Futurist Achievement

  • Futurist



    Complete all future levels in veteran.

    See "Black Ops II Master." This achievement is just for completing the future missions on Veteran.

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  • Veteran Walkthrough guide here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCbrf1WXeXA
  • Does this achievement require the Strike Missions to be done too?
  • @2 I hope not. Those missions are awful.
  • Confirmed you do not need to do the strike missions for this achievement
  • @4 You are a saint. Thanks a million.
  • @4 hell yea I came here just to seek that answer! I hate these missions so bad!
  • @4 I also came here for that answer. You're my freaking hero.
  • @4thanks for that.
  • Same here, thank god
  • @4 thank you as well. I simply played the first three strike force missions on easy for their individual achievements.
  • Can anyone confirm if the veteran achievements can be achieved though the replay mission option?
  • yes, at least i'd assume because i did all the "past" missions on veteran through the replay mission mode and got the achievement, and i am currentl working on the rest through replay mission
  • best way to complete these is use the custom class and use the PSR under specials best gun ever, so OP but who cares helps a lot on veteran
  • @13 yea I did that and took the death machine as my secondary and it was almost too easy, not nearly as difficult as previous CODs
  • I got this Achivment only doing the MAIN STORY line.
  • what missions do you have to beat to get this?
  • A real man starts a whole new story to beat it on veteran, screw the specials to help.
  • Way too easy on veteran seriously it was a joke start of on vet I beat it in 7 hrs start to finish
  • Omg thank god you don't need to do strike force for this achievement
  • hate those strike missions
  • Can You Do It On " Replay Missions " ??
  • i did 4 hours

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