No Man Left Behind Achievement

  • No Man Left Behind



    Rescue Woods.

    Story Related. Complete the first mission, "Pyrrhic Victory."

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  • reminds me of a mission name of battlefield bad company 2
  • did he not die in the 1st black ops
  • Nah, he had Flak Jacket Pro i think. No other logical explanation.
  • So the intel was true?
  • The only other explanation that makes sense is if Kravchenko landed on his stomach, Woods would have been shielded from the grenade blast by his body.
  • Love This Cheevo
  • #5 Or if Mason just imagined all of the stuff that happened.
  • Woods was the best character in BO. Glad to see him again.
  • woods was a fuckin tank
  • Do we have to bust up in the nursing home to save him or what?
  • LOL
  • is this a brazil map??
  • @Kaiquepassos are you fucking serious? It is Africa... :facepalm:
  • @12 yeah the part of the world in the pic is the entire continent of AFRICA!
  • wow #12 I nearly spit my coffee all over my laptop when I read your comment...
  • You all got it wrong, it was core settings where you live through things that should kill you. That is how Woods lived.
  • come on guys u not seen the re veil trailer, the old man in the wheelchair is woods
  • Woods is back from the dead...
  • this game sucks i keep getting spotted every time
  • @19 the game doesn't "suck" just because your not good
  • The portion where you get the traps and have to go to the radio thats hard to do on the hardest difficulty. Only 2 bullets from them is all it takes to bring you down as you are badly hurt from the reck it seems and won't heal from that. Also even when I go back down hill to lure them down in a single fire they have LMG's and reck you.
  • Veteran Walkthrough Pyrrhic Victory
  • hi
  • need 3 more posts before i can edit my profile
  • 2
  • 1 :-) hopefully i can edit now!
  • I hope this help check out part 2 on my channle and subscribe
  • Here is part 2/2
  • eassiest achievement ever
  • Do people really need walkthroughs for this?
  • too easy
  • does any one know how i can upload my achievements to my account in this web-site
  • eassiest achi ever
  • easy
  • very easy
  • Done
  • this achievement was too easy 8)
  • this game sucks
  • After playing through the first time, I came back with a death machine and laughed the entire time. Easy easy mission.

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