-Estimated achievement difficulty: 1/10
-Offline: 12 (200)
-Online: 0 (0)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 1-2 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No known cheat codes.
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? Windows 7 Phone required.

This is a rather entertaining and very easy game. The object of the game is that you are a butterfly that must fly about making flowers bloom while avoiding predators.

The game is only available on the Windows 7 Phones. You play by simply dragging your finger across the screen wherever you want the butterfly to go. After causing all flowers to bloom in a level a large flower will bloom (identical to the starting flower of the level). Fly to this flower to complete the level.

Each stage is timed and fast completion is required to obtain the maximum number of medals on each level (three) and the related achievement.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
The game has ten stages each with eight levels for a total of eighty levels. You cannot skip ahead and must play through each stage as it presents itself. You do have the option of replaying each stage should you need to.

Playing through each stage will get you the “Chrysalis” achievement for completing the tutorial level and finally “Marco Pollen” for completing all stages. Should you be awarded three medals on each stage during your first playthrough you will also receive “Monarch Butterfly”. If you didn't get three medals on all stages then just replay the ones you need.

The medals appear to be based solely on the time you complete each stage in.

The additional achievements will likely come during the course of your playthrough with three possible exceptions.

First, as you make each flower bloom specific types may pop up. The achievements “Miss Daisy”, “Marshmallow & Lilypad” and “Basket Full of Poppies” require 200 of each of those flowers to bloom. These achievements are cumulative but you will have them before completing all stages.

Also cumulative are the following achievements: “Feed Me, Seymour!”, “Frog Kiss” and “Jaws”. These require you to dodge a total of 100 carnivorous plants, frogs and koi carp respectively. Again you should get these by the end of the final stage.

Lastly are the final dodge achievements: “Green Thumb”, “Don't Lick the Frogs!” and “The Life Aquatic”. For these you must dodge 20 carnivorous plants, frogs and koi carp respectively however you MUST do all 20 in a row without being hit. You may get this while playing or if not replay a stage and simply fly around a frog dodging it until the achievement pops then rinse and repeat for the plants and koi.

Note: There are no achievements related to the highly annoying bees.

That should be all of the achievements for you. Again, the only ones that may not come through merely playing the game are the dodge 20 creatures without getting hit. As stated, replay a level dodging until you get it. This is a cheap, easy and enjoyable game. It is well worth the download even if it is only for the simple 200.

x360a would like to thank xandermacleod for this Road Map

Butterfly Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Make more than 200 poppies bloom.

    As you fly your butterfly around making flowers bloom, you will get this achievement and the other flower achievements. This is cumulative however it will unlock before the completion of the final (tenth) stage.


  • Clear the tutorial stage.

    Complete the first stage to unlock.


  • Dodge more than 20 frogs without getting hit.

    You may get this and the other similar achievements through normal play. If not, once the game is over (or during the game, just keep in mind your score and hence medals are based on your times) fly around the target creature (frogs, koi or plants) dodging their attacks until these pop.

    Credit to The Pink Pwner: This can be done on the same creature. Just fly around the same one and dodge its attacks twenty times. You do not need to use multiple creatures.

    Credit to JB x360a: These must be done in the same sitting without being hit by anything, i.e., dodge 20 frogs in a row in one sitting without being hit by anything.

    Thank you both for clarifying my instructions!


  • Dodge more than 100 carnivorous plants.

    You will get this and the related achievements by the end of the final stage. These achievements are cumulative so if for whatever reason you did not get them by the end of the game, replay levels until you do.


  • Dodge more than 100 frogs.

    See “Feed Me, Seymour!”.


  • Dodge more than 20 carnivorous plants without getting hit.

    See “Don't Lick the Frogs!”.


  • Jaws



    Dodge more than 100 Koi carps.

    See “Feed Me, Seymour!”.


  • Clear all stages.

    Simply clear all ten stages to get this achievement. As stated each stage consists of eight levels for a total of eighty levels.


  • Make more than 200 water lilies bloom.

    See “Basket Full of Poppies”.


  • Make more than 200 daisies bloom.

    See “Basket Full of Poppies”.


  • Clear all stages with all three medals.

    Completion of each stage will award you medals, with three being the maximum obtainable for each stage. It appears that the only bearing on the number of medals awarded is the time you complete the level in.

    You may get this simply by playing each stage if you get three medals on the first try. If not, after completing the game you can go back and replay whatever stages you didn't get all three medals in. The "map" in the game clearly shows each stage and the medals awarded for it making it easy to clean up.


  • Dodge more than 20 Koi carps without getting hit.

    See “Don't Lick the Frogs!”.

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