Estimated achievement difficulty: 8
Estimated time for 1000: 15+ hours.
Minimum playthroughs: 1 (2 recommended)
Missable achievements: Eyes and Ears: if you accidentally pick up any intel while cheats are active you can no longer unlock this achievement until you remove your save file from your system's memory.
Glitched achievements: None
Offline: 37 (1000)
Online: 0 (0)
Cheats disable achievements: Yes

Most of the achievements are pretty easy to pick up in just one playthrough if you know what to do. You could do everything in one playthrough on veteran but since veteran is very difficult it's best to start on normal or easy and grab all the miscellaneous achievements while preparing yourself for veteran. As far as veteran goes, it's hard. Most of your time in the single player will be spent getting killed in veteran unless you're a god at Call of Duty.

Single Player

Step 1: Start a new story on easy mode. Since you're pretty much invulnerable to enemy fire on easy we're going to focus on grabbing most of the miscellaneous achievements as well as all the intel along the way.

Step 1.0: As a reminder, be sure to grab all the intel along the way; Any you miss can be grabbed during subsequent playthroughs but if you're on easy now it's just going to be more difficult.

Step 1.1: During the first actual level 'Crew Expendable' you'll come to a drunken man near the very start of the level. Aim at him and throw a flash, once you're blinded unload your gun in his general direction and you should get the achievement "Daredevil." If your team killed him before you could you can go into the nearby room and simply aim at the sleeping enemies, throw a flash, and then kill them while blinded for credit.

Step 1.2: While we're going through the story mode we'll have to get the achievements "No Rest for the Weary", "Roadkill", "Four of a Kind", and "Three of a Kind." We may as well do them on 'Blackout' but they can be done anytime you feel comfortable doing them.

Step 1.3: Throughout the level 'Charlie Don't Surf' there are going to be a bunch of TV's around that you'll have to destroy. Destroy all of them and you'll unlock the achievement "Your Show Sucks." Most of them are in one room near the end but here's a YouTube video for more help.

Step 1.4: While going through the level 'The Bog' you'll head up a flight of stairs and see one of your buddies being attacked. Kill the assailant before he kills your friend and you'll unlock the achievement "Rescue Roycewicz."

Step 1.5: During the level 'Hunted' you'll eventually come to the point where you'll be watching a farmer talking to some enemies. Once Price gives the order kill the enemies and you'll unlock the achievement "Man of the People."

Step 1.6: During the level 'Death From Above' try to find a group of five people near each other and then hit them with the 105mm gun to kill them all and get the achievement "Straight Flush." Look around for a car to shoot and check if at least two people are near it. If there are destroy it with the 25mm and you should unlock the achievement "Roadkill."

Step 1.7: At the start of the mission 'Warpig' run forward and grab the RPG near the empty bus. A helicopter will be arriving shortly to drop off enemy troops. Take out the RPG and shoot the helicopter when you've got a good shot. Once it goes down you should unlock the achievement the achievement "Bird on the Ground."

Step 1.8: During the mission 'All Ghillied Up' you'll have to stay completely unnoticed during the level. There will be times when you'll be given the choice of killing people of sneaking around. Pick the option to sneak around throughout the level and you'll unlock the achievement "Ghillies In The Mist."

Step 1.9: While you're going through the game you'll fight dogs at a few different times. If they happen to jump on you you'll be shown a button prompt and then upon hitting it will snap their neck. I found dogs the easiest to fight against on the level 'One Shot, One Kill.' While following McMillian you'll go through an old building. A few dogs will pop out of a door and attack you. Later in the level a lone dog will be eating something. Even later there will be a swimming pool full of dogs. Allow any to jump on you and then hit the button prompt and you'll unlock the achievement "Down Boy Down."

Step 2: Now with your new found leet Call of Duty skills start a new game on veteran. During the first level 'F.N.G' you'll be asked to do a training course. If manage to finish in under 20 seconds you'll unlock the achievement "New Squadron Record."

Step 2.1: Now you'll have to actually beat the game on veteran. Each level will give you an achievement and finishing every level will give you another worth 90. Go slow, use cover, allow your team to help, use grenades when necessary, and try to remember the levels from your previous playthrough(s.)

Step 2.2: During your veteran playthrough you may as well grab any intel you're missing as well as any miscellaneous achievements you didn't get.

Step 3: After finishing the game on any difficulty you'll unlock a new level to play from the mission select screen. Under epilogue you'll be able to play the mission 'Mile High Club' which is certainly one of the harder achievements in the game. It'll take quite a few tries but check out a few YouTube videos, read a couple of guides, and you should be able to down this in less than an hour of trying.
[x360a would like to thank drno for this Road Map]

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Achievement Guide

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There are 37 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Infiltrate a cargo ship

    Complete the “Crew Expendable” mission on any difficulty.

  • Complete 'F.N.G.'

    Complete the training mission, “F.N.G.”

  • Complete the game on any difficulty

    Complete the single-player game on any difficulty. You do not have to complete the epilogue to gain this achievement.

  • Kill the power

    Complete the “Blackout” mission on any difficulty.

  • Protect 'War Pig', the Abrams tank

    Complete the “War Pig” mission on any difficulty.

  • Operate an AC-130 gun ship

    Complete the “Death from Above” mission on any difficulty.

  • Find Al-Asad's safehouse

    Complete the “Safehouse” mission on any difficulty.

  • Carry Cpt. MacMillian to safety

    Complete the “One Shot, One Kill” mission on any difficulty. NOTE: Many people believe this achievement is awarded for saving the pilot of the downed helicopter at the end of the “Shock and Awe” mission. IT’S NOT. It’s awarded for carrying MacMillian to the end of the mission and holding out for your helicopter.

  • Corner Zakhaev's Son

    Complete the “The Sins of the Father” on any difficulty.

  • Find 15 enemy intel items

    See “Eyes and Ears”.

  • Find 30 enemy intel items

    Intel is in the form of a laptop, and is scattered about through each mission. NOTE: DO NOT CLAIM ANY INTEL IF YOU HAVE CHEATS ENABLED! You can’t earn achievements if you have turned any cheat on. “Cheat Mode” is unlocked when you complete the game. For help on intel locations, head here:

    I don’t take credit for this video. It belongs to metalcard.

    For descriptions, go here. 

  • Survive a dog attack

    You can’t gain this achievement by shooting a dog. You have to let the dog jump on you, and press  at the correct time. A  button will show up on the screen, and you need to hit it before it goes away. If you hit it too early, the dog will bite your hand, and then your neck. If you do it too late, the dog will have already bitten your neck. The easiest place to do this is on the “All Ghillied Up” mission, at the first set of guards. Just alert the guards, then a group of 3 dogs will come running at you. Let one jump on you, and see if you can hit the  button at the right time. If not, simply try it again until you get it right.

    Editor's Note: Depending on your controller setup, pushing the right stick down at the correct time will also get the achievement.

  • Complete the cargo ship mockup in less than 20 seconds

    Complete the test course in less than 20 seconds on the “F.N.G.” training mission. You don’t have to physically complete the course in less than 20 seconds; your accuracy bonus will be subtracted from your time to give you a final time. Use the gun you’re told to use for the first 3 targets, then switch to your pistol to improve your accuracy. The only time you shouldn’t be sprinting is when you are shooting the targets. Never try to reload, it slows you down; always switch weapons. You have as many attempts as you wish, so go through the course slowly until you have memorized where you have to throw flash grenades, as well as where targets pop up, and you should have this achievement in a few attempts.

  • Save Pvt. Roycewicz on the stairs

    On the “The Bog” mission, you will be instructed to head upstairs with Roycewicz after you have entered the building with night vision enabled. At the landing, Roycewicz will be attacked by an enemy. Simply kill this enemy in any way you wish, and you should get this achievement, so long as Roycewicz stays alive.

  • Destroy all the TVs showing Al-Asad's speech

    Destroy all of the TV’s broadcasting Al-Asad’s speech. The only mission you need to destroy the TV’s on is “Charlie Don’t Surf”. For help on the TV locations, head here:

    I don’t take credit for this video. It belongs to metalcard.

  • Save the farmer

    This is done on the “Hunted” mission. When you first come to a building, you should look out the windows and see a farmer being harassed by 3 enemies. To get this achievement, all you have to do is kill the enemies that are harassing him. NOTE: You MUST wait until Price gives the order to get rid of them, or you will not get the achievement.

  • Kill 5 enemies with one shot while in the AC-130 gunship

    This is done the “Death from Above” mission. Scout the area with the 40mm gun, then switch to the 25mm gun when you see a group to confirm that it there are 5 enemies in it. Switch to the 105mm gun, and blast the group. You have to lead the group, as it takes time to reach the ground, but you don’t need to lead by much. You should get this achievement instantly.

  • Complete 'All Ghillied Up' without alerting any enemies

    As this says, you must complete the level without alerting any enemies, on any difficulty. When you get to the first choice as you are standing next to the house, let him pass. At the second choice, when you have just taken out the patrol in the church tower, either option is fine. At the third choice, wait behind the bulldozer, and take out both enemies as they walk past you. From there, just be careful with the rest of the level, and you should be good to go.

  • Sky dive to safety on Veteran difficulty

    Possibly the hardest achievement in the game. You have to complete the epilogue on the veteran difficulty. I have no tips on this achievement, but this video will show you the only way to finish it on time:

    I do not take credit for this video. It belongs to dfwerwolf.

  • Stab an injured crawling enemy

    Simply find an enemy, take out your pistol and shoot at his feet or legs until he goes down and is crawling. Then quickly go up and stab him with your knife to get this achievement.

  • Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran difficulty

    Complete the game on the Hardened or Veteran difficulty. If you want to save yourself some time, just go straight through the game on the Veteran difficulty, and you’ll knock off the Veteran mission achievements.

    TIPS: Know what you have to do next, keep a long and short range weapon, rely on your team, and use flash grenades!

  • Complete 'Crew Expendable' on Veteran difficulty

    See “Deep and Hard”. Self Explanatory.

  • Complete 'Blackout' on Veteran difficulty

    See “Deep and Hard”. Self Explanatory.

  • Complete 'Charlie Don't Surf' on Veteran difficulty

    See “Deep and Hard”. Self Explanatory.

  • Complete 'The Bog' and 'War Pig' on Veteran difficulty

    See “Deep and Hard”. Self Explanatory.

  • Complete 'Hunted' and 'Death From Above' on Veteran difficulty

    See “Deep and Hard”. Self Explanatory.

  • Complete 'Shock and Awe' on Veteran difficulty

    See “Deep and Hard”. Self Explanatory.

  • Complete 'Safehouse' on Veteran difficulty

    See “Deep and Hard”. Self Explanatory.

  • Complete 'All Ghillied Up' and 'One Shot, One Kill' on Veteran difficulty

    See “Deep and Hard”. Self Explanatory.

  • Complete 'Heat' and 'The Sins of the Father' on Veteran difficulty

    See “Deep and Hard”. Self Explanatory.

  • Complete 'Ultimatum', 'All In', and 'No Fighting in the War Room' on Veteran difficulty

    See “Deep and Hard”. Self Explanatory.

  • Complete 'Game Over' on Veteran difficulty

    See “Deep and Hard”. Self Explanatory.

  • Kill an enemy while blinded by a flashbang in the single player campaign

    Easiest to do on the Recruit difficulty on the “Crew Expendable” mission. After your team takes out the enemies in the captains room, head down the stairs before they do. There should be a drunken enemy at the end of the hallway. Aim at him, throw a flash grenade out, and shoot at him. If you manage to just take him off his feet, then shoot at the floor as well before your blindness goes away.

  • Kill 2 enemies by blowing up a car in the single player campaign

    Easiest to do on the mission “Death from Above”. Simply find a group of 2 enemies by an intact vehicle, and then blow the vehicle up, killing the enemies.

  • Shoot down an enemy helicopter with an RPG in the single player campaign

    Easiest to do on the “War Pig” mission on the Recruit difficulty. Make your way to the container to the right of the bus. Grab the RPG’s on the other side of it, then simply aim at a helicopter and shoot it. For good measure, take out both helicopters.

  • Kill 4 enemies in a row with headshots in the single player campaign

    Easiest to do on the “War Pig” mission on the Recruit difficulty. After you take a right at the end of the road and head down a new road, there will be a bunch of enemies. Camp out at a spot where you can see enemies (preferably in a building) clearly, as they will continue to spawn so long as you don’t move up.

  • Kill 3 enemies in a row with your knife in the single player campaign

    Easiest to do on the “Crew Expendable” mission on the Recruit difficulty in the same spot as the “Daredevil” achievement. Quickly run to the drunken enemy at the end of the hallway and knife him before your teammates shoot him. Run into the quarters and knife both of the sleeping enemies to get this achievement.

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