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  • Easy guys, complete the strike force missions :)
  • Dispatch is only available in the campaign if you complete (FOB Spectre, I.E.D and Shipwreck)
  • Missable, I am having trouble having this mission show up. I know you have to rewind to fallen angal and get 450 TB (recording)
  • Same as @3. I went back and played through the recording mission and got all of the conversation. i haven't gone past that mission in the campaign and I'm wondering why it didn't show up. Does it come up later in the game?
  • Not sure if anyone has an exact science on how to get this, but this became available to me after the Suffer With Me mission. When this did become available I had completed the following Strike Force missions: Shipwreck, I.E.D., and FOB Spectre I had passed up on the Second Chance mission. I had completed the following level challenges and random events that impact the storyline: Old Wounds - Allowed Kravchenko to spill the beans (event) Time And Fate - Locate evidence of CIA presence (challenge) Fallen Angel - Record 400 TB of data from Mendez surveillance (challenge) Suffer With Me - Did not perform a headshot on masked prisoner After returning to the mission briefing room the Strike Force mission, Dispatch, was available. I hope this helps! Cheers
  • Thats what I did,BUT a few things changed. Its easy on veteran. :D
  • I forgot what this strike force mission is called but this came available to me after doing the first, second and third strike missions this is how you'll know you will get the strike force mission required for this achievement, Admiril Briggs will say something about getting one of the chinamens resume I think thoa? After you complete that strike mission the one after should be the one for the acheievement if I remember correctly.
  • A very eacy acheviment
  • I hate these missions

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