- Estimated achievement difficulty: 9/10 
- Offline: 13 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate time: 15 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Cheats: No!

At the end of the day, this is a straightforward list of achievements that require you to complete each mission on the Veteran difficulty. There are no achievements for completing random acts, ie. you do not have to go out of your way to get them.

Welcome to Call of Duty 2, the second installment of the Call of Duty franchise and the first on the 360. This game has 13 achievements, all of which are single player. You will only need one playthrough to unlock every achievement; provided you play on Veteran first time through. However, if you wish to play it on Recruit to learn the missions, objectives and enemy spawn points, feel free. If you are struggling with finishing the game, you may choose to complete it on Hardened if you have already finished a handful of missions on Veteran. This will fetch you the achievement for completing the game on Hardened OR Veteran. However, you will still have to complete the remaining missions on Veteran to gain the achievements for completing the specific mission.

There is one cheat that you can use that will not prevent you from getting achievements. To use it, go to the mission select menu and put in this code:

While holding + , input , , , , ,

NOTE: for the cheat, you need to hold both bumpers while entering in the rest of the code. Also, make sure that the "left" and "right" are doing on the directional pad.

This should unlock all levels; it also won't prevent you from earning any achievements. (Thanks to PerpetualHeaven for the cheat info)

Playthrough - Veteran Difficulty
Although you may choose to start on Recruit to memorize the missions and what to do, I personally started on Veteran difficulty as all the achievements are gained for completing on Veteran. There isn't much to say about veteran, other then the fact that most of your time playing Call of Duty 2 will be from dying. Unless, of course, you are a god at Call of Duty. An excellent walkthrough of the game with detailed objectives and what to do can be found HERE.

As a general rule of thumb in all the Call of Duty games, Veteran difficulty is hard. Here are a couple of tips applicable to all four COD games:

1. Patience is a virtue. But don't be too patient! Never enter a battle unless you have other soldiers with you. They will make your life a lot easier. Some places have enemies that infinitely spawn, so here you will have the move up to stop the influx of enemy soldiers. Others, you just need to kill every soldier. These are the ones you need to be patient on. Make sure every last soldier is dead before moving on.

2. It is literally raining with grenades on Veteran, as if the Germans have the Catch skull on from Halo 3. Camping too long in one spot will surely get you killed.

3. Smoke grenades, while having no lethal capabilities, will make life a lot easier. Especially with mounted machine guns all over the place. Smoke grenades do not appear in vast amounts, so don't spam them.

4. Being prone and crouching is a very big part of running through this game on Veteran. Chances are, most of the cover you find will be smaller then your standing height. So go prone/crouch. This will make you a smaller target, thus harder the hit, and in turn you will have less deaths.

5. Treat Veteran difficulty like Realistic in Rainbow Six. Cover! Cover! Stay in cover at all times. And remember, if you want to help out your teammates, peak out on the side while prone or over the top and shoot a single burst on a single guy. Go back down and reload, then rinse and repeat.

To wrap this up, Call of Duty 2 is a fairly arduous 1000 to achieve. I can almost guarantee that you will pull out hair, yell at your TV, and throw stuff around. Again, you do not have to go out of your way to achieve any of these achievements; they all come by playing the game on Veteran.

[XBA would like to thank Eternal for this Roadmap]

Call of Duty 2 Achievement Guide

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There are 13 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Completed Basic Training.

    Complete the very first mission on any difficulty. Very easy to obtain.

  • Finished The Winter War on Veteran difficulty

    See "Veteran of Crossing the Rhine".

  • Finished "Not One Step Backwards!" mission on Veteran difficulty

    See "Veteran of Crossing the Rhine".

  • Finished Fortress Stalingrad mission on Veteran difficulty

    See "Veteran of Crossing the Rhine".

  • Finished The Battle of El Alamein mission on Veteran difficulty

    See "Veteran of Crossing the Rhine".

  • Finished The Tank Squadrons mission on Veteran difficulty

    See "Veteran of Crossing the Rhine".

  • Finished Rommel's Last Stand mission on Veteran difficulty

    See "Veteran of Crossing the Rhine".

  • Finished The Battle for Caen mission on Veteran difficulty

    See "Veteran of Crossing the Rhine".

  • Finished D-Day mission on Veteran difficulty

    See "Veteran of Crossing the Rhine".

  • Finished Hill 400 mission on Veteran difficulty

    Hill 400 starts out with you and your squad mates moving up the hill and taking out bunkers. While there isn't an easy way to do this it helps if you make sure you use the scoped German rifle (after the first bunker you breach there is a second door you can blow open. It has ammo and a scoped rifle). This makes it easy to go prone and snipe.

    When the mission first starts out you have to snipe the mortar teams as they come up the hill. There is no easy way to do this. What's nice is that you can take your time (unlike silo, where you have to quickly take out the mortar teams before they blow you out of the tower). Do the best you can and stick around the perimeter. Make sure you run to the fox holes and let your squad clear the area before you move on.

    When you're holding out for reinforcements, after you snipe the mortar teams, you'll have to take cover from artillery fire. Make sure you run for cover in the middle of the hill in the bunker. When the artillery fire is done head out of the bunker and make a left, hugging the bunker wall. You'll see some sand bags and a M240 mounted. Follow the bunker wall and make another left. Now you'll see another sandbag with a mortar behind it. Run behind it and go prone (your feet to the sand bags and facing the bunker wall). Your squad mates will hold up on your left and you need to watch your right. You might encounter 4 or 5 guys while the whole barrage is going on. Just sit tight until you have to run from artillery fire. Do the same thing, hold out in the bunker and run back to the same sand bags. During the second wave I didn't see a single German. There was a tank blasting me but the sand bags kept me from getting hurt. You might see one or two guys, but just hold out till the timer runs out, then BAM achievement.

    See "Veteran of Crossing the Rhine" for more tips.

  • Finished Crossing the Rhine mission on Veteran difficulty

    Each sub section of missions requires you to beat them all on Veteran difficulty. There is really no easy way of doing this but you will need a lot of persistence, patience and reloading of checkpoints.

    Some Tips that may help :

    * Good use of smoke grenades is a vital part of the game, use them well and in the right places and it will make this a hell of a lot easier. Remember not to waste them though, as smoke grenades are not in plentiful supply.

    * Always stay behind cover - try not to get stranded in the open or the enemy will often take you down. When reloading always do it behind cover as getting caught mid- reload will often end up with you dying.

    * Always make good use of your fellow commerades. They will often be a great help and take out a number of enemies for you. They will not do all the fighting for you and you will be kept very busy, but staying behind while your fellow country men storm a house will often save you dying instead.

    * When you get shot, as soon as the screen flashes red, get to cover as quickly as possible. This flashing red screen means if your shot again you will die. Stay in cover until the screen returns to normal.
    * Always keep a careful eye on the grenade indicator, as soon as it pops up, be somewhere else.

    * Choose your weapons carefully, when fighting in close proximity to the enemy an automatic weapon is always the best choice. A rifle is the best choice for the enemies at long range. Be sure to carry one machine gun and one mid to long range rifle at all times.

    * When clearing houses of the enemy, grenades are the weapon of choice. Remember they will bounce off walls if you want to clear the enemies around corners without the risk of being shot.

    * If your stuck on a certain mission for a long time, try a different strategy, head a different way, or try something different to what you have been doing previously. Different strategies will work for different people and the a various ways around many of the obstacles.

  • Finished the Single Player Campaign

    Complete the whole game on any difficulty. Play through every mission in the game but to save on time you may just want to play through it on veteran to get all achievements in one play through.

  • Finished the Single Player Campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty setting

    Finish the game on hardened or veteran difficulty.

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