matter if you choose to stay on the left or right side, as bottle targets are equally prevalent on each side. Then by keeping your reticule in the center of about 6 or so possible target locations, you can get your reticule over the target and shoot before it disappears. Although it sounds complicated, after a round or 2, figuring out Bully's aiming system will begin to come very naturally.

    Once 300 bottle have been broken, the achievement will unlock, even if you are in the middle of a game, so you will know when you no longer have to try.

    **You can check how many bottles you've shot:**
    Start---> Stats---> Games---> Carnival---> Shooting Gallery Bottles Broken

  • 30種類の手伝いミッションをクリアしろ

    --See "Helping Hand"--

  • 徒歩で計100kmを移動しろ

    Once you hit 100,000 meters on foot, the achievement will unlock. You can make Jimmy run by pressing the forward. You can also make him run faster by pressing , and make him sprint by rapidly pressing .

    **You can check how far you've gone on foot:**
    Start---> Stats---> General---> General---> Distance Traveled on Foot

  • 自転車でウイリーを200回行え

    The bike will be unlocked once you successfully complete the class "Shop 1."

    To do a wheelie, hold down on while tapping . Make sure to let go of to complete the wheelie and return to the 2 wheeled position. Then rinse and repeat.

    **You can check how many wheelies you've done:**
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Bikes---> Wheelies

  • 衣料品を250個手に入れろ

    Have 250 clothing items. You can buy clothes at stores, find them, or earn them through missions and errands.

    If you are looking for a quick way to get this achievement, boot up the second controller, and:

    Hold , and press , , ,

    Do this anytime except for in a cut scene, and you will get free money to help buy clothes.
    **You can check how many pieces of clothing you own:**
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Objects & Items---> Clothing Items Acquired

  • 自転車で計100kmを移動しろ

    The bike is unlocked after completing the class "Shop 1." This could take a while depending how often you are on the bike. If you always use the bike in towns this should be fairly easy seeing how the bike's speed is fast and can travel further.

    **You can check how far you've gone on the bike:**
    Start---> Stats---> General---> General---> Distance Traveled on Bike

  • 9つの授業を終了しろ

    --See "Keener"--

  • チャプター V をクリアしろ

    Finish Chapter 5 of the game, called "The Rise and Fall of Jimmy Hopkins, Aged 15." The list of missions in chapter 5 are:

    Making a Mark
    Cheating Time
    Rats in the Library
    Gym is Burning
    Finding Johnny Vincent
    Townie’s Challenge
    Revenge on Mr Burton
    Preppies Vandalised
    Smash it up
    The collector
    Go See the Headmaster
    Busting in Part 1
    Busting in Part 2
    Complete Mayhem

  • 全ミッションをクリアしろ

    After completing all missions listed from "Freshman" to "Graduate," complete the Endless Summer missions, and all missions will be completed.

  • ゲーム達成度100%にしろ

    Complete All Story Missions
    Complete All Side Missions
    --See Freshman through Graduate. This is a full list of all missions, story and otherwise. As long as you complete these lists, as well as all gold stars shown on the map, both of these will be completed.

    Complete All Classes To Level 5
    **See here for a list of class answers:

    Collect All 75 Rubber Bands
    Randomly scattered around town you will find rubber bands lying on the ground. Collect all you can find. Once you have completed Geography 2, the rubber bands will appear on the map in the

    Check your progress:
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Collectibles---> Rubber Bands Collected

    Collect All 40 G + G Cards
    Randomly scattered around town you will find Grottos & Gremlins cards lying on the ground. Collect all you can find. Once you have completed Geography 3, the G&G will appear on the map in the

    Check your progress:
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Collectibles---> Grottos & Gremlins Cards Collected

    Smash All 25 Garden Gnomes
    Randomly scattered around town you will find garden gnomes lying on the ground. You will also see a cut scene explaining the gnomes in the Carnival. The half-naked girl short person will ask you to destroy all gnomes because she thinks they're offense. Run around town finding them, and when you do, kick them with the button.

    Once you have completed Geography 5, the garden gnomes will appear on the map in the menu. They will not appear on the map in your HUD.

    Check your progress:
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Vandalism---> Pumpkins Smashed

    Collect All 6 Transistors & Learn Fighting Moves
    Randomly scattered around town you will find transistors lying on the ground. This is spawned by a cut scene when you boys go and distrupt the homeless army guy. Collect all you can find. Once you find a transistor, you will see a yellow H on your HUD map. Go back to the homeless man's lair (behind the broken school bus), and he will teach you new army fighting moves.

    Once you have completed Geography 4, the transistors will appear on the map in the menu. They will not appear on the map in your HUD.

    Check your progress:
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Collectibles---> Transistors Collected
    Start---> Stats---> Fight---> General Fighting---> Fighting Moves Unlocked

    Win All Go-Kart Races
    --See "Pole Position"--

    Check your progress:
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Go Kart Races---> Carnival Games Won (out of 5)
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Go Kart Races---> Street Races Won (out of 3)

    Win All Bicycle Races
    --See "The Champion"--

    Check your progress:
    Start---> Stats---> Activities---> Bike Races---> Bike Races Won (out of 14)

    Complete All Lawn Mowing Jobs
    --See "Green Thumb"--

    Complete All Paper Route Jobs
    --See "Black & White & Read All Over"--

    Check your progress:
    Start---> Stats---> Activities---> Jobs---> Paper Routes Completed (out of 5)

    Complete 40 Errands
    --See "Helping Hand"--

    Check your progress:
    Start---> Stats---> Games---> Errands---> Errands Succeeded

    **Glitch Note**
    Sometimes, the game will not require you to complete all 40 errands. Some games will stop at 30, and the game will stop giving you errands to complete, and will not require any more for the 100%. Other times, you will have to go the whole 40, and others' games will stop somewhere in between. Keep this in mind if the game stops sending you errands. If the game does completely stop giving you errands, but you still need a few for completion (worth .03% each), restart the game a few times to get the errands to appear again

    Collect 330 Clothing Items
    **See Here for the complete list of clothing items, you need to collect at least 330 of them:

    Check your progress:
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Objects and Items---> Clothing Items Acquired menu. They will not appear on the map in your HUD. menu. They will not appear on the map in your HUD.

    Take All Yearbook Photos
    After completing Photography 2, you will have the Yearbook as an option. You can see your progress by going into the menu, and choosing "Yearbook Photos." This is the list of who you need to photograph, and where they can be located:

    Their pictures:

    Derby, Earnest, Gary, Jimmy, Johnny, Petey, Russell, and Ted will all be added to your yearbook automatically.

    Win All Boxing Matches
    These are performed at the Prep's Boxing Arena in the Vale. There is a blue circle next to the ring, press to join a fight. There is also a boxing competition you must complete and win as well.

    Ride Each Carnival Ride Once
    Around the carnival, aside from the games, there are also rides you can go on, that don't accomplish anything. You just see a fun cut-scene of Jimmy riding the ride. You must ride the Ferris Wheel, Rollercoaster, and Octopus each at least once.

    *WIN* Each Carnival Game Once
    See "It's all in the Wrists." The only difference here, is instead of simply playing the games, you must do well enough to at least win some tickets. This is easiest done during the "Carnival Date" mission, as you are forced to play carnival games for tickets to win a bear.

    Buy All Items From Carnival Shop
    As you win carnival games, you will be given tickets. The better you do, the more tickets you can earn. You can even earn double tickets if you've completed "Photography 5." Just in from the main entrance, there is a tent on the left side that says "Souvenirs." This is where to go to spend tickets.

    The prizes you must purchase are:

    Angel Halo Hair Band, 15 tickets
    Devil Horn Hair Band, 15 tickets
    Girlie/Car Poster, 10 tickets
    Some incredibly strange hat, 40 tickets
    Clown Trousers, 40 tickets
    Scooter, 75 tickets
    Clown Shoes, 40 tickets
    "I'm with Stupid" T-Shirt, 20 tickets
    Big Novelty Watch, 10 tickets
    Clown Wig, 40 tickets
    Rock Band poster, 10 tickets
    Beaded Bracelet, 15 tickets
    Checkered Party Hat, 20 tickets

    Fail Any Five Classes
    You must fail a total of 5 classes. Do not worry if you have already passed all classes. You have the option of going back and doing the level 5 courses as many times as you'd like, so redo them if you were good enough to not fail any the first time through.

    Pull Twenty Fire Alarms
    Randomly scattered around inside campus buildings are fire alarms. Walk up to one and press to pull it. The most notable ones are the alarm outside of your bedroom (easiest to use for the "Watch Your Step" achievement), as well as the one located outside of the teacher's work room that you must pull in order to go in and steal the perfume during the Cook's Date missions.

    Check your progress:
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Props---> Fire Alarms Pulled

    Travel 100 KM On Foot
    --See "Marathon"--

    Check your progress:
    Start---> Stats---> General---> General---> Distance Traveled on Foot

    Travel 50 KM On Skateboard
    --See "Skate Pro"--

    Check your progress:
    Start---> Stats---> General---> General---> Distance Traveled on Skateboard

    Travel 100 KM On Bicycle
    --See "Tour De Bullworth"--

    Check your progress:
    Start---> Stats---> General---> General---> Distance Traveled on Bike

    Get High Score On Arcade Games
    See "Dual Nebula," as these are the only 3 games you need to get a high score in

    Check your progress:
    Start---> Stats---> Games---> Arcade Games---> ConSumo High Score (beat 1010)
    Start---> Stats---> Games---> Arcade Games---> Monkey Fling High Score (beat 333)
    Start---> Stats---> Games---> Arcade Games---> Nut Shots High Score (beat 69,900)

    Play Penalty Shootout & Keep Ups Mini Games
    Complete each of these games at least once. Penalty Shootout is found outside of the Gym/Pool building, and Keep-ups is in the football field, on the way to the observatory.
    Check your progress:
    Start---> Stats---> Games---> Keep-ups---> Played
    Start---> Stats---> Games---> Penalty Shootout---> Played

    Buy 500 Sodas
    See "Soda'licious," except for 5x the amount needed for the achievement

    Check your progress:
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Objects & Items---> Sodas Drank

    Smash All Pumpkins From Halloween
    Randomly scattered around campus on Halloween night are lit up pumpkins. Run up to each one and press to smash it. They are only out on this one day. Don't worry about doing it this way though, it takes too much time. After Halloween, when Gary invites you into the basement at the end of Chapter 1 on your way to fight Russel in the hole, you will go through a room filled with all the pumpkins. This is where they were moved. It's easiest to smash them all now, instead of trying to hunt all over campus

    Check your progress:
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Vandalism---> Pumpkins Smashed

    Smash All Gravestones From Halloween
    Same as with the pumpkins, but now they have been moved to the warehouse in the Blue Skies Industrial Park. You will be there in 2 missions callled "Smash It Up" and "Preppies Vandalized" with Zoe during Chapter 5, so again, don't worry about getting them Halloween Night.

    Check your progress:
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Vandalism---> Gravestones Smashed

    Beat Up The Secret Pirate
    In the southwest of the map, you will see an island. Swim around it, and on the south west side, you will find a half sunken pirate ship. Right next to this, you will see a small beach on the island (can be seen in tan on the map). Run up there, and you will be attacked by a pirate. Defeat him in combat, and you get his outfit, and satisfy this requirement.

    Spray A Tag Of Each Clique
    After the tagging mission in Chapter 3, you will have the ability to spray graffiti tags on walls. In order to tag, you need to have a can of spray paint in your inventory. Cans of paint can be found laying on the ground, pulled off the bodies of rival taggers, or purchased at the Yum-Yum Grocery Store. You will see where you can tag because you will see a red ring on a wall with a white dot in the center.

    Walk up to a ring and press to begin the tagging mini game. You will see a design that you must follow with your . At times, the icon will change into a flashing . This means you must rapidly press to shake your can of spray paint before continuing.

    The tags for each of the gangs you'll be painting will be found in the location the gang hangs out in, i.e. New Coventry for the Greasers, Vale for the Preppies, etc.

    Check your progress (each must have at least 1 tagged):
    Start---> Stats---> Activities---> Tagging---> Nerd Tags Sprayed
    Start---> Stats---> Activities---> Tagging---> Preppy Tags Sprayed
    Start---> Stats---> Activities---> Tagging---> Greaser Tags Sprayed
    Start---> Stats---> Activities---> Tagging---> Jock Tags Sprayed

  • 男子と20回キスをしろ

    This is a difficult achievement in a way. You must complete Chapter 1 and have at least 1 art class completed. You gain respect with the different cliques. Now moving throughout the game if your respect goes up with a clique (respect is in green) you earn one guy from each clique. Then you do the same as with the girls, give them gifts and they give you a kiss.

    Trent from the bully clique is the easiest to get. He has blonde hair, and as all bullies are, is dressed in a white polo shirt with jeans on. His most common location is just to the right of the broken school bus (the entrance to the homeless army man's lair). He should be there with a group of other bullies. He may also be found in the common room of the boys' dorm, which is where the TV, couch, video game system, and soda machine is.

    **You can check how many boys you have kissed:**
    Start---> Stats---> Social---> Romance---> Kisses Received From Gents

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