- Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 41 850
- Online: 19 400
- Approximate amount of time to complete: 70-100 hours
- Number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 2 (Requires Vision Camer)
- Glitched achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No

Burnout Paradise is an excellent game if you are a fan of free roam racing games or were a fan of the previous Burnout games. The game automatically loads the only save file, thus limiting the game to one playthrough, unless you delete your save file, but that is all that is required for the achievements. In order to unlock all of the achievements the only outside requirement is that you have an Xbox Live Vision camera hooked up to your console. There are sponsor product codes, but these in no way disable your achievements. They have been disabled with one of the game updates released.

 Step #1: Preparation
The first step to do is to build yourself a checklist of billboards, smashes, and super jumps that are in Paradise city. Make sure that whenever you get a billboard, super jump, or smash that it is noted in one way or another, otherwise it can become very tedious trying to find that one last discoverable. Maps displaying all discoverables can be found in the guide below. The only other major step is to find a good partner to achievement trade with online as many of the achievements can be completed in this manner. You can find a boosting partner in the achievement trading thread HERE.

Step #2: Campaign
The first order of business is to repair the Hunter Cavalry that you start off with. The auto repair can be found one block east and then half a block south of where you start. After doing this, the location of the burning route will be unlocked on your map. Complete it to unlock your next car. From here I would suggest getting accustomed to driving either a stunt, speed, or aggression car and sticking to the relevant event type be it stunt runs, races, or road rages and marked mans. From there, just keep finding the events and completing the ones according to the vehicle type you are most comfortable with.

As you progress, vehicles for you to take down will appear. If a car is driving on the wrong side of the road or faster than the other cars, most likely it is one of them. Just hit the car into something to take it down and it should be added to your junkyard. From there take the car to an auto repair and complete its burning route. Repeat everything several times over until you get to your burnout license. From here the cars start to get a lot better, but at the same time the events get harder. Continue what you were doing with your events before, but now you will have to move onto another type which may present a new type of challenge to you, but with all of the cars unlocked up until now it should not be too difficult.

Eventually you will unlock the Racing WTR. That is the last car you will unlock by taking it down. That also means you will face the last burning route. The only way to win it is to stay in oncoming on the I-88 and to not let go of the boost or gas. Near the last stretch of the I-88 that is right underneath Webster Avenue you need to take an exit to reach the baseball stadium, be sure to watch out for the cross traffic. It can take several tries but you should get it eventually, unlocking you the PCPD Special. From there continue with the events until all of them are completed unlocking you the Elite drivers license. By now you should have at least 325. If not go back and check to see what you could have missed.

Step #3: Offline Cleanup
Now is the time that you should be working on cleaning up all the little things that you either cannot do online or are just easier offline. Use your checklist and make sure that you get the rest of your billboards, smashes, and super jumps. Not only do those provide you with some achievements, but they also lead up to Criterion Elite achievement and give you a new car for each of them. Check to make sure that you have all achievements related to events. If not, this is the time to get them. These achievements include Perfect Rage, Rising From the Ashes, Duckin’ and Weavin’, Rampage!, and Millionaire’s Club. Millionaire’s Club can be difficult for inexperienced gamers, but try taking out a good stunt run car, the Toy P12 is good if you bought it, and try to stick around areas like the quarry, the railroad, and the airfield.

By now you should have found all of the car parks, drive thrus, and events. In the rare case that you have not found all of the drive thrus just by chance, now would be a good time, as they can become quite helpful to know where they all are if you need boost or to switch your cars once you start online. The last thing to do offline can only be done if you have downloaded the Party Pack. It requires only one controller. Set it up for eight players and eight rounds, and make sure that you never mess anything up with letting one player lose. The design of this mode allows you to do it all by yourself without the eight people, even though it is set to eight players. If you make sure that each of the eight players score in each of the eight rounds you can get both of the Party Pack achievements done in one session. Now you should be at 565 if you have the Party Pack.

Step #4: Online with a Friend
If you happen to have an Xbox Live Vision Camera make sure that it is always hooked up when you go online with this game, it will give you some of the achievements. The first thing I would recommend is for you and your friend to get the Boosting Around the World achievement. There was a patch so it is no longer possible to get constant burnouts by drifting in one area. An easy way to get this is to start a race between the two of you, make sure you turned off the traffic, and then head to the I-88. Stay in oncoming while boosting and you will eventually reach your 20x burnout with little trouble, just make sure that you do not crash into the toll booths. Once both of you have gotten that achievement feel free to finish the race, but make sure to give each other enough time to finish.

Alternate winning races from there until both of you have won 10 races, but make sure that you let each other finish each race also so that you finish a total of 20 races. From here the two of you should make an attempt to finish all of the two player challenges. If you like you can also get as many of the two player timed challenges done that you are capable of. Do not worry about the bike challenges at all, they are just for fun. If you happen to have the Cops and Robbers pack, you can also achievement trade with that. Just set it to one round, let one person be the cop and the other person be the robber and let one of you win. Then redo that letting the other person win. After that, switch from cop to robber and robber to cop and repeat. If you have the Big Surf Island downloadable content the next thing that you will want to do is go through the 10 online island challenges. You should now have 800 if you have the Party Pack, the Cops and Robbers downloadable content, and Big Surf Island.

Step #5: General Online
The rest of the online is pretty much cleaning up achievements in whatever order they become available. Depending on who you join online, you could end up doing just about anything, but always try to take advantage of the situation. If they happen to be doing races, take advantage of it and try to go for the win, especially if there are eight players. While racing, takedowns are also a bonus. If there are stunt runs or marked mans then take advantage of people taking each other down to get some extra mug shots. Just try to focus more on the people with cameras. If they are doing challenges get as many in as possible. Quite often people will be friendly enough to do ones that both of you need, so ask for them if you happen to have a mic. In the occasion that people are just being stupid taking each other down when you do not want them to, just play along so that you can try to make more rivals until you get fifty. This is also a good opportunity to trade more mugshots. In the rare occasion that the other players are doing nothing from which you can benefit achievement wise this is a good chance to work on your showtime scores and your road rule time scores.

If someone else happens to be working on them also and you both have cameras try beating each other’s to trade even more mugshots. In the rare occasion that you run out of stuff to do try leading a bunch of the games scores such as most near misses in one go, most oncoming, biggest flatspin, etc. If you can lead six of the scores, which pop up in the upper right corner of the screen, when there are eight players there you get an achievement. This is usually not too difficult unless someone else is trying to do this too. You want to make sure that you have attained 500 takedowns, completed all roadrules, sent 50 snapshots, received 50 snapshots (maximum of 20 can go towards each type of snapshot as viewable in “The Lineup), completed 250 challenges, completed two sections of freeburn car challenges which can be most easily done with two players and three players, and have completed all specific instructions in this section.

Step #6: Big Surf Island
This step can be skipped if you do not have the Big Surf Island downloadable content. There a few things to do here but they do not need to be completed in any particular order. You will need to find all of the island events. There is an event at each intersection that has traffic lights. They should not take to long to find if you just drive down each street from one end to the other end. The next step is to find 20 island smashes and 15 island billboards. To find them just drive around watching for the glowing red. Considering that these are just small fractions of the totals you should find them in no time at all at times even by accident. The last thing that you will need to do is to take the Crash TV Ski Jump and manage to get 4.5 seconds of air time off of it. Just about any car stunt type car should work and many other cars will to. A good suggestion would be the Carson Duststorm that you will start off with on the island. To find the ski jump just head east from the island’s only junkyard. Right before the first major bend in the road you should see to off road trails and a billboard in between them, you will want to take the left path. Follow the paths while sticking to the left and you will quickly notice a sign that says ski jump. Take the ski jump at full speed acquiring 4.5 seconds of air time and you will be done the island.

Step #5: Final Cleanup
If you have completed everything up until now and do not have all of the achievements, here are some possibilities. Check your discoverables section in the game menu and make sure that everything is found. If you have not yet earned a 10x multiplier in showtime this can easily be accomplished by starting showtime in an area with lots of buses, there are lots of these in the mountains to the west, and focus on hitting them, if you run out of buses continue down the road hitting cars to keep up your boost making sure to hit any buses that come down the road.

Due to having completed enough challenges you should have earned a 100% power park rating. If you have not, there is an easy way to do this. It is a common misconception that you have to spin your car around into the parking space but this is wrong. It is possible to go straight in between two cars and just use the handbrake to straighten the car out. This technique is helpful for some and confusing for some, if it works for you it can be quite helpful although extra space can be sometimes required to slow down enough. A 2x barrel roll should also have been achieved. An update has been added that automatically levels out your car. To keep the car rolling hold the in the direction that you happen to be spinning until two rolls have been completed and then level it out. An easy place to do this can be found at the quarry among several other places throughout the game.

You should now have every achievement that is available to you. This can be an entertaining and rewarding game to play. Overall, this is not too hard of a game to complete, it just requires time. The biggest variable for how long it takes to complete this is how cooperative the other players online are which varies greatly. Lastly, the only thing preventing you from completing the achievements 100% is that you will require an Xbox Live Vision Camera and some of the downloadable content.

x360a would like to thank kaleido42 for this Road Map.

Burnout Paradise Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 60 achievements with a total of 1250 points

  • Repair your first wrecked car

    You will be directed by your friendly DJ to repair your car once you leave the junk yard for the first time. Drive through any repair shop and the achievement will unlock.

  • Watt?



    Set a Time Road Rule on Watt St

    Drive to Watt St just off to the right of where you first start the game set a road rule time by pressing until offline time pops up. Drive to the start of the street, and drive at full speed using boost. Beat the 5.8 second road rule time and become a winner.

  • Set a Showtime Road Rule East Crawford Drive

     Drive to Crawford Drive which is located north of the city just up from where you first start. Press up until the offline showtime shows just under you compass. I suggest picking a stunt car to have more boost, hit & together to enter showtime. You need to beat 1.5 Million to rule the road keep an eye out for buses, road signs, and aim for as many cars as you can. Every bus you hit will earn you a 1x multiplayer on your score.

  • Win a Race

    Winning your first race will come with natural progression. Drive to any blue dot on the map and compete in the race. To start a race drive up to the junction with the race, and hit & .

  • Collect 5 Billboards


    Smash though 5 billboards, it does not matter which one's you choose to earn this achievement.

  • Collect 25 Smashes


    Similar to the billboard collectibles but these are yellow gates which fence off shortcuts. Just smash though 25 of these and your first achievement for the smashes will unlock. Just remember once you go though one gate follow the path to the other side as there is always a 2nd gate to smash though.

  • Get your D Class License

    Complete xx events marked as different coloured dots on the map. See "Elite" for further details.

  • Get 10 Takedowns in Road Rage without Wrecking

    Start your first takedown event drive at a fair pace, but keep your eye on all the other cars, and slowly make your way around the roads and nudge off the other cars.

  • Repair your car at critical damage in a Road Rage event

    While taking part in a road rage event allow your car to become damaged until "critical damage" pops up on the screen. Once this happens make your way to a repair shop and fix your car.

  • Perform a 360 Flatspin in any car

    Pick a stunt car and head over to the quarry. You can find the quarry located at the left side of the lake just up the road from a sharp hairpin road, and roughly half way down the lake. To pull off a flat spin, head to the quarry and hit the ramp and press and pull the sharply to the left or right to pull off a flatspin.


  • Get your C Class License

    Complete xx events marked as different coloured dots on the map. See "Elite" for further details.

  • Successfully land 5 SUPERJUMPS


    Superjumps are marked with blue cones, just land 5 of these and the achievement will unlock.

  • Win a Marked man without being taken down

    Pick a car which has a fair amount of strength, and make your way from start to finish without being taken down by other cars. If you have unlocked the 4x4 or the Inferno BRT Van this achievement will be fairly easy, as they are strong vehicles. If not, make sure you turn out of your skids if your hit, and make it to the finish line.

  • Get a 10x multiplier in Showtime

    To earn a 10x multiplier, you need to hit 10 buses while making your way around the map hitting cars. I have found that Crawford drive tends to spawn the most buses, and can net you a 10x multiplier without to many issues just keep going until you hit 10x.

  • Get a Takedown Rampage

    Join a takedown event and get 10 takedowns in a row. This will be tricky for some, but if you have the 4x4 you will do this without any problems as cars bounce off you fairly easy, so you don't need to worry about crashing, just make sure you don't get taken down.

  • Get your B Class License

    Complete xx events marked as different coloured dots on the map. See "Elite" for further details.

  • Power Park with a 100% rating

    Power park your car at 100%, this is a lot easier than it sounds.This involves you finding 2 parked cars with a gap in the middle which you can drive up to with some speed. Hit to pull off an E brake turn and slide into the space.

    An alternative method is drive to the Dam, which is located in the middle of the map, and power park between 2 parked cars.There is a wall located there which will line you up perfectly, you will get almost 100% every single time you park.

  • Landed a 2 barrel roll jump

    Head to the quarry located next to the dam, and locate a ramp at the top of the quarry with a mini slip ramp. Use a stunt car, and the line up and hit the gas to pull off a barrel roll. To pull a double barrel roll hold the towards the way you are spinning, once you land the achievement will unlock.

  • Get a x20 Boost Chain

    Using the same technique as described in "Millionaire's Club" achievement, you should be able to reach a x20 burnout while driving around the I-88. I started a stunt run and then chained burnouts around the freeway into oncoming traffic. The only reason for using a stunt run is so there is a reduced amount of traffic.

  • Get your A Class License

    Complete xx events marked as different coloured dots on the map. See "Elite" for further details.

  • Score over a 1,000,000 in Stunt Run

    There are a couple of ways to do this, but I found it easier to find a route close to the I-88 off ramp, and use a speed car (Fastback Special), and pulled off a burnout chain around the freeway until I hit 1 million points. An alternative method can be found here:

  • Win 25 Burning Routes


    This achievement will unlock while progressing towards the "All Pimped Out" achievement. Winning a burning route involves you completing each route with the indicated car do this with 25 different cars, and the achievement will unlock.

  • Get 500 Takedowns (online and offline)

    Take part in any event or online freeburn, and take down the other players or AI cars.You just need a total of 500 takedowns which can be accumulated by either playing on or offline . Just keep taking other players down, and the achievement will unlock.

  • Win your Burnout Driving License

    Complete xx events to unlock this license, see "Elite" for more information.

  • Win all Burning Routes


    Burning routes correspond to certain cars which you will earn through completing events and other things. There are a total of 35 burning routes, and you must complete all burning routes with all 35 burning route cars. Look at the burning route on the map to find out what car you need, choose that car and pull up to the event and hit & to start the race.

  • Find all Events

    Events are located at every single junction on each road. If there are a set of lights there will normally be an event, there are a few events located on the I-88. Drive up to the junctions and the event will be added to your map, find all of these and the achievement will unlock.

    Click for Map

  • Visit www.burnout.ea.com to find out more


    Find all the car parks in paradise there are a total of 11 car parks around the city. Just drive into each carpark to add them to you discovered locations.

    Click for Map

  • Collect all Billboards


    There are 120 billboards around the city in some really difficult places, I suggest using a faster stunt car or the vegas as it has a decent air time.

    Click for Map

  • Collect all Smashes


    Smash though all the yellow signed gates, there are 400 gates dotted around the city. If you find one gate follow through the pathway as there is always a 2nd gate on the other side.

    Click for Map

  • Successfully landed all SUPERJUMPS


    Superjumps are marked with blue cones and lights (as of 1.6 update+). Basically find all the jumps and air over each jump and land them.

    Click for Map

  • Set a Time Road Rule on every road


    To do this you may want to use a faster car I used one of the carbon cars awarded for completing all of the smashes and finding all of the billboards. You can hit and change the signs to best offline time then race down each street. This may take a little while and some of the streets have very short times to beat, but with a little practice you should be able to complete this in no time.

  • Set a Showtime Road Rule on every road


    Drive down any road and hit + together to enter showtime. You must beat the showtime score on that road to rule the road. Keep track of all the roads you have completed a showtime on from your map, by hitting back and changing the options to show showtime.

  • Find all Drive Thrus and Car Parks


    Drive thrus show up as a a tab icon for either a gas station, junk yard, paint shop and repair shop. You don't need to use these locations just drive past them so they show up on your map.

    Ciick for Map

  • Elite



    Win your Burnout Elite Licence

    This will come with progression throughout the game. Basically you need to complete all the events on the map. I have found it best to make your way through the game and save the burning routes until your last license. As it gives you more events to take part in towards your license.

  • Get your Elite License, win every event, find all discoverables and beat every Road Rule


    If you have gone for all the other achievements for collecting billboards, won every single event, smashed through all gates, and beat every road rule once you complete your elite license, this achievement will follow. This is one of the more time consuming achievements, but it will come with natural progression through the game if you are after all of the achievements.

  • Complete an online Race

    Just play an online race, you don't have to win just take part in it.

  • Win Your first 8 Player online Race

    This is a little tricky seeing as if your not very good at races this may take some practice, you need 7 people for this event. If your playing with random people ask the host if they mind setting up a race so you can try and win first place, and just race until you win. Or play with friends, and complete the race with them allowing you to win. The achievement will pop up after the event has finished.

  • Win 10 online Races

    This can be done while working towards "Online and Kicking", if your doing this with a friend just win all the races you setup, and after you win 10 races you will be rewarded.

  • Complete 20 online Events

    Completing events involves you taking part in marked man, races & road rage. This achievement doesn't unlock at 20 events but more like 22 or more. If you want to get this fast set up a private session with a friend with short races, and other events until the achievement unlocks. I have had issues where it hasn't registered the event I took part in so just keep at it until it unlocks.

  • Make 50 online Rivals

    To make an online rival you need to crash into another player which will start a rivalry with them. Sometimes this doesn't always set off a rival with another player so it takes a few goes, but you have to do this with 50 different players. Just keep crashing into players until it unlocks, you can keep track of your progress from the start menu.

  • Make Your First online Rival

    Once you make your first online rival with a takedown this will unlock. Just find another player and crash into them. Once you take them out the achievement will unlock.

    If this doesn't unlock crash into someone who has a vision camera, you can check this info by pressing start and going to show players. Crash into someone with a camera and as soon as the camera takes the picture and sends the photo to you the achievement will unlock.

  • Send 5 Camera Shots


    See "Notorious" for further details.

  • Send 50 Camera Shots

    For these camera achievements you need the vision camera hardware. If you do not have the camera hardware you will not be able to obtain these achievements.

    Once your camera is setup and ready to go join any online freeburn and take part in any events or takeout other players until your camera has taken and send the required amount of photos. Just leave the camera plugged in while your playing online and you should have these achievements in no time. Photos are sent when you either beat a road rule, perform a takedown or win an event.

  • Get 50 Snapshots in your Lineup

    Your line is hidden away in the start menu under Lineup, you can view a collection of photos you have stored from winning events and storing other photos people have sent you once you have taken them down or beat them at road rules and races.

    • 20 freeburn mugshots (done in freeburn)
    • 20 photo finishes (1 photo finish after each race)
    • 10 event mugshots (takedowns during races)
  • Complete 1 online Challenge


    Complete your first online challenge, see "Block Party"

  • Complete 25 online Challenges


    Complete 25 online challenge, see "Block Party"

  • Complete 250 online Challenges

    Complete 250 online challenge, see "Block Party"

  • Complete 2 whole sections of online Challenges (excluding PDLC)


    If you are hosting you can pick your challenges by hitting and selecting challenges. Scroll tough the challenges and complete 2 whole tiers which will result in 100 challenges, there are 50 challenges per tier and 10 challenges per timed tier. There around 490 challenges in the game which range from 2 players all the way up to 8 timed and none timed. As you work your way though the lists either randomly or with friends just keep completing challenges until you have completed all enough for each achievement.

  • In 8 Player online Freeburn lead 6 of the Today's Best Scores

    This can be tricky as a lot of 8 player games end with some users randomly leaving which makes it hard to maintain your leading streak on the daily scores. If you can find 7 other people you will be able to do this fairly fast by telling them to stay still while you complete 6 of the events and get the top score. If you can't find friends to play just join random games and keep trying for the top scores.

  • Catch Criterion Fever - Visit www.burnout.ea.com to find out more

    Join any freeburn session and start taking down other players. This should pop up really fast as almost everyone who plays online has this achievement. Just make sure your in a friendly game where people aren't to bothered about being run off the road. Some players take this game to seriously.

    Avoid challenges while trying to collect this achievement as it may not unlock.

DLC: Burnout Paradise Party (Store Link)

There are 2 achievements with a total of 50 points

  • Complete a Party game where every player scores in every round

    Once you setup a party game you only need one controller, basically setup a party game and make sure you score points every round. Shouldn't be to hard seeing as you will be playing as each person.

  • Complete a Party game of 8 rounds with 8 players

    Setup a game with 8 players and 8 rounds and play until you have fully completed all rounds. Again shouldn't be to hard as you will be playing as all players so you won't have to worry about your friends making mistakes.

DLC: Burnout Paradise Cops & Robbers (Store Link)

There are 3 achievements with a total of 90 points

  • Awarded for being on the winning Cops team in a Cops and Robbers game on Xbox LIVE

    Just play on the cops team and the achievement will unlock once your team wins. Can Be done with a friend.

  • Awarded for being on the winning Robbers team in a Cops and Robbers game on Xbox LIVE

    Same as the cops achievement but playing on the robbers team.

  • Golden



    Awarded for delivering the Gold to your team base in a Cops and Robbers game on Xbox LIVE

    Either start up or join a game of cops and robbers and play until you capture the gold. You must be the person to return the gold to your teams base to unlock the achievement. It doesn't matter which team your on just as long as you deliver at least once. This could be done with a friend without to many issues as your required to have at least 2 people playing.


DLC: Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island (Store Link)

There are 5 achievements with a total of 110 points

  • Collect 20 Island Smashes


    Smash through 20 gates, just remember once you hit through one gate another gate normally follows as you drive through.

  • Collect 15 Island Billboards


    Find 15 billboards and smash through them. You can't miss them as they are a bright orange and yellow colour. Collect 15 of these and the achievement will unlock.

  • Find all 15 Island events


    Events can be found on road junctions, drive up to them to discover them. Just drive around each road until they have all been marked on your map. If you see a road junction without a coloured dot drive up to it to mark the event on the map.

  • Land the Mega Jump from the Crash TV Ski Jump and get at least 4.5 seconds of Air Time


    Hit the mega ski jump with the dune buggy while boosting, you should be able to get this first try with a respectable 4.8 second airtime.

    To locate the ski jump head south on the island toward a hairpin road. You will see a tunnel in front of you at the top of the road with a dirt road on your right side. Drive up the dirt road and follow it around until you come to the ski jump.

  • Awarded when you complete all 10 Island Freeburn Challenges. These can be completed by 2 - 8 players

    Join in on a freeburn and complete 10 challenges, this will take no time if you have a friend to play with. Start an online freeburn and hit and select challenges while on the island.

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